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If ND want to close Drake's story. I'm fine with it. It will give them space to experiments something new, just like what they did with Tlou.

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Sony is so original

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I think it will come to PS4 & X1 eventually. And even if it won't launch to handheld platform, Vita still can play it via remote play :)

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both consoles are awesome, why should i miss it

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I played it on PC, it's basically another pay-to-win MMO... it even got a 67% metacritic.. I couldn't care less even if it's coming to Xbox One.

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Well, Julie Larson proves she's doing a better job than Mattrick.. I don't want to be sexist either. But I really couln't imagine that half of gaming developers are women.

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I think he's describing how Capcom have turned out. Not specifically all japanese games

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You Win or You Die. There's no middle ground.

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Right. I choose my consoles based on the power brick.

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It could be the MP mode trailer

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Witcher 3 and MGSV

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It's too soon for a college student's wallet like me. Maybe I'll buy either console next year

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I never played the predecessor, but from what I've read, I'm really looking this game to come to PS4

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I really don't mind being button mashing, the execution is much cooler and satisfying than mashing X button in DW series though

Not mention that we can actually control all of our troops, and there's a gladiator-like multiplayer mode that haven't been showed yet

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oh my god, so inspiring

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It's the hint! $399 console is coming baby

Probably gonna cheaper than that, since I doubt Kinect price is only $100

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The pop-up UI looks good, it seems their main colors is black, white, and green now.

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I had a feeling that Booker in this universe is somehow connected to Andrew Ryan/Jack (maybe it's the same case as Comstock)

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This is awesome!! I wonder if Elizabeth & Booker in that universe had something to do with the Fall of Rapture

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Yeah, there are some people who prefer to farm solo, and play online when there's a raid boss or anything

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