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Maybe change your ad block extension? I'm using uBlock and I'n not getting any messages like that.

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Big improvement from the last beta. I really like how you can now change the view (list, grid etc) and the dark mode.

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The problem with the new design is that the number of news stories displayed on the screen is far less than the list view in the current design. Meaning that I don't want to scroll too much to have a quick look at the news stories.

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Works in Australia

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Wow great article. Much better than the other junk that gets approved here.

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What a shitty article...

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Lmao how did you fuck that up?

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Why is Driveclub on this list? Worst launch ever? Yes. But its a fun game, now that all the online issues have been sorted out.

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seriously? i joined one of those mp weather events and managed to join and sync up with everyone in the lobby in like a minute

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I think thats why they are taking their time with the ps plus version

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You're wrong. Online works fine.

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"One petition even said Target’s name and logo were “aggressive”." - LOL

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meh. you can get it cheaper at bigw, dicksmith or jbhifi

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They should drop out of the mid range phone market and only focus on the high end xperia z series. Because those phones are pretty good.

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Just let me use my Logitech wheel.

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It's a good game although the online issues kinda put me off. Probably will get back into it after exams.

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I fixed it by disable the "allow ps4 to connect to the internet in rest mode" inside power settings, reboot the console, then enable that same option.

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Once you get used to 60fps content and then suddenly switch back to 30fps, you'll then notice a huge difference.

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Why does n4g allow satire articles? At least have "SATIRE" placed right in front of the title

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It's been working fine for about a week now. Btw they will refund you if you talk to ps store support.

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