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i enjoyed RE7 but i rather have RE2 third person. i didn't like that RE7 was first person to begin with...

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i really like this game but im sorry, this shouldn't have been called resident evil 7 at all. there's barely a connection with the main series. i believe this was going to be a new game and that got scared it wouldn't sell so they slapped the name resident evil on it and put some very small stuff regarding the franchise and called it today...

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last time i checked, you didn't need online at all to play dark souls.....

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sorry i thought GTA4 was boring as hell. the only thing i liked about gta 4 was online. i hate how gta5 isn't the same and most of the fun is locked behind a stupid ranking system with money and boring ass jobs..

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insomniac chose not to join sure Sony tired numerous of times to buy them..

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i hated gta 5 cause of that. i just want to play one character that's it. not bounce around to get the "full" story...but then again, i didn't care for gta 5 story anyway..didn't like neither of the 3 main characters...

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skyrim definitely didn't deserve to win. especially after playing the ps3 was broken to holy hell and people overlooked that..also why are you only doing TGA GOTY...cause in 2013 the last of us destroyed anything nominated GOTY including GTA5. also GTA 5 did have online 2 weeks after launch. red dead also had online right along with the last of us also uncharted 2 in 2009 won and that had good online...

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all this does is tell other devs that their game doesn't have to have much and may end up winning GOTY over games that have single and multiplayer done right games....people bashed star wars battlefront and street fighter 5 for not having much but overwatch gets a pass.....

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and this trilogy is only $40:)

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im happy that the remastered trilogy is only $39.99...take that bulletstorm and skyrim...

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remember this is japan only..

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let them and i wont buy it. i buy rockstar's games for their single player not some added online where i have to grind to holy hell to unlock stuff..

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actually they currently do just awfully low. this will bring the drop rate up a bit....

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gay agenda..GTFO with that had nothing to do with this....

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their not being remastered though..its just an update to the current one..

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see you're only seeing it from the consumer side of things..its not just network and stability Sony has to worry about..once again this also affects ps4 sales.. and once again how does this help Sony..cause it doesn't. Microsoft will bank more from this.

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people need to look at this from a business stand point and not just consumer. how does this benefit Sony..cause at the moment it doesn't. it actually benefits Microsoft more. cause it could potentially stop sells of the ps4 something im sure Sony doesn't want..if an xbox one owner knows that they can still play with their ps4 buddies without actually having a ps4 then more than likely they wont get the system. plus, what about exclusive dlc to certain games how will that play out for...

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sorry, i like owning all consoles so i know i can play everything. unless pc gets Sony and nintendo games. im never dropping consoles...

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i only liked outlast cause it was 4 to 6hrs. alien isolation was way too long plus all you mostly did was run and hide and fight terribly overpowered androids..

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is this another run and hide game?

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