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TitanFall had more hype in my opinion, people were going insane thinking it was going to destroy Call of Duty and be the highest rated game of the year, which in a way kind of flopped because it diddnt meet the expectations of both sales and reviews. #21
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Xbox trolls went crazy trying to claim ownage, bet they feel stupid now. #1.8
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People think its a downgrade because of the different uniforms, but the devs confirmerd they will use the old uniform in other parts of the game, and because its darker.

Its just a different time of day with different contrast, theres actually improved shadows and character models, Xbox trolls know damn well, but theyre desperate to downplay this game. #7.7
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exactly, at least theyre innovating with QTE's instead of just having them there for no reason, people are just trying to find a reason to hate this game. #6.3.1
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There was some negative feedback, but it was mostly Xbox and PC fanboys,

some of it was just because it looked somewhat unfinished and glitchy (according to IGN), and others complained about QTE's, and being a generic TPS (yet these same people jizz over Gears of War)

A lot of fanboys will be eating crow when this game turn out to be another GOTY worthy title from Sony. #1.2.5
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The amount of territories is irrelevant,Because Sony will have less stock allocated to each region compared to Microsoft, its actually a surprise that PS4 is outselling the Xbone in the U.S because Microsoft will probably have the majority of their stock allocated there which means more sales for that territory.

See people like you want to take in the amount of countries into consideration, yet you dont want to take the ammount of stock allcoated... #1.4
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So not liking this game suddenly means youre a Sony fanboy? #1.7.2
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Infamous is an open world game with great graphics, and The Order is a linear game with even better graphics, you see, developers have to make sacrifices to have an open world game. #5.4
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you people need to learn what the term "exclusive" means.

You do not need an Xbone to play TitanFall, its on 3 different platforms, Its NOT exclusive to Xbone.

And what is with all this "Microsoft exclusive" garbage? fanboys are now saying games are exclusive to companies now? lmfao. #21.2
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The Xbone may be capable of dedicated servers for all games, but thats irrelevant cause no devs are using their servers, it seems that only Xbone exclusives will have dedicated servers, not EVERY game like you fanboys tried to make out. #27.1
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Those 300000 servers are irrelevant if developers dont use them, but you will still get raging Xbots trying to use the "dedicated serevrs" argument as ownage. all that boasting from Microsoft and their fanboys, and only 1 single game uses microsfts own servers. LMFAO. #25
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This is ownage to the hardcore Xboners, remember when they all said "XBL will be waaaaaay better because we will have dedicated servers for EVERY game" but the reality is its up to the developers to use it, and obviously many third party devs wont be using Microsofts servers because they will have multiple systems to develop for. #3.2.6
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I dont think Sony fans were scared, It was mostly Xbox fanboys spreading false rumours. #1.12
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agree, Xbox fanboys seem to be making a huge deal over the review scores of Knack and Killzone, but seem to forget that these consoles will be around for the next decade. where were these same fanboys when the 360 was dead for the last 3-4 years?

people are idiots to judge how good a console is from its launch line-up, exclusives only make up like 5-10% of the consoles library, the rest are multiplats, so PS gamers will still have plenty of games to play, I dont know why some... #1.1.25
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PS2 sold 150 million in 12 years, not 5 years. when the PS3 launched, the PS2 diddnt just stop selling.

you cant compare PS2 lifetime sales to PS3 current sales. because the PS2 has been out MUCH longer than the PS3 obviously. #1.5.1
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Microsoft dont make games, they buy games lol #1.8
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Is that really you in your avatar picture? #16.6
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you know PS4 has more confirmed retail games than the Xbone.

And the Xbox 360 has been getting nothing but Indi games for the past few years lol #8.5
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I like how exlusives suddenly matter to Xboners after the Xbox 360 has been dead for the past 3-4 years.

The only reason the Xbone seems to have more blockbuster exclusives at launch is because Microsoft cancelled previous 360 games like Ryse and Dead Rising 3 and moved them to the Xbone.

But still, none of the Xbox exclusives match the quality of Killzone ShadowFall, Infamous Second Son and the Order 1886., the only exclusive worth mentioning on the Xbone is... #6.4
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You never know, remember when they said that they cant remove DRM. lol

Microsoft has been flip flopping so much, so it wouldn't surprise me if sometime in the future when PS4 is dominating, they decide to have a Kinectless bundle. #1.4.2
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