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You sound mad? perhaps its about time you buy a PS3.

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I got a PS3 day 1 and will be getting a PS4 day 1 awell. Playstation will always have a special place in my heart.

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How is it ripoff? It was a better console, people pay for quality.

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Dude I agree, When that Adam Orth guy defended the always online DRM, all the Xbox fanboys said "i dont believe rumours", Now a positive rumour pops up and now all the Xbox fanboys suddenly start to believe rumours and are calling Sony fanboys the hypocrites.

The point is that both sides will have people like this, and right now the Xbox fanboys are being very imature about it.

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You do have a point, BC is irrelavant after the first year, Its not a MUST HAVE feature, but It would be nice to have because it would save you some effort from plugging in your PS3 all the time.

But as for the people saying "what will I do with all my PS3 games if I cant play them on my PS4?" KEEP YOUR PS3!! If you want to play last gen games so badly then why is it a problem keeping your PS3?

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I agree with this, It would be a nice feature, but its not a MUST HAVE. Im keeping my PS3 and all my PS3 games so if I ever wanted to play an old PS3 game, I could just plug in my PS3.

I dont understand why some people want to buy their next gen consoles to play last gen games, Im getting the PS4 to play PS4 games. And if I did want to sell my PS3, there is still Gaikai.

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Again, this goes both ways, I could say the same thing for Xbox fanboys who dismissed negative rumours because they diddnt want to believe them, now a positive rumour pops up and now fanboys saying they believe it to be true and dissagree with anyone who says "its just a rumour"

The Xbox fanboys calling out others for being hypocrites are actualy being hypocrites themsleves in the process.

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You know this kind of goes both ways, When Its negative rumours Xbox fanboys say "Its only a rumour, wait for the facts" but if its a positive rumour Xbox fanboys all agree with it.

You cant call out a single group of fanboys for doing this, both PS3 and Xbox fanboys will only want to believe what ever rumour suits them.

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I have been saying the same thing for so long, These Xbot's had it in their heads that XBL was unbreachable and was the most secure network ever. But the fact is nothing is safe from hackers, even NASA and the Pentagon have been hacked.

I was so sick and tired of hearing "XBL cant get hacked because we pay for it", Steve Ballmer is probably using that money as toilet paper.

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The hackers diddnt shut down PSN. Sony shut it down to prevent further Damage.

And no money was taken, It only effected us for a few weeks ,and its never happened again. To be honest the only people that still care about the PSN hack are Xbox fanboys.

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Yes Sony does have Move and a new PSeye camera for the PS4 but Sony has never put so much focus on it compared to Microsoft.

People arent complaining because its there, people are complaining because Microsoft doesnt make new core IP's and only focuses on Kinect. PS4 doesnt have any Launch titles that are Move games, Media Molecule only showed a Move tech demo. not a propper game.

And Move is hardly a failiure, Last time I checked it sold over 15 million,...

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according to VGChartz PS3 has been 1-2 million behind Xbox for the past 2 years, yet PS3 has been outselling Xbox by at least 1 million for the past couple years, When is Sony gonna update their official sales figures?

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Do you only care about sales and marketshare? do you even care if the Next Xbox is a joke with no games? heck you can have your marketshares, while I will be enjoying the PS4 and all the great games it has to offer.

Only die hard fanboys would choose sales over games lol.

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I cant wait to see the real map.

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I love BF3, but I hardcore rage if I keep getting killed, and then your team doesnt even revive you, im always screaming at the T.V. it sucks.

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You sound Butthurt.

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LOL, Xbox fanboys.

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What the hell is the point in that? have you got deformed hands? Its much more comfortable to hold something with your thumbs next to eachother.

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I was not comparing this hack to the PSN hack, Where did I state in my comment that this was of that scale? I was only refering to the Xbox fanboys who have it in their heads that XBL is unbreachable, They need to get off their high horses because If they think XBL is invincible to hackers then theyre truly deluded, The Pentagon and NASA have been hacked before.

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Iv'e been saying this whole time that XBL accounts can be hacked, You see now Xbox fanboys, XBL isnt unbreachable just because you pay for it, the money that you pay would be paying for Bill Gates new yacht.

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