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It's not really a big deal, but I would probably be annoyed if everyone thought I played a character when I didn't. Ellie did look a lot like Ellen page in the first trailer but they did change her a little. When I played through the game I never thought of Ellen. IMO Ellie has her own look about her. And you can tell she's a lot younger.

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Apart from a few idiots on this site who still bend over for microsoft, I would say the majority of people have common sense and prefer the PS4.

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I hope it's true and he didn't just mistakingly say it, I will love to start a new YouTube Chanel with some cool gameplay videos.

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Oh, we'll It would be a good idea to sell single player and multiplayer individually.

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Cool, it's good for the people who don't want to pay for online, so they have the option to only pay for the single player for a cheaper price. Very good idea.

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Microsoft is using Killzone footage to promote there own console cause they havnt got anything that looks better, shame on you Microsoft.

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Even though I have a Powerful PC, I'm still buying a PS4 cause I'm a Playstation fanboy.

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I'm a few hours into The Last of Us, it's very good so far, the intro to the game was epic, one of the best intros to any game.

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The games is a matter of opinion, personally I prefer Killzone: shadow fall and Infamous: second son over anything the Xbox has to offer, Knack, Drive club and the Order: 1886 also looks interesting, not to mention all those exclusive Indie games that Sony revealed.

Sony has got much more to reveal, Sony said something like 20 first party exclusives with 12 new IP's in development.

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Nice, KZ3 had co-op campaign as well, I wish they added online co-op though.

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Lol at your avatar pic.

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That picture looks so nice, that grippy material makes it look very comfortable and those triggers look very good. I also like how the made the handles a little longer and bulkier.

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Exactly right, Online fees doesn't always have to be a bad thing if its a great deal. PS+ is a much better deal than XBL, you actually do get what you pay for. And at least every media app isn't locked behind the PS+ paywall, unlike XBL which was one of my biggest complaints about the Xbox 360.

That's the difference between Sony and Microsoft, Sony is all about giving, while Microsoft is all about taking.

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Is That all you Xbox fans do these days is try and point out hypocrites?

Xbox fans use to say "Xbox Live is better because we pay for it" or "PSN is free because its crap", now Xbox fanboys are suddenly admitting online fees is a bad thing just to claim ownage, making you Xbox fans hypocrites at the same time. You can't have it both ways.

Hypocrites are annoying, but the people like you who go around crying a...

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You're the one who's immature, It sounds like you hate Sony and the PS4 just because of the fanboys, seriously man grow up, they're just consoles. I would rather side with annoying fanboys than support that anti-consumer Microsoft.

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Well it definitely shows that more gamers are interested in the PS4, and PS4 is leading in Pre-orders on amazon which will count as sales when it's released.

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Exactly, no one is saying its fine, Xbox fanboys assume we are ok with it, which isn't true, I'm not happy about it at all.

But there's nothing we can do about it, we can't jump ship to Xbox, because they're doing the same thing but much worse. So you have to weigh in the cons for both consoles and so far PS4 is still a much more consumer friendly console.

Basicly we have to look at the positive side of things, with PS+ we get a ton of fre...

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Dude, I'm just as upset about forced online fees as the next guy, but what the hell are we supposed to do? Just boycott the PS4? That would be stupid since the Xbox One is doing the same thing but WORSE since you can't use your "free" media apps if you dont have XBL gold. Not to mention the used games DRM.

Sony fans aren't trying to Justify it, most the harcore Sony fans on this Site have probably already got PS+, so its no skin off their nose, as for th...

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So are Xbox fanboys gonna support PS4 now that its cheaper? Didn't you fanboys use to praise Microsoft for releasing a cheap console and mock Sony for releasing an expensive one?

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Haha, Xbox fanboys have been saying all generation "XBL is better because we pay for it". now suddenly they're admitting it's a bad thing, they cant have it both ways. they're the real hypocrites, I haven't seen any PS3 fanboy saying its ok for online fees, everyone is disappointed in it, it's just Xbox fanboys damage controlling because their favourite company is getting a lot of backlash from the media.

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