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Same quote 10 months ago - http://wegotthiscovered.com...

I bet this is not recent.

No man's sky console exclusive at PGW - https://youtu.be/eBERVWYa-1...

There is no story here.

This is just one of the many sites like KPOPstars et...

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Sony owned the Rapture IP just like the do Bloodborne but considering the investment, budget and the fact Sony where the ones to go to From for Bloodborne vs the Rapture going to Sony santa monica there is a big difference and you can see why Bloodborne coming to PC is close to zero chance of happening.

Sony own rapture IP - https://youtu.be/w1tBl7upgD...
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Not true you could still get a free upgrade the caveat before was you needed to start from a base OS then upgrade to 10. Now you can just use a win 7/8 key on a Win 10 iso.


Now it is before it was a pain.

On topic it's Win 10 exclusive because it has cross-play which is only integrated into the Windows 10 store which is likely the main reason RL and others don't have cross-play.

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No one has been hacked. Don't give those idiots credit for typically holiday traffic that happens all the time. This isn't like last year where services where actually getting ddos and people have been arrested.

Also DDOS /=/ hacking.

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I know which is why I talk about mindshare because that matters in USA and I feel it is the reason why it edged PS4 in the charts. Although am curious to see how close it was probably not be a lot.

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Xbox still has the MP mindshare it seems. Though it will beat it this time because of marketing shift but it probably needs a while longer.

But as others pointed out with bundles included sells it will sell more easily.

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Sadly he is.

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Stay Salty.

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Not surprising.

PR is PR. When there is big third party games like FO4, BO3, BF etc does are going to sell more and are the most attractive to majority of consumers.

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Given one doesn't do Backwards Compatibility your choices are kinda limited :p.

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"I really hope after the game releases we find out why she left. I'm guessing she's keeping quiet so it doesn't impact Uncharted 4 in anyway out of respect for ND. " - This will likely never happen because of NDAs.

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Gears of War 4
Closely forward by Horizon Zero Dawn

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Yep and List view is back!!. I think I will actually use this beta for a bit.

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Agreed to a degree. I can see why they would want to charge for this because -
1. It's a niche feature that they want to make their investment back.
2. As it's not Backwards Compatibility because of the enhancements it gets. It's basically a low-cost, bare minimal remaster.

But like you said not offering a discount to owners of PS2 Classics on PS3 is shitty + the high price of some the games at $15. Games that a so old don't need to be that cos...

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Am not talking about PS2 discs. Am talking about PS2 Classics which are PS2 DD titles available for PS3.

And the PS4 can read CD/DVDs. It's in the laser spec -

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We have the details and not giving PS2 Classics owners a discount or upgrade or similar is shitty. I can understand them wanting to make their investment back from such a niche feature at the end of the day but not doing the above at the very least is a slap in the face when they have done things such as offering PS3 ports for free as cross buy titles Flow, Journey etc.
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Expect it's not a known fact as per this tweet by Psyonix- https://twitter.com/RocketL...

The only known fact is [email protected] publishing on PC gives you access to the Win store which is the only platform that has XBL apis integrated to allow cross play.


The game is still using psyonix's servers like many other games that use their own servers on XBL on XB1.

Servers is not the issue here. Pushing ecosystem is the problem.


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Nope sadly - https://twitter.com/RocketL...

Expect the game gets a Windows store release it can not get crossplay support because MS only support cross-play via dev tools(Xbox live SDK) that are integrated into the Windows store.


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Oh look Tidux again says nothing... When will people stop giving this guy any attention.

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