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Xbox fanboys always said XBL was better because of Cross game chat, now PSN has that so IMO PSN has caught up.

XBL does have 300,000 servers, but that basically only allows developers to have dedicated servers for their games if they choose to pay Microsoft from what ive heard, i could be wrong.

and it was confirmed that CoD Ghosts will have dedicated servers for both consoles, so PSN will most likely have dedicated servers for plenty of games.

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LOL, butthurt again, just like you were in that other article where you replied to me, stay mad.

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PS4 is cheaper and 50% more powerful, Xbox fanboys be mad.

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The PS3 has better textures on the rooftops, you can see the textures are blurred on the 360 version, apart from that they're almost the same.

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I thought I was the only one who plays games naked, glad I'm not the only one out there, it feels much better.

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Xbots current gen: "we got superior multiplatform games,PS3 sucks, Xbox FTW"

Xbots next gen: "Even though PS4 will have better multiplaform games, it doesnt matter cause you wont be able to notice the difference." (even though this was the case for the PS3)

LOL, and I think the difference in Multiplatform games next gen will be bigger than it is for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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very good, it really shows how much the graphics have improved for GTA V aswell.

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Xbox fanboys fear Naughty Dog, they know that once Uncharted 4 or a new Ip is announced, they're done.

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Xbots are clinging way to hard to TitanFall and hyping it as if its the greatest thing ever, it looks like another COD clone, it's nothing special. But if I was a Xbox fanboy, I would also be placing all my hopes on to one game because everyone knows the Xbone will be a complete flop.

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PS4 has more confirmed games altogether than the Xbone, so whoever said the PS4 has no games is one delusional motherfu*ker.

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Xbox fans are always butthurt.

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Well KZ ShadowFall already looks much better than anything showed the the X1, even Infamous second son looks amazing, just wait for the next Naughty Dog game.

Xbox one has no chance when it come to exclusives.

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Xbots have been hyping indie games for the past few years on the 360, now that PS4 is supporting indies more, it's suddenly a bad thing hahahahah.

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Haha, I don't know why these Xbots keep denying the facts, PS4 is more powerful and that's a FACT, one minute theyre acting like graphics and specs don't matter, next minute they all excited when Microsoft gives the X1 a very small performance increase.

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Very true, and PS4 + FIFA 14 is still cheaper than the Xbox one, so if Europeans really want to play the game that bad, they will get it with the PS4 For cheaper.

but it will help Microsoft a little in Europe.

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Mother fu*ker, I'm working from like 5pm until 4am, so I'm most likely gonna miss the conference.

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This is true, apparently Microsoft canceled a lot of games for the 360 in the last couple years, and made them for the X1 instead. That's why the 360 has had no games lately cause they've all been moved to the Xbone.

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Ryse has some nice graphics, but to bad the game plays like crap. It plays itself with QTE's and apparently they automatically complete without pushing any buttons. WTF is that?

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I really want to get this game, but I don't have a 3DS, I'm gonna have to buy one just for this game.

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With Naugjty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, media molecule etc.. That shouldn't be a problem.

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