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Last I checked Xbox fans have been flip flopping just as much as Microsoft has.

- Microsoft announces DRM policies: Xbox fanboys said "omg this is so cool, who buys used games anyway?"

-Microsoft changes DRM polices due to low Pre orders: Xbox fanboys now say "yay I'm so glad, now it's the best console ever"

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Killzone shadow fall looks like an amazing game, I'm not suprised it's getting high Pre orders, well deserved.

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Playstation dominating as usual.

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Youre right, Why exactly would the PS4 require that much for the O.S? It's understandable for the Xbox One cause if all the Kinect and TV services going on, but what features first the PS4 have that would require that much?

Sony made it very clear that the PS4 is a gaming console, not a media box, so I don't understand why it would need that much for the O.S.

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Lol, IMO Killzone shadow fall and infamous second son looks better than anything shown on the Xbox one, drive club and knack look like fun games as well and I might consider getting both some time. And im excited to see the order 1886 gameplay.

IMO Ryse was the best looking Xbox one game and that's getting a lot of hate right now because it has a lot of QTE'S. Forza looks ok but I'm not a fan if sim racers, killer instinct is a free to play game made buy a bad dev...

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I want to see the next naughty dog game, you can garuntee that it will be a masterpiece, and I'm very curious about GG and SSM new IP's.

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PS4 is beating the Xbox one in its strongest market, North America.

Shhh no tears, only dreams now.

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Very true, Xbox fans seemed very upset when those features were removed, and blamed Sony fans for it, but now they're accusing Sony fans of of starting a petition to bring those features back and they're still complaining lol, what is it Xbox fans? Do you want those features or not?

I certainly haven't been a part of this petition, because I believe that DRM isn't good for the future of gaming in general.

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I have a PC but I'm still getting a PS4. I'm mostly a console gamer and PS4 will be the best choice for next gen.

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I have a PC that can play games on max settings, but I'm still buying a PS4 cause I'm a Playstation fanboy.

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Even though I have a powerful PC that can play games on max settings, I'm still getting a PS4 because I'm a Playstation fanboy.

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Naughty dog is one of the few developers that can make a new ip and sell very well this late in the generation. Good Job ND.

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Does it come with a free virus?

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i hope it has all the characters from each saga, the ultimate tenkaichi games were missing a lot of characters. I still wish they would spend 2-3 years on one epic DBZ game with an open world story and fully destructible environments.

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I suppose if you like being spyed on and love gimmicks, then the Kinect is for you.

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Has the Xbox ever been sober?

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The Author is probably talking about America only, but he should've stated "dominant in America". Cause it's confusing a lot of people.

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Sounds like the Author is mad that everyone prefers the PS4.

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Lol, how could the 360 be the dominant console when the PS3 has already outsold it? And it released a whole year later.

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I have to agree with this, Ellie does have some resemblance but I think she has her own look.

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