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The results in next months NPD report will be more significant than these I think. The Xbone was always going to lag a bit this month with people holding off to get the version without Kinect which is totally understandable and also probably something Microsoft fully expected to happen.

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I'd be quite pleased with those offerings for my PS4 and Vita tbh

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I'm absolutely fine with this approach. They've shown me quite enough to get me excited for the game yet there's still a lot of unknowns like boss battles and if there's any powers other than smoke and neon, what kind of crazy abilities there are that we haven't seen etc.

I happen to be off work the day this comes out in the UK. Wonder how I'll spend it....

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I think TitanFall will definitely be a system seller for Microsoft, it was always going to be. As the Amazon guy said it won't close the gap alone.

Either way though, both PS4 and the XBO have sold ridiculously well so far and will probably continue to do so.

As long as I have cool games to enjoy that's all I'm worried about. Next up is inFAMOUS Second Son :)

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I'm not gonna jump on MS here because there's no doubt they've had some good sales so far, obviouslt not as good as the PS4 but still pretty good and I'm sure they're happy.

The point I do want to make though is that it's really interesting how the PR and media side of this all works. For example Microsoft aren't slow to crow about sales numbers when NPD fogures come in and show them as the top selling console in the US, in the case of the 360 and ...

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With how the author spoke about how Sony has got it's act together again he has really summed up my feelings on how they have talked about and showed off the PS4.

PS3 was my console of choice but there was a lot about the console itself and mainly how Sony behaved during the PS3 generation, a lot of stuff they did sucked but there was still a lot of awesome stuff too.

Early impressions are they have learned their lessons about what sucked but only time wi...

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I stopped at point 4 (the first one in the article) as he was banging on about some multi plat games not performing better on the more powerful console.

Instead of using a proper example of a game well coded for the architecture he uses one of the many games which are poorly coded for the PS3 and the author gives no attention or consideration to the fact that more powerful hardware is only useful when developers create software that takes advantage of it.

He ...

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I think Killzone and Knack will be the first 2 games on my list

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One thing I'm really hoping for is native support for a wider range of codecs/containers like .mkv video files. Ohand recognising USB flash drives formatted in NTFS would be nice also.

I know it's going to do a lot of awesome gaming stuff and I love hearing about that, would love to know more about these little details though.

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Honestly I love my 3D TV and 3D movies when they're made well for it but once 4K TV's and content becomes a bit more widespread I think 3D will die a bit of a death.

Unless there's some nice affordable 4K 3D stuff? lol

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You mean the same way the PS3 had massive failure rates because of overheating due to an internal power supply?

Oh wait...

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Yeah I don't mind paying for something tat I see enough value in to warrant my money.

I'm a PS+ subscriber since not long after it launched because I saw value in it and the value of games and discounts I've benefited from since then has far outstripped the price of entry.

Although I don't like being forced to pay to play online for me there is still value in the proposition of PS+ and I'd have stayed as a member regardless.

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Microsoft really are trying their best to undo all the great work they did with the 360. They gained a lot of market share and also mind share with the 360 and they really just seem to be intent on wrecking all of that.

Trying to force policies on users that no one wanted, forcing hardware (Kinect) on consumers that not everyone wants which on it's own would be fine if people had the choice as to whether or not they wanted to use it but the console apparently won't ev...

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I would have thought this stuff should be pretty obvious.

Head of division leaves, Microsoft need to fill the position and obviously haven't yet done so and in the interim the division is merely reporting to Ballmer.

Must be a slow news day, this is a bit of a non story tbh.

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I've been a Plus subscriber for over a year now and think it's a great service so this won't really effect me much.

I do dislike the idea of paying for playing online but I do understand why Sony and MS charge, any ill feeling I've ever had towards MS charging for it is because of them putting things like Netflix, Sky Player and things you can do for free on your laptop/tablet behind that Gold member pay-wall.

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Microsoft jave made statements like this for the last couple of years with promises of amazing us all with their E3 offerings.

The biggest news from their E3 over the last few years was the redesigned 360.

Continually they promise this awesome game news and continually they have underwhelmed me. I was disappointed at the XB1 reveal but figure they've got stuff to show at E3. I'll be paying attention to that but honestly unless they blow me away with e...

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Wow witholding a difficulty level and offering it up as pre -order bonus/DLC.

That is a new level of stupid for me. I don't mind DLC, character skins and stuff I don't care for but I know it's optional and doesn't detract from the experience so whatever. I don't mind paying for expansion pack kind of stuff or even paying a bit more for cool special editions containing that among other stuff. Even new game modes I'm ok with as long as they actually add ...

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Of course they're open to bringing it to next gen, the franchise is a massive cash cow and fans are clearly open to playing more Gears games. I know I am, they're fun.

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I don't think that it's so much a flop as it is just not being that widely available. I love my Vita but accept it hasn't lit up the world in terms of sales. PS Mobile certified devices also aren't out there in much abundance.

There's some great stuff on PS Mobile, it's just that the platform really isn't in the hands of that many people in order to be able to grow.

If that never changes or even if it does and game sales suck, thos...

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I love my gaming PC, I've loved every one I've ever bought or built, I've enjoyed amazing games from single player games to fPS to MMO's and have made a lot of friends in multiplayer gaming on it.

I've also loved every Playstation I've ever owned because I've played amazing games, had some serious fun and had countless hours of entertainment out of them.

In a few months I'm still going to love my gaming PC and will also love ow...

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