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I hadn't really owned too many consoles in my 21 years but between my PS2/XB360 I would say my X360 due to Gears of war 3, MW2 and the fun times I had with friends.

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Guess like MS you haven't heard about EU/Rest of the World. it's Ok.

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Oh look at that a Tidux rumor from gamingbolt how surprising /s.

Next we find out sky is blue.

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True but PSN also likely isn't just "PSN" and includes things like Playstation Vue, Playstation Music a.k.a spotify.
Fake edit it does -

Still impressive nonetheless.

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As long as Devs make games on console and choose not to include settings you will never get that because different devs with target framerate or graphics depending on the game/vision.

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It's not really Sony "Supporting" more that the devs wanted to always bring it to PC and they made Sony aware from the beginning so obviously they signed something that allowed them to do that. Situation is similar to games that are funded by Pubfund.

Also the Journey thing is something else iirc.

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Hmm I think I will reconnect my X360 and play some Gears 3 :)

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There is a slight difference because Eurogamer themselves have seen something to confirmed the existence of a new PS4 revision which one of their sources references to as "PS4K". Unlike with Kokatu they don't know whether or not it plays games at 4K which is why they give 3 possible scenarios.

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At the same time given they shown basically 2 trailers in like 2 years with minimum to no info on the "game" and said hearsay comes from a "verified" dev who btw was the one that leaked Sony dev note update about AF usage on PS4. There is nothing to support believing what they say imo.

Just remember they have been promising "new" info since iirc October 2015 and have revealed absolutely zero since then. 135d ago 6 agree3 disagreeView comment

The desperation some of these sites are doing nowadays for hits is frankly just sad.

Even though this person hasn't been at Xbox for at least 3 months+ based on their linkedin his view is being manipulated(not really that but can't think of a better word) here by the media in order to create a "conversational" flamebait piece.

I highly bet if you searched enough you would find similar/not positive views from other industry folk about the gam...

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"So unless this free on Xbox there was a deal."
That A* logic...

"Just looked it up, they now want $20 for a game that was free on PlayStation." Hmm the PC verison released at the same time.

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*Only when they are substantial or something along those lines was what they said ;)

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XB1 tag in PS4 only related news.

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And for people disagreeing with facts -

"Our deal with Sony is a limited-time exclusivity that applies to competing console platforms. Basically it is that you will see the game on the PlayStation 4 for a while before you will see it on the Wii U or the rumored next Microsoft console. (We haven’t been disclosed on Microsoft’s next console, so I don’t know anything about that platform besides the rumors that are on the internet).

This exclusivity does not...

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Not really. People are free to have an interest in sales just like any other thing out there.

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"A new deal makes it possible to correct the mistake of which console you bought without shelling out big bucks. A new offer from GameStop makes it possible to switch from Xbox One to PS4 or switch from PS4 to Xbox One for $150 when you trade in your current console." - That A* flamebait title.

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Same quote 10 months ago -

I bet this is not recent.

No man's sky console exclusive at PGW -

There is no story here.

This is just one of the many sites like KPOPstars et...

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Sony owned the Rapture IP just like the do Bloodborne but considering the investment, budget and the fact Sony where the ones to go to From for Bloodborne vs the Rapture going to Sony santa monica there is a big difference and you can see why Bloodborne coming to PC is close to zero chance of happening.

Sony own rapture IP -
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Not true you could still get a free upgrade the caveat before was you needed to start from a base OS then upgrade to 10. Now you can just use a win 7/8 key on a Win 10 iso.


Now it is before it was a pain.

On topic it's Win 10 exclusive because it has cross-play which is only integrated into the Windows 10 store which is likely the main reason RL and others don't have cross-play.

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No one has been hacked. Don't give those idiots credit for typically holiday traffic that happens all the time. This isn't like last year where services where actually getting ddos and people have been arrested.

Also DDOS /=/ hacking.

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