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Fair enough thinking about it it doesn't make sense I replied to your comment like that. I do agree with what you said. #1.13.3
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It's a meaningless statement because no one here can neither prove or disprove it and exceptions be allowed don't count. #1.8.2
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"Come talk to US" is just PR and has been the same thing they have been saying for a while if wasn't there and "any game" could come they would have said so.

Today -

"What we say to developers is - come and talk to us. Then we can figure out the best approach for making that title the biggest success it can be on our platform. The message is - talk to us, we can work together."

5 March
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"Xbox One can be turned into a developer kit" - Not much given it's for app development :p

"Seems straight forward. So far not one game has been turned down by MS for Xbox." - Can you prove that?


Also SMH at eurogamer at such an inaccurate title. #1.4
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It's not even a justification or trolls tbh... This site and some others have a tendency to write "opinion pieces" based on things of the same content/so called opinion directly from forums like neogaf/reddit etc. I mean iirc some site made a piece some time ago that was a one-to-one copy and paste of what someone wrote in a thread on gaf + the title. #2.1.4
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Ikr loool at Deep Down. I guess Mr Jleak don't get the memo from capcom because only a miracle with make Deep down release in 2015.

Ono: “Dragon’s Dogma Online is first. We’re keeping a little quiet for now on Deep Down as we work on it, so please give us a little more time. We might be able to show off something big sometime this year.”

Sugiura: “Deep Down is a game we’re going to be hedging out bets on for, give or take,... #1.6.4
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People have problems reading the content in topics these days but you somehow missed "in the first 40 hours". Really!! #14.2
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That neogaf first page ;) #2.1.2
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Hmmm this is a bit silly given Epic have nothing to do with Gears anymore. Black tusk studios is making it so a demo by Epic doesn't really point towards anything. #12
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Sorry for misinterpreting there but why would that matter exactly? If they had poor internet their performance advantage could easily be lost depending on the game and/or how bad their connection is. #5.1.2
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That's a BS excuse because Sony does the exact same thing on PS4. There are called free to play games because they require no payment to access them.

On PS4 you are also paying to play MP games yet you can access F2P games without a PS+ sub. MS can do it if they wanted I mean talking from experience you can't played some playlist on Halo 3(iirc ranked games) on a trial membership but you can play social playlist fine.

Locking F... #7.1.3
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"kinda sucks to be playing a game with people who will probably have better performance and also don't have to pay to play online." - As supposed to what? You're acting like this doesn't happen for the majority of games on XB1/X360. XBL doesn't make a magically playing field were everyone's connection is equal. #5.1
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Yep that's the main point MS themselves have been making when it comes to DX12's effect on XB1. #1.1.3
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Yep -

Time stamp - Around 23:51
Phil Spencer - "Porting over to DX12, We have actually seen a 20% increase in GPU Utilization on the same hardware" #1.1
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So much crow being eaten here. #1.1.14
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Developed by Ready at Dawn


So where does it said it was a jointed development effort? #3.2.3
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"For the record, I own a PS4 and it is my console of choice" - Ha good old I own thing so can't possibly said anything bad about it.
Please save your BS this is not the first time you have written something flamebait or poorly researched.

"how could it not have an impact on E3 as Sony would see their two most recent AAA titles for the system met with bad reviews and fan disappointment." - Hmmm let's see. Well you know the fact the Bloodbo... #4.1
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"xbox one had record breaking January sales (they sold 145k last January)" - Well yh given there has been only one January so far...

"Much closer, and with Xbox selling the most software" - They didn't say that none is it true. What was said is there is a higher ratio of people buying games per XB1 then there is for any other console. #12.1.1
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It's not even meant to be public info and it's for their MVP people. Nothing worthwhile or exciting will come from it for everyone else. #8.1.2
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"wonder when they'll just say the 350 is it's permanent price" - It basically is for now because there is no end date for the current so called "promotion". #9.1
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