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As am I, but since EA holds publishing rights that's probably not going to happen. In the Double Fine Adventure Documentary they even talk about how they had a code name for a sequel, but obviously their funding was nixed. :(

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Or perhaps not make a trilogy. I'm glad you liked the game though, and we'll have to see if XIII-3 is worth it or not.

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To be fair, and I'll touch upon this more in the second part, for those that played and beat XIII-2 it's hard to ignore that there needs to be a sequel to complete the story. When the first game is driven so much by narrative, working to get you into liking every character, and then just leaving the story on "To Be Continued..." There would be a lot of angry people and it's justified.

If people can only just be patient and wait for Versus instead of get...

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Just as a forewarning, I'm unable to transfer Chrono Cross as well. I can get Chrono Trigger to transfer, but Chrono Cross seems to be in the same category as Final Fantasy V and for whatever reason the Vita doesn't see it.

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I completely understand. Everyone is bound to have their own opinions and the other writers Rant has is up to Rant.

It's a nice side job for me, and I'd like to not be so controversial. Not to name the names of any website or person, but it boils my blood to see really troll-like articles in journalism. There's a way to state a negative opinion without being a douche-bag or to talk about something that's a touchy subject without offending anyone on purpose. ...

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Just to clarify what do you mean by "they"? Do you mean Rant Gaming or me personally? Because this is my first review for this specific site. As for other authors on Rant Gaming, what they like is what they like. We're not a hivemind by any means.

Sound Shapes was a fun game so naturally I fell in love with it (getting the platinum was certainly worth it, though now I have to do it for PS3). I'm not fond of many platformers, but something kept me going in th...

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I completely forgot to mention Gravity Rush. A sequel really seems necessary after the ending we were left with. There was so much unexplained.

I'd also like to see them make use of older games that might do better on the handheld. For example Folklore and Okami seem like two really ideal games for Vita, but such a prospect seems really slim. Oh well, a girl can hope.

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I'll agree that I don't see many scores are meaningful, but 91.8 is the title of the website. It's a radio station for anime and geekdom titled 91.8 The Fan. So I think you might not be understanding the point of the numbers.

Also, the writer, Bargain Gamer kinda hated the game so a 91.8 or 92 wouldn't even make much sense considering all the negative points he brought up.

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