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So where does it said it was a jointed development effort? #3.2.3
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"For the record, I own a PS4 and it is my console of choice" - Ha good old I own thing so can't possibly said anything bad about it.
Please save your BS this is not the first time you have written something flamebait or poorly researched.

"how could it not have an impact on E3 as Sony would see their two most recent AAA titles for the system met with bad reviews and fan disappointment." - Hmmm let's see. Well you know the fact the Bloodbo... #4.1
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"xbox one had record breaking January sales (they sold 145k last January)" - Well yh given there has been only one January so far...

"Much closer, and with Xbox selling the most software" - They didn't say that none is it true. What was said is there is a higher ratio of people buying games per XB1 then there is for any other console. #12.1.1
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It's not even meant to be public info and it's for their MVP people. Nothing worthwhile or exciting will come from it for everyone else. #8.1.2
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"wonder when they'll just say the 350 is it's permanent price" - It basically is for now because there is no end date for the current so called "promotion". #9.1
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Not surprising Amazon is as reliable as ever in who wins.

Dying light is not surprising it the only really big release for the month iirc.

PS4 is likely back to it's streak if amazon is any indication

This is why I don't visit this site as much anymore. Just full of misleading titles and flamebait. He was talking about character models not graphics. #1.1.6
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Best to keep expectations in check. This is a benchmark made to show the most favourable results like with mantle when the same was done but when game benchmarks where finally done it wasn't as great.

Since it meeting/beating mantle in some test can at least put into perspective what kind of performance improvements will come with the update. #7
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Just in case people miss this because no one seems to read past the title these days -

"It also means new exciting developments for our existing IP and games as we can now fully embrace the multi-platform world we are living in."

They own all their IP. #1.6
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This was first. Look at the url number.

This = 1664771
That one =1664774 #27.1
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You definitely will ;)

John Smedley
President, Daybreak Game Company Opinions expressed are my own and don't represent Daybreak Games

"can't wait to make Xbox One games!"


"This is true, we'll have to wait and see what the nature of the contract is" - As it says in the forum... #2.1.3
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Don't worry it's fake - Kdramastars. #1.3
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*20% decline


"20% decline in revenue for Xbox, not the business as a whole."

What does it look like I was referring to something else? Gaming news means about Xbox divison. 20% clearly refers to Xbox platform from the article. #1.1
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"KDramastars" - people this is 100% fake. Cyberland doesn't exist. #19
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Yep reminds me of AMD's Mantle claims. #7.1
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Quite a while given that even if MS takes the lead they will always be ahead because as lone as they are close in US/UK and going to have the rest of the world they will continue to lead. And there is the fact that there's still a 600k+ or something lead in favour to the PS4 which will take the XB1 the year to clear so they have time to react if they wanted by they don't look like they need to go MS levels to continue selling well. #5
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“Building off a record-setting holiday, we are excited to announce a new promotion in which fans in the U.S. can buy an Xbox One at a special price of $349, starting tomorrow, January 16, from their preferred retailer,” - Hahaha PR is so funny. Yes it's truly for the fans not the performance in Nov + Dec and wanting to keep that up :p. Congrats to MS they sure played their game right should be interesting to see how the price does against pack-in last of us as standard and if it will mai... #9
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"that's part of the reason why they used current off the shelf components it was cheap to develop" - Right because MS used magical fairy dust... *Spoiler* They both use off the shelf parts that have been customised for their needs.

"Not saying the ps4 won't improve but it won't be anything close to what the Xbox one will. I think we'll see x1 surpass the ps4 before midyear" - Yh maybe in the universe where the ICE team and other devs don... #4.2
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"Gears of War Remasters Collection" - The game make an XB1 purchase in future a must. 1080p 60fps hopefully with a great performance, better netcode and dedicated servers will make Gears 3 feel like a new game and keep me playing for a good while. #1.2
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" so the timed part refers to the Xbox One version.

Otherwise it wouldn't be timed, just a PS4 console exclusive" - There is no mention of a XB1 version being in developemrny by the devs. It was announced as a "first to console" title meaning it will release first on PS4 before PC a.k.a timed exclusive. There doesn't need to be other platform versions for it to be timed.

"Ninja Theory will be bringing Hellblade to PC alongside... #4.1.1
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