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Spoiler alert: it is on the list. =] #3.1.1
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As someone who played Dark Souls II around May and played this game, I can definitely tell you it is gentler than the Souls games. I'm not going to say it's easy by any stretch, but with the right gear, you can really wreck enemies. #1.1.4
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I've found that using a Kite Shield with shield bash as he's trying to rush you makes the Champion boss fight very easy. #2.1
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That and the terrible load times, confusing game design decisions, pushover G-Ship battles - things like that. Basically, everything is much better explained here and implemented far more intuitively. #1.1
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US #5
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There's been no word on whether Lineage is coming this year. I had it in there before but removed it. In fact, I think it will be coming in 2014. #1.1.2
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That was actually at the top of my list because I am extremely excited to play it, too! Unfortunately they haven't even released it in Japan so I felt putting it on here wouldn't work. =[ #8.1
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PSN has a lot of solid indie games itself - just very few happen to be RPGs. With Sony's Pub Fund, however, expect a pretty big influx of solid titles coming from small developers. #5.1
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I think there is plenty of room for JRPGs. Plus, not all of them are turn-based. Look at the Ys series - full-on active combat. All they have to do is learn how to adapt and rediscover their identity. There is certainly an audience out there craving more of that subset of the genre.

And there already is a westernized version of Pokemon. It's called Skylanders. #4.1
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I am sure they are funding those trips on the higher levels due to the fact that someone who would go out of their way to donate that much money to the cause deserves a far bigger reward. A paid trip is typical in a lot of Kickstarters, even those who are of a lot smaller size. #1.1
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Working Designs dissolved a few years back, and Victor took a lot of the key staff from there and founded Gaijinworks.

EDIT: Ah, I realized my grammar mistake. I will fix it in the main article since I can't adjust it here. Thanks! #2.1
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Absolutely agree. I still love Silent Hill 2 and 3 to death and love to go back and play the original versions. I just hope I get across in my review that it's not that I think the games are bad at all. Just that this particular collection doesn't do it any favors whatsoever! #2.1
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A Silent Hill FPS? I don't.... I don't even know what to say right now. Now, when you think about it, The Room did use "first-person prospective" to good effect. Same with Fatal Frame. #2.2
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If only I still had my Nintendo Wii... =) #1
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I apologize if my tastes do not line up with your own. I only talked about RPGs that I felt that I had the most memorable experience with in terms of reflection. Many "landmark" titles people have brought up are either games I didn't like, didn't play enough of, or simply didn't affect me like it did them. I also laid down the rules that it had to be released in America and that I had to have either beaten the game or getting pretty close to the end. I feel that many peo... #13.1
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Yeah, I haven't played Persona 4 because that game is a huge time sink and it came out around the time I was going to college. I will find the time to sit down and play it one of these days. I loved watching someone play it, but I still don't think I'd put it on the list simply because it doesn't really offer something that personally impacted me inside the decade. As for NieR, it is indeed a very polarizing game as you probably could tell of the reviews around the game's... #3.1
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lol, I would love to make that list (Xenogears is my favorite game of all time), but a few of those don't fit in the decade, and I did put Radiant Historia as honorable mention. I really hope they do reprint it - many deserve to play it. #6.1
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I said I hated FFX and Kingdom Hearts II was an honorable mention because although it was a lot of fun, it didn't leave as much a lasting impression (though the music sure did, I'll give you that). #2.2
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I said I hated FFX in the article.
I don't think Dark Cloud is as good as people made it out to be, but that's personal opinion. DC2 was better and I liked building the town but I kind of forgot about it after I beat it.
I have yet to play Shadow Hearts 2 and I knew I'd get flak for that! lol
I said the game had to be released in America, and unfortunately Xenoblade hasn't, though I have played the import and enjoyed what I could understand of it. Can&... #1.1.4
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Seems like the portable games are stealing the console version's thunder. #1
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