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Yes...I can finally get rid of those Left 4 Dead and DoTa beta lol.

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Exactly. I don't see why anybody is even asking this.

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Nintendo already announced they would both come on 2016 - summer for VII and late 2016 for VIII

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Nope. Most of the games they make are amazing. I love TMNT, so I'm totally looking forward to this

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Yep. Same thing minus the demo which I'd rather not play. I want to save all the excitement for the actual game if Sega decides to localize

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The PC is getting the ugly mobile remake that was released last year. I really hope SE eventually gives V and VI a proper remake.

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Yeah the comment section is much better. The new color scheme also gives the site a more modern feel to it.

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The current design looks MUCH better and easier to navigate through.

I go to this site and up top, I see the most popular stories. Below, I see the rest of the approved stories. It's simple, straightforward, and very easy to look at. As it should be for a news site. The new site seems so out of order and very messy. At least keep the most popular articles at the top.

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I wonder if they're going this route with DLC because they're rushing production to get XV out by 2016. Hopefully it doesn't feel rushed when we get to play it =/

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That's what Sony is doing with their "backward compatibility";the Star Wars PS2 game bundled with Battlefront were running at 1080p, improved frame rate, and trophy support.

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The Witcher 3 gets my vote. That game really took me by surprise.

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It's misleading to call this backward compatibility. Not even Sony is calling it BC. BC would imply that we would be able to pop in the PS2 game discs we already physically own into the PS4 and be able to play it.

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Hopefully it's the announcement of a SSB re-release with all of the DLC on the disc.

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I can't support this game. It looks amazing and all, but supporting this game means supporting the decisions Nintendo is making for their Western audience.

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Maybe. Once more cheaper (powerful) smart watches are available in the market and enough developers support it with casual games, it could be a huge market.

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First time I heard of games being a deciding factor for a phone purchase.

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I've been to the midnight launch for the Wii and Smash Bros for the Wii. While I can see why people enjoy them, they felt like a waste of time to me. I went for the Wii launch because I wanted to experience what it was like going to a midnight launch and to the smash bros one because somebody kept asking me to go with them.

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FFXIV is a great MMO, but in no way is it the best game in the series. It's too generic and doesn't take chances with new concepts like FF games usually do.

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I'd take a small map with lots of content over big empty maps any day.

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