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idk how how nice you want me to say it...all i tell people its not for me. and then they ask me bunches of questions why. grumpy is part of what i get called for not liking Pokemon..i cant say other stuff on here..that still doesn't give people who like Pokemon an excuse to act like jackasses goes both ways..

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but i guess its ok for Pokemon players to attack people who dont like the series..the crap i get called all cause i dont really care for the game. its not for me..yet i get called some awful things or get told im grumpy or whatever so im bashing it apparently for not liking it..

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no, i dont buy every game that's "shoved" in my against that the pc version of both skyrim and bioshock remasters are free yet the consoles versions are $60...hell marvel can kiss ass too with how much their charging for marvel ultimate alliance collection..

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I highly doubt Bethesda would've done anything like that for consoles even if fallout and skyrim were available for download. also, skyrim has been out since 2011..meaning a lot of pc gamers most likely bought the game cheap as all hell. which still doesn't justify charging full price for a 5yr old game to console only players.....

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lol its bethesda..ill wait and see

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sounds great...but Bethesda an anything PlayStation doesn't go together...just look at every game they have made themselves starting with ps3...

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i do cause the pc guys get it for free while console have to fork up $60 and that's if the ps4 version actually runs decently well. cause we all know how much bethesda "love's" making playstaion games..

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mod support lol. if they couldn't get the ps4 version of fallout 4 mods to run i would love to see how their gonna do it for skyrim...

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borderlands the handsome collection and diablo 3

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im tired of seeing it all over my feed on facebook, twitter..hell even wwe is talking about over it. and god forbid you dont care for it. people crap on you for it..which is stupid..apparently you arent allowed to not like this franchise..

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yes..cause its never toxic on pc...moba games on pc have by far some of the most toxic community Ive ever seen..

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$60 for consoles but free for pc...just like skyrim remastered...$60 for old ass games..

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they better not turn RE7 into outlast. where all i do is mostly run and hide..cause that's not RE at all..

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i have no issue exploring..but after awhile and i still cant find where to go i get bored..i explore on my own not cause i have to in order to progress the story..

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i know im going to get hate for this. the only thing i dont like about the game is that there isn't a quest sorry, but im in no mood to search and try to find where i need to go after awhile it becomes boring and i shouldn't always have to look up where to go..

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well the consoles are suppose to get mods. but the way how Bethesda has been treating the ps4 it may have issues..

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sorry, cant get "excited" as console players have to pay full price for a 5yr old game...

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im pretty sure if it sold 7 million. they would've been bragging to holy hell..

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cause people can still rent games. im pretty sure it sold well. but i promise it isn't 7 million

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i could've sworn blizzard said they had 7 million players not sales...

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