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Good, now people can stop complaining that Killzone is to linear.

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Also you can access all media apps like Netflix if you choose not to pay for PS+, unlike Xbox.

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Well according to Xbox fans, cross game chat makes the fee worth it lol, I'm not to happy about it, but I suppose it's worth it when you get all those free games with it, you're basicly getting more content than you're paying for.

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Lol at Microsoft, what happened to "we're gonna kill Sony at E3"

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The triggers look weird now, I'm going with the PS4 so I will not be using this controller.

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Xbox One is for Gimps, only the die hard fans will support this crap, I admit some of the games they showed looked pretty nice but, most of them are timed exclusive and is on PC.

PS4 will blow this piece of crap out of the water.

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Sony may not have showed many exclusive game demos on stage, but that's because they already showed half of the launch titles at the reveal in February, and they're showing demos today at E3, I have already seen the infamous demo, some knack gameplay and A Killzone shadow fall demo, all the other Sony exclusives are mostly trailers. But so far Sony still has more exclusives than Microsoft.

And TitanFall is the only one that had me interested from Microsoft, but thats ...

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The reason why the Xbox one is more expensive is probably because the Kinect. That fanboy is just damage controlling cause he's butthurt that he's forced to pay for Kinect.

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You get what you pay for? Psshh! Hahhaa

Is that what you Xbox fanboys said when the PS3 was $600 US at launch? Cause back then all You Xbox fans mocked Sony for releasing an expensive console. Besides PS4 is more powerful so your statement is bull. The reason why the Xbox one is more expensive would be because that Kinect is inflating the price, and you suckers will be forced to pay for it.

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I will be getting this game at launch, I have been a Killzone fan since the first game.

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Buying used games aren't what concerns me the most, it's the ability to share my games with my family and friends, my brothers and I all have our own PS3 each, and we all share our games with each other when were done with them.

That is a luxury I won't be able to do without a hassle and restrictions if I get the Xbox One.

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Playstation is obviously still a more popular brand than Xbox worldwide, the only reason why Xbox was ahead of playstation for most of last generation is because it was much much cheaper, released 1 year earlier and provided 90% of the same games, yet PS3 still managed to catch up in sales.

This time Playstation is releasing at around the same time as Xbox, its gonna be much cheaper, more powerful and with no DRM. Playstation will dominate.

I also find it pre...

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Crying in shame I suppose, some of them are trying to damage controll this lol, let the tears flow xbots.

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Microsoft better exclusives? That's you opinion.

But in my opinion , Killzone, Infamous, Drive Club, Knack and that other 1886 game, forgot what it's called, all looked better than quantum break, forza 5, Ryse and that spark game or whatever it's called, TitanFall is multiplatform

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I'm not to happy about that either, but at least our apps won't be locked behind a pay wall and we can share our games with our family and friends, you can't do that any of that on Xbox one, so there's no way I'm getting an Xbox this gen.

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We can still access Every media app if we don't want to pay for PS plus, Xbox locks all you apps including free stuff like Facebook behind the XBL pay wall.

Playstation is still the better deal, pay or not.

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Ps4 is cheaper and more powerful, awwww yeeeeeaahhh baby. Give it to me now.

While I'm not over the moon with online fees, at least we still have access to all out media apps if we don't pay, unlike Xbox. And at least we can fully share our games with whoever we want. This is an epic win for Sony.

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No because Xbox one will still lock every media app ( facebook, youtube, netflix etc..) behind the Xbox live pay wall, if you choose not to pay for PS+ you will still have access to every media app on PSN, that's the difference which was actually one of my biggest complaints about the Xbox 360.

Overall You still get more for free on PSN.

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Lol at all the fanboys that were saying "Sony will follow Microsoft and will block used games" now they have been OWNED.

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If its true that you need PS+ to play online, while I'm not very happy about it, I'm still fully supporting PS4, why would PS gamers jump ship to Xbox when they're also charging for multiplayer.

In fact it's better on PS4 because if you dont pay, you will still have access to all your media apps unlinke Xbox which has apps like Facebook, netflix and youtube behind a pay wall.

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