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I god a rather large investment in Disney already

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I treat every rumored, alpha, and crowd funded game as vaporware until its in beta. Look how far Everquest Next got before being cancelled. Look how long Alpha Citizen and Day Z have been in development despite huge amounts of funding.

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I read you. On the other hand, I also find my self playing with small boys (11-12) and then I kind of feel bad when I get mad.

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What UBI-Soft game are you refering to?

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Can't wait. Hope for more single player content though.

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Like that will ever happen

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Nah. IT's due to the Dark vs. Light event.

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SHe was a transgender

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Why? You need top buy the original game to play it. It is basically just an addon. That would be totally legal in most parts of the world.

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Well if you can get people to make them for free....

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yeah it's a fun little game.

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Best MMO out there and as far as I have experienced, no modern MMO comes close to this. SWTOR is fun, but the community is so quiet.. people just do their own thing, i landing in Mos Eisley to hav my chat spammed by Vendors, Combat medics, Buffers, entertainers etc. together with a bunch of players just chilling and discussing things. Fealt more alive.

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specialists are awful

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how sad

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I've been on and off SWG emu for many years now. It's definitely playable and can be a lot of fun.

The community is kind of shit though. Servers are more rivals than anything. Instead of bringing people into the game they fight, and argue with each other. It's really sad.
I played on Bloodfin for a while, and had most of my characters setup up. I had a shop I ran with a friend. The server got fucking wiped. I literally lost everything I had worked for. <...

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Who cares about Tekken 7, Namco just turned this title into a crap

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The harassment was done by a few bad apples, but it was the mob that taught them that developers didn't need to be treated like humans.

Remember when people said that Bioware should be working over Christmas to fix bugs instead of spending time with their families? Or when they demanded compensation because they had been personally insulted when Bioware used the ability to heal as a balancing characteristic for some classes? Remember all the times when performance issues ...

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Slave Leia... you like it... right... RIGHT?

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Or, maby starwars is the religion to make peace in the world. I guess it depends on witch side you are on

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