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+Bubbles since nobody else seems to realise they are all corperations

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I played part of MGS 2, thats it.
I was lost at the start of 4, but they do a good job of explaining most of the backstory. You get the concept pretty quickly

But thats also why the cutscenes are so long. Theres a lot to explain to people like me who dont know the story, and for peopel who have played the whole series to elaborate

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You're passing up one of the best game this generation because it doesnt have TROPHIES?

You're whats wrong with gaming. GTFO

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I'd expect from an xbot
You dont know what quality games are so you dont understand them.
Go back to playing modern warfare. Pew, Pew, Pew

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Dude, stop pointing. Everyones looking at you like you're retarded

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how much is qore a year?

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His post is just worded in such a retarded way that nobody could make sense of it

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MOVE me.... I get it

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I want that 3D Person Mod

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KZ2 was actually my first ever platinum. As its on the list of 5 hardest, Im even more proud of it

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US only

shit man, I was defintily gonna buy one

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Ask one of the thousand other people who have already written the exact same article

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All those screenshots looked terrible. Graphics arent everything, but look at the last comparison one. Looks like a PS2 game!?!?

Is it just the screenshots shown here, or is it actually like that?

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I love the quality you get with sony, so I dont want them to rush products.

Its stupid to say they should start developing the PS4 now, since they already have prototypes. How do I know? I dont, but unless your an idiot you know every company is already trying to work on the next big thing in their line of products anyways. Sony needs to get that next gen tech implemented early into a prototype, then over 1-2 years before announcing it cut deals with other major parts manufa...

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They should already be out actually. They are past a certain stage where they are no longer over-expensive, and they screen would cost only a few hundred dollars more than a regular one to manufacture depending on size. (I did a report on them).

But companies are starting to push other products and not OLED, so even though OLED tech is READY for commercial and industrial use, no company is putting it out

We could be buying paper thin flexible 50 inch TV'...

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That wasnt really a hologram, it was an overley. He was likely looking at a screen with her face and they did an overley onto the show in real time so it looked like she was there. Hologram...ish

at least, Im pretty sure thats what it was

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HD, and now 3D

We only got a 3D TV 4 years ago (around) so 3D upgrade may be a bit quick. But thinking about it, I cant really think of anything that will come later. Higher resolution perphaps, but what else?

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Okay, congrats, you answered your own question as to why you saw no 3D

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my bad, i think i missed it there

but KOTOR 2 was completely unfinished. You can tell by the ending, it leads nowhere, and now we arent getting a 3 so it left there title making no sense in the end. You end up fighting her (which wasnt a twist, since you SAW all the stuff she did, and could just TELL it was her) then when the fight is over.... you talk. You have a LOOONG ass coversation with hardly any reveals, then fly off to find Revan


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