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in my opinion it isn't about what they think. its about what we think. we are the ones to me that should matter the most. you can have the best reviewed game ever and still sale low. i cant wait to play this game tomorrow night..there are so many games i own that reviewers crapped on but i still loved to play..god hand on ps2 comes to mind..

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no, i dont want them to bring any online to the mian series. cause im afraid they will focus too much of that and not enough for the story and the gameplay itself..i dont want single player to be sacrificed so that one other person can play with his "friend'..

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my issue with the labo is that the standard price for it is $70.....people are literally going to spend that kind of money for that...

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man, i remember all those articled from 2007 to 2009..saying "ps3 has no games" and "Sony is doomed"..

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the thing is. their going to start off little and see what they can get away with...plus the purposely make grinding in their games longer in hopes we do spend money..

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my problem with ubisoft is you can tell they are trying little by little to bring in more micro-transactions into all their games..

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I just don't want a repeat of ascension. I hated that Kratos only had one weapon through the entire game.

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then that doesn't need to be kept a secret then. hell, he still refuses to tell us does Kratos get more than just that ax...

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I don't know how I feel about this. if there isn't a new game plus..then what is it??? this will be the first god of war with no new game plus..

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I'm sorry to break it to you. but the rewards from the raid isn't "upped" at all. all they did was make the rewards drop to a higher power that's it. the raid still has a horrible loot system. getting tokens isn't what people wanted from the raids...and the "infinite" forest feels more like a tech demo than anything else. and the story was just a big no. not once did I care about "saving" Osiris. also, most of those forge weapons have horrible per...

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they warned the kid on many occasions. he was even streaming how to cheat and sent links to do it...how many times did epic need to warn this kid

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this isn't even iron banner...they turned off everything that made iron banner. its pretty much crucible with iron banners name on it...

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then you need to look up the history of cross-play for sony...cause they have been doing since ps3 just not with micro...

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i loved playing RE7 but not once did i think i was playing resident evil. i felt like i was playing a different game with resident evil's name on it

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well unlike many people including the author of this article...i have no issues playing in 30 or 60fps..frame rate isn't what brings me to continue playing any game..its the content..frame rate isnt crap to me if the content is boring as hell...yes i did play the pc version but not once did i say.."man, i cant go back to console"....im looking forwrd to playing destiny 2 on ps4pro, xbox one x and pc...

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or pc...

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that's cause the ps4 isn't in 4k in this video..

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you mean watch him already have the system out lol

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my gamestop didn't get very many preorders from micro...they were very limited which i was surprised..

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i understand a lot of people's anger towards no man's sky..but im also thankful that hello games didn't give up on the game either...EA dropped this game quick and then but mass effect on hold for god knows how long...

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