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These perfect scores are great, hope they continue.

The last thing we need is some troll 3/10 review.

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While this may be the reviewers opinion, you have to admit reviews like these look strange considdering almost every website has given a perfect score

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Yet another perfect score, well done ND

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The last of us was sitting at 97 for a little while until metacritic had to take in those lower scores from gamespot and that 7.5 from that other site I never heard of, that 7.5 would've taken a nasty hit to the average. And what's frustrating is that they probably lowered the score on purpose just for hits. I don't care if people don't like the game, but when it effects the meta score is when it gets annoying.

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I'm pretty disappointed with the gamespot review, not that 8/10 is bad, I feel TLOU deserves nothing less than 8.5 at the very least, just look at all the praise every other website is giving, according to metacritic only 4 reviews below 9/10 have been counted.

Something I find strange is that the there was a very high demand from the die hard xbox/PC fanboys for the last of us to get a bad score from gamespot just to piss the PS3 fanboys off, and what do you know gamespo...

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Omg, if that happens people will go insane, if some website gives the game a 3/10 then I don't think they should even be reviewing games at all.

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I get what you mean, even if you personally don't like zombie/infected games or if you don't like 3rd person games for example, that doesn't mean you should let that get in the way of the games final score, this game does not deserve anything below 8.5 and even that's a pretty low score for this game.

I didnt bother reading the review cause I'm not gonna visit that website to give them hits, but It's probably full of nitpicking.

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See this is why you shouldn't always trust reviews, you can't tell me Remmember me is better than TLOU. I don't really care that a few websites are giving average reviews cause I know there probably just trolling for hits, or even if it is there real opinion it doesn't bother me to much because most other websites are praising the game, it just bugs me that it could lower the metacritic score lol

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From now on I'm not gonna listen or even bother reading any gamespot review, the same critic gave infamous 2 a 7.5, and gamespot also have GoW:A 8/10, not that GoW:A is a bad game but how can they put TLOU in the same category as it? Many other mediocre games scored better than an 8, yet this one reviewer wants to give Sonys best exclusive game an 8/10?

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Yup according to the die hard fanboys on that site, only the gamespot score matters lol,, you're right, they do live in their own little bubble, many people on that site have pointed out the metacritic score and the xbots just ignore it, you can lead a horse a to a troff but you can make it drink lol

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Wow, you people should visit gamespot system wars forum, there a bit of a meltdown going on over there, but what's worse is the immature Xbox fanboys on gamespot claiming the the last of us is crap from 1 single review, despite every other website praising the game, and with a 95 on metacritic.

Seriously reading through the posts on that site almost gives me brain damage, it's literally full of immature 12 year olds.

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Fantastic review, Fantastic score and a Fantastic game, Sony and Naughty Dog has yet again delivered a groundbreaking game, aaawww yeeeeaaahhhh baby. Can't wait for this bad boy.

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What do you expect? Exclusive games like TLOU bring out major butthurt and fanboy tears, these people that don't have a PS3 know his statement was correct, but because there so butthurt, all they can do is hit the disagree button.

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The atmosphere is beautiful, I'm loving everything about this game, day 1 buy for me.

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I might get the PC version when it's released, I won't have enough money to buy it cause I'm getting The Last of Us.

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I think Sony will win E3 because they will probably have more first party exclusives to show.

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When the console is announced it will obviously be talked about for a while, but Come E3 I doubt it would steal any thunder from the PS4.

Sony's E3 conference takes place after Microsoft's so in the end People will be talking about the PS4.

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The next Xbox will most likely have Facebook aswell.

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ICO, that game can get frustrating at times when you have to escort that girl around, and then she gets taken by he black spirits.

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I have never bought a CoD game, I have played many of them at friends houses and my brother use to own Black ops, CoD is a joke compared to Battlefield.

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