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Dammit Nintendo! Just let me play normally for once. Enough with these silly "innovations" =/

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Whatever they make, I just hope they aren't getting drunk and high while planning out the game. With the exception of 3-4 games these last 10 or so years, anything Sonic related has been so damn terrible. It's getting to the point where I'm thinking SEGA is purposely trying to sabotage the franchise.

I won't be surprised if this next Sonic game has Sonic and friends transforming into dragons and doesn't contain an ounce of high-spe...

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Not to come off as a troll, but I wonder if this happens because even Nintendo doesn't anticipate anything without Mario to sell well on their systems.

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I'm really glad they aren't adding multiplayer. Rather than waste money on tacked on modes, I'm glad they're going to use that money to add more content.

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More like "PC porting is saving consoles". Japanese games are selling better on PC than they would have sold on the Xbox One or Wii U. Hence why there has been a huge surge of JP support for PC lately.

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VR has so much potential, but it all depends on the developers as to whether it really takes off or not. If devs create these big AAA titles that, in the end, make VR feel like some tacked on gimmick, the it will then it will fail and discourage other devs from creating VR games. However, if devs play it smart, VR could be the next big thing.

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I see it on for under $40

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That's nice. Xbox One fans can praise the sales, while PS4 owners can go back to playing the plethora of exclusive titles. Cheers all :)

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It's been a long time since I've played IX so I don't remember the UI too well, but is that widescreen or did they just zoom in to give the illusion of widedscreen?

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Hopefully we get a cinematic trailer, some gameplay info, and a release date. Though we're likely to get a vague release date till they formally reveal the NX and reveal the NX version along with an exact release date for that.

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This looks like every single free to play Korean mobile RPG.

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They could always host a big Nintendo exclusive event and reveal the NX. Just like how Sony unveiled the PS4.

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The only reason Nintendo has had so much success with their portables is because they don't have any decent competition. Sony ruined the Vita by making it so expensive (it didn't need to be so powerful, nor did it need a trackpad, nor did it need an OLED screen), forcing people to buy expensive exclusive memory cards, and giving up on it so soon.

Don't get me wrong though..I do love both the Vita and 3DS, but if Sony had been smarter about it, Nintendo wouldn'...

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I agree. Though Sony is so far ahead of the competition they probably don't care enough to bundle better games with PS Plus.

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It almost seems like a never-ending cycle. I'm glad I quit:

"We want harder content! This game is too easy!"

*gets harder content*

"This content is too hard!"

*makes content easier*

"We want harder content! This game is too easy!"

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I'm far more excited for XV. Persona 5 looks good, but it will take a backseat till I'm done with XV if XV comes out first or anytime near the release of Persona 5.

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Yeah, SE lately have been pretty ludicrous. I understand they want to make announcements to keep their fans happy, but what is the point of a good announcement if there is a 50% chance you're going to retract it later? I've been saying this lately: SE needs to have their devs keep their mouths shut and let a PR or somebody else trained to talk to the public release statements.

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I agree with Foxtrot. SE releases these open-ended statements thinking that their entire fanbase is mature enough not to jump into conclusions. Of course people are going to panic when they open their mouths to tell us what isn't in the game and not be able to comment on what is.

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Lol that was a good read

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