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Seems like they focused on the looks of water and graphics and didn't have time to make enough content.

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Maybe it's cheaper to make BC work than developing new firstparty ips?

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With a Metal Gear Solid 1 remake.

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If the XboneX outsells PS4, will Sony speed up the launch of PS5?

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Cutter is worst character in the series!

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But I wanna know what's coming in the future, as long as there are a steady stream of games coming out, I don't mind.

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But it's still kind of strange they didn't show cloud-destruction and it been so long since they announced it, makes you wonder if really works like they said.

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It will be interesting to finally see if the cloud works like MS promised.

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Suddenly cross-play is the most wanted feature? or are the xbonex fanboys just using it as an reason to attack Sony?

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But for how long will Scorpio be the worlds most powerful console? untill 2019 when PS5 comes?

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Remember, Spencer said several times it's a premium priced console, 399$ ain't premium, it's at least 499$.

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Those faces and animations look really bad, strange. I remember ME3 looked really good, so what's up?

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I hope he lives to be 100 years old, me to.

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If it's working great, why not show it? Xbox are in need of some positive news!

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MS is putting all their hope at Scorpio.

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It seems that MS is hoping for Scorpio to be the prefered multiplat console.

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Spencer said "premium" price, so at least $499.

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This game almost look too good so far. All games has some flaws, hope they're few.

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The thing is Sony takes alot more risks than the competition and not everything is going to succeed, there will be flops.

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Interesting that he uses "really true" 4K instead of Native 4K.

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