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You are crazy. CTF is great.

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I can see a lot of his points, but I enjoyed it a lot more. That said, in terms of misogyny, it's not just Ivy. It's the way the game handles 3/4 of its main females. Babs, Ivy, and Catwoman are used as damsels to be saved or motivation for Batman to do things. They aren't ever given their own arc as characters.

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I'm with you, I'm kind of over it.

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I'm guess Uncharted 4 vanishes from this list next month.

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Can we just not fix it? We could dig a hole and bury it instead.

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The encounters that frustrated me the most were, the planetarium, the train depot, the entire push to the train car (specifically the ascent right before you reach the building), the circular part of the Lunar base, the section right after you crash land back on Earth, and the final run in the office section of Deathshead's compound. I found all of them to be really frustratingly designed and ultimately unfun.

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Mario Kart should have been on that list too.

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i think you are confusing the EA Access Vault with other benefits of the service. If you have EA Access, you get access to the vault but also a discount on EA games/content you purchase (at a 10% discount) And for select games you can get "early access", in the case of Dragon Age, EA Access users cod play the first six hours of the game starting last Thursday.

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I think telling people he isn't going to review it because "it's an unplayable mess" is enough of a heads up to readers that you shouldn't buy it now.

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I do none of these things...

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@Orange there are interviews out there from EA execs stating that they don't have plans to remove anything from the vault. Then again, we all know execs speak out both ends of their mouths.

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@Ron I am looking at it from a future standpoint and would gladly jump on with an Ubisofft or Activision like sub/loyalty service. EA Access isn't required to play any of the games, it's a sub service that has X,Y, Z content as well as a discount service for new titles. If that changes in the future than sure it could get ugly but nothing about the announcement points to that future other than our own twisted outlook on the gaming industry.

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Currently on XB1 games.

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Sounds like if he wanted a PS4 she would have bought him that.

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It's the same as the college football rankings early in the season. You can have a team that has yet to play any games be ranked #1 when other teams have already hit 1 or 2 games played. It's more about anticipation vs. reality.

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Or maybe the reviewer just really thinks the game is that good.

Comparing inFAMOUS and Titanfall is asinine as they try to do two very different things. If you are intent on comparing games to each other then Titanfall is most comparable to Killzone: Shadow Fall, and even then its not a straight comparison because Titanfall forgoes a glitzy single player story mode for a full multiplayer focus. Apples and Oranges.

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The first 75% of this game is solid fun and then it jumps off a cliff head first.

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I'll spend my money how I want. You spend your's how you want.

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In regards to ESO, ultimately that is what this list is, people's opinions. If it showcases well though it might end up here eventually.

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