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If they don't want games on multiple discs again then blu ray is the best option,

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Nice demonstration of the touchpad as well.

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Totally know what you mean, I don't have a PVR at all but I have always wanted to record my battlefield 3 footage when I get some insane moments, now I will finally be able to record, upload and share videos for the first time.

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Dude, that's up to you if you want to be shafted by Microsoft, but know that's its not only Sony fanboys that's hating on the Xbox one, even some of the logical Xbox gamers are hating on it, PC gamers don't like it either.

This isn't about fanboys anymore, this is about Microsoft forcing crap on their consumers, but like I said its totally up to you if you want to buy an Xbox one, but don't complain in the future when Microsoft tries something worse, b...

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Take off those xbot glasses for a minute and then read what you just wrote lol, You would probably jump off a bridge of M$ told you to, people like you are part of the reason M$ think they can get away with all this crap, because you people have been bending over for M$ far to long.

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Microsoft forced online fees and advertisements and expected gamers to smile, the people to blame here is the fanboys who gobbled their sh!t up in the past, because Microsoft now thinks they can force this DRM on people and get away with it, the same fanboys will eat it up and let Microsoft ram them up the ass,

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It's good cause the more people read it, the more people are aware of these problems, more gaming websites should have articles like these.

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You're right the fanboys will defend it, lucky we don't get many people defending it here on N4G, but on other sites the fanboyism is through the roof. It really is annoying when people get emotionally attached to consoles or companies so they buy whatever crap they put out, and blindly hate on the competition.

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Lol, and Microsoft claims that the "cloud" can give the Xbox One infinity power haha, digital foundry has already said that's a load of bullsh**.

PS4 will probably have superior multiplatform games since its much easier to develop for.

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Judging by all the praise from critics, I would say this is the best game in its genre this generation.

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Lol, this guy has no idea what he's talking about, Forza Horizon didn't get that much praise from critics, it's only at something like 85 on Metacritic, TLOU is at 96, that's hardly a comparison. The last exclusive to get universal acclaim was Journey.

Even if this this was a zombie game (which it's not), it wouldn't matter cause its still one of the best games this generation.

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Man this game is sounds incredible, almost every critic is praising the game.

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I'm sick of people defending microsofts being so anti-consumer, why should anything NEED and Internet connection? It's pointless, it's probably just another way for Microsoft to make money by forcing Xbox live gold and advertisements.

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If metacritic didn't include that 7.5 troll review, then TLOU would probably be at 97-98 on metacritic. In fact the game was sitting at 97 for a while but then it dropped to 95 because they had to take in the lower scores, but now it's increased to 96, fingers crossed it doesn't go down again.

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Very good score, Uncharted 2 got a 96 as well, Naughty Dog have proven that they're one of the most consistent developers this generation. I'm so happy to be a Playstation gamer.

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For real? Did he seriously give those games those scores? Far out idiots like that shouldn't even be reviewing games, why the hell do they accept his scores on metacritic. That's just stupid.

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Well it's currently at 96%, depending on how much more 10/10 score this game gets there is still a good chance it can get to 97, but then again we could also get som troll 3/10 review which could lower the score, you just never know.

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They should've just given the full 10/10 lol, this game is shaping up to be a major GOTY contender.

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I know right, have you checked out the fanboys on gamespot bashing TLOU based on that 1 review?

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Metacritic has counted 52 reviews so far and only 4 reviews are lower than 9/10, fair enough if people genuinely think the game is average to good, but it's annoying when troll critics can't give credit where it's due, just look at that 7.5 review, apparently that same website is infamous for giving low scores to hyped games.

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