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the reviewer should've at least mentioned how this game takes what made sacred 1&2 and strip almost everything out. this game is more dumb down than diablo 3. they wanted more people to buy this game so they simplified the hell out of it. and i wish devs understand not everyone likes online. stupid you cant even pause the game while playing alone. #1
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im pretty sure the ps4 and X1 will have awesome games in the future. don't write those off. last time i remember, wii u had an awful first year. yet people seem to not want to bring that up. also not everyone is into just playing Nintendo games only. there are way too many 3rd party games i like and will play in the future that wii u may not even get. #5
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i cringed at playing michael. cause i knew i had to deal with the whining ass family of his. to me it wasn't entertaining at all. #2.2
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i think the problem is that. there using rust money to make this new game and people feel that money they use to buy the game should go towards finishing the game not making a different game. #4.1
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sorry, im not buying a game where im forced to play with others every damn time. im sick of the online heavy games even in single player mode. #10
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i highly doubt gta 5 will get this much hate. hell even halo isn't getting this much #7.1.1
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Why is this game getting so much hate. Yet no one is complaining about gta 5 being remastered and many others. #7
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they didn't, universal studios owned the rights at the time. right along with spyro. #10.1
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i will never stay to only pc. i don't care how great the game will look. there are too many great games I've played on consoles. that will either never come to pc or take too damn long to come to pc. that's why im happy to have EVERYTHING. #27
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im glad im not the only one having issues with the 360 version download. my internet is fast but this beta is taking way too long to download. #2.1.1
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that is my main concern is how long will the story be. cause most of their time and advertising has been nothing but pvp. #6.1
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as much as i love my pc. there is no way ill ever be "exclusive" to pc. its all about the games i like to play. there isn't anything wrong with owning a console a well. #5
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Does Xbox fans not remember Microsoft's e3 conference this year cause i do. almost every game shown was 3rd part and damn near everyone one of them came with "DLC first or exclusive DLC. but i don't see them complaining about any of those. #6
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I remember GTA4 and Fallout 3 had timed DLC for an entire year. hell bethesda went as far as to say PlayStation wont be getting the dlc and guess what, we ended up getting both companies dlc a year later and at the same full price. #57
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lol "true gamers" what is that be the way....... #2.1
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what was wrong with the AI. is cause they purposely ignored ellie? there are reason for that. #2.1
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i guess you forgot about how PlayStation had to wait a year to get fallout 3 and GTA4 dlc. and we had to pay the same price. #19.5
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So the xbox community is upset at bungie. but is happy about cod dlc coming first to their consoles.......didn't Microsoft do this for years....where was all the complaining from them...... #12
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I know WWE Raw 2 was garbage but there's one thing i like d about it. was how deep creat-a-entrance was. its the only game where you can time how long a wrestler comes out on stage. it bothers me how they have the rock's Hollywood theme but there's no entrance to match theme #2
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I wish more gamers were like you. #1.2
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