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im sure TIME didn't play a factor in this at all......

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don't hold content back from other platforms...small dlc is on thing but keeping entire games from a console is another....

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metro is coming to ps4

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funny you mention $199 cause phil didn't say that he said $249.99

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no, its not. if anything they will most likely get dlc first and marketing rights...aka destiny for playstation..

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i see you know nothing about him. he is a big destiny fanboy and loves to play games. him being a wrestler has nothing to do with it...

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omg.....not every game Nintendo makes im going to like. i just happen to not like some of their big franchises. and yes i love horizon cause i actually care for the mian character im playing as. i have never cared for the character link and botw doesn't look fun for me to play. ive seen enough gameplay to know i wont enjoy botw...and Mario kart is another racing game with Nintendo spin on it nothing special plus i really don't care for racing games to begin with..(xenoblade 2, Mario o...

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so if people "dismissing" the switch is a "questionable gamer" hoping you're running that logic with everything else and not just with Nintendo....question someone just cause they don't care for a system.....

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i was only talking about me. other people can buy whatever they want. its just right now currently. i cant justify spending $300+ on the switch...

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its all about the games for me and so far switch doesn't have any game i care for currently. im not a Zelda fan and don't care for mario kart. im not going to spend $300+ for nothing. plus, i don't care for gaming on the go...

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well for a sequel i wanted to see a entire new class. instead we get 1 new subclass and 2 reworked ones...also, fighting the cabal isn't what i call new. yea, they added some new enemies to their faction but at the end of the day..its still cabal. i wanted to face an entire new enemy. plus im not a fan of lose everything to gain it back storyline...another issue im seeing with destiny 2. is everything is too simplified i was hoping they branch out regarding subclasses instead they went ba...

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im more worried destiny 2 will have destiny 1 end-game..which wasn't much. right now we have so much for part 1 end game. but part 2....were going back to 1 raid, some strikes and one nightfall. also, will there be content for when you hit max cap and light level. destiny1 didn't have anything for that..and no, i don't care for pvp so don't even mention that. hell i barely consider pvp end game for destiny..

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or whatever system i decide to play it on....

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this seems more of an expansion than a true sequel. hell some of the cut content from destiny 1 is now in part 2...

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so far it seems more like a bigger expansion than a full sequel..

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you really think this game would've been free if it had no micro-transaction in it.....

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lets be real here. the only reason why its free cause more people will buy the micro-transaction that's in the game than actually buying the game itself...

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that's another game that was destroyed by pvp...they haven't added a single new storyline content to division at all. and the last expansion was pvp focused which to me was an awful mistake...

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i personally would love pve and pvp to be separated. im so sick and tired of pvp affecting pve....that everything must feel the same crap has failed for destiny 1..

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