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There could be some hope after all The Crew is still hitting this year.

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Doesn't need to release perfectly, needs to be playable though. First couple days it was hard to keep playing at all.

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Plenty of games launch with little to no difficulties, that's the way it should be.

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Also, it's quite simple. The game needs a patch badly, but outside of that it's a fine game. Like the review says, it's kinda shaky right now, DICE has work to do to get it into ideal condition.

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Are you talking about Shui Ta? Because that guy is the epitome of sensationalism.

"‘Mass Effect 4’ publisher discusses PS4 and Xbox One console war"

Who the hell writes like that?

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To be honest, I haven't played a non-Microsoft console since the original Xbox released, so there goes that theory.

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3DS has been outselling both for some months now, but Microsoft just spins it as the "console race" which doesn't include handhelds.

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It did!

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Who knows, all we do know is that he thinks the concepts they have so far are jaw dropping. Wonder if we'll see any new species/races...

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Considering this thing has 75 comments, how is it not above 200 degrees?

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Awesome feature. Can't help but laugh about how it's going to work amazingly for Valve but Microsoft couldn't manage to pitch it the right way.

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Hey, Most Wanted was good, just no more The Run's please.

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First time we've heard anything since it was announced, right? Can't believe that was already two years ago.

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Already shaping up? What else has already been confirmed? Only one I can think of is Destiny...

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Like they said, I wonder what's hunting sentient life? Better not be the Flood again...

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Really interested to see more about Dying Light.

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Wish I had the time to put into it each day...haven't touched it in weeks.

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Hope it doesn't affect Titanfall that much, they did confirm that it is indeed being ported down from Xbox One to Xbox 360.

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August 21-25

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Thanks for that, the post has been fixed.

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