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Because fanboys can't accept the truth when it's right in front of them.

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I think some people are forgetting that PS4 has 30 exclusives in development, 20 will be released in the first year with 12 new IP's. just because the Xbone has more exclusives at launch day, that doesn't mean it will have more exclusives for the following years.

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Biggest exclusive line up? Still doesn't match PS4.

20 first year exclusives vs 15 first year exclusives.

But that's a good number for both consoles.

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haha, despite paying for online, PSN is still better value than XBL, we get most features for free, while on Xbox one you have to pay for almost everything. I wouldn't be suprised if Microsoft announced that you need XBL to play single player games lol.

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No need to be upset.

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IMO the PS4 is superior, am I not a true gamer because of this?

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Very true.

All you ever hear from Xbox fanboys these days is them saying "the Internet has to many Sony fanboys"

The fact is I see just as many Xbox fanboys all over the Internet bashing The PS3/PS4.

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Very good reasons.

My reasons:

1: more powerful
2: cheaper
3: PS+ is superior to XBL
4: better value
5: better exclusives
5: 20 exclusives in the first year compared to only 15.
6: Naughty God
7: free to play games are actually free to play.
8: apps like YouTube, Facebook and Netflix will not be locked behinds the pay wall
9: does not require an Internet connection for the initial setup. ...

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Very true.

Sony has 20 exclusives comming out in the first year with 12 brand new IP's. looks like Sony had beat Microsoft once again in the exclusives department.

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I hope it's for the PS4 now, they keep saying the game is still in development so it's definitely comming.and maybe the reason it's taking so long is cause they changed it for PS4.

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People don't buy these consoles to watch sports and T.V. People buy them to play games. I'm into some sports like Rugby and football and I also watch a lot of T.V in my spare time, but I already have a cable box to watch channels. So why do I need the Xbox One to do something I already have?

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I'm actually looking forward the the Order 1886, I really like the setting and I'm hoping for gameplay similar to uncharted. But with a darker theme.

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Well, I'm not sure if the PS4 will KILL the Xb1, but I'm pretty certain it will maintain a decent lead, the PS4 is already getting a lot more Pre-orders than the XB1 in both North America and the U.K, which were considered Xbox treritories this gen, if the PS4 is winning in those markets then I don't see how the XB1 can keep up with the PS4 in worldwide sales.

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I know what you mean by the Xbone supporters lately, there was barely any Xbox fanboys on this site at the start of the year but now I'm seeing a lot of people defending the Xbone, but I think this site has more Playstation fans it seems.

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Of course PS4 will sell more, Playstation always has sold better and most likely always will, the question should be how much more will PS4 sell than the Xbone?

I think the PS4 will maintain a lead of up to 10 million this gen, possibly more.

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Sony knows what they're talking about.

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Has anyone got an accurate estimate of the PS3 sales numbers?

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Oh yes Sony, give it to me baby.

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I'm very interested to find out what the second team at Naughty Dog have been working on all this time, I'm hoping for a next gen Uncharted.

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Personally I'm not a big fan of Indie games, however some Indie games can be very good, like Journey.

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