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It almost seems like a never-ending cycle. I'm glad I quit:

"We want harder content! This game is too easy!"

*gets harder content*

"This content is too hard!"

*makes content easier*

"We want harder content! This game is too easy!" #2
I'm far more excited for XV. Persona 5 looks good, but it will take a backseat till I'm done with XV if XV comes out first or anytime near the release of Persona 5. #10
Yeah, SE lately have been pretty ludicrous. I understand they want to make announcements to keep their fans happy, but what is the point of a good announcement if there is a 50% chance you're going to retract it later? I've been saying this lately: SE needs to have their devs keep their mouths shut and let a PR or somebody else trained to talk to the public release statements. #1.1.1
I agree with Foxtrot. SE releases these open-ended statements thinking that their entire fanbase is mature enough not to jump into conclusions. Of course people are going to panic when they open their mouths to tell us what isn't in the game and not be able to comment on what is. #1.2
Lol that was a good read #1
Whoa that look really fun #5
I want to say V and VI because those remakes were terrible, but IX is the only FF that really needs a remake. It's the only FF game that hasn't been ported and the only FF game that isn't even rumored to be getting ported/remade.

I'm too lazy to read the article #1
Can't wait! #3
I think part of the problem with SE is that some of their devs don't know how to talk to the public, but they talk an awful lot and a lot gets misinterpreted and lost in translation. They really need to get an actual PR to handle public communication. If they do, people would see SE in a far more positive light since everything they say will make absolute sense and there is no room for question unless it's regarding things they cannot reveal. #1.1.2
You know, that's a pretty good question. SE didn't get to finish on XV and content is being cut out for DLC because of it as mentioned in some interview. From the start, they knew they could not finish VII in a timely manner, so they are just spiting it up into parts and announcing it from the start. With this in mind, I just hope each part feels like its own game via Mass Effect and the Lightning Trilogy, rather than feel like they split VII into several parts and each game feels inc... #1.10.1
Like I said though: it really depends on how SE goes about it. If Midgar is indeed the first part, and SE adds more story to it, more cut-scenes, a handful of fun side quests, fun new areas to explore, maybe some mini game, I'd be fine with it. But if it's mostly what we played with just a bit of content, then yeah, it would be a total rip off. #1.1.1
I'm fully expecting this. While I'm against it, I want to see what SE does with it before I judge it. If they're really making each part feel like a full game with enough new story to make up for the cut story and enough (good) content to make the game last for at least 40 or so hours (side content included), then I'd gladly pay full price. On top of that, each part really needs to feel like its own game.

However, on the other hand, if each part of the game l... #1
I wouldn't be surprised if he's already working with Sony and waiting for his contract with Konami to expire before revealing it to avoid a lawsuit. It actually makes a lot of sense. Why go independent, if you have such a great relationship with one of the biggest gaming companies? Plus, Sony seems to give their developers creative freedom with huge budgets as long as they can make the money back; which Kojima totally can. #14
They should have. They could have at least used cel-shading. These more realistic graphics don't fit the style of the characters at all. #1.1
I really hope SE gives V and VI a proper remake. The mobile remakes look and feel like some sort of failed intern project. I mean, damn, it would have been much better if they had just used the backgrounds in the remake and kept the original graphics, just so the ports could support widescreen during battles.

These ports are the only instances in which I feel nothing is actually better than something =/ #1
Given the battle system and the elimination of random encounters in the remake, the overworld will likely be more or less like XV. #6
You're missing the point. Even if the Vita dies tomorrow, having portable PS1 games is awesome. Besides that, there are some good Vita games and plenty of good PSP games. #7.1
Yep. I really hope Sony decides to make at least one more handheld and not make any crazy decisions like making exclusive memory cards with insanely high prices. Truthfully, that's why I don't buy digital games on the Vita. I just don't have space and refuse to dump so much money for decent space. #1.2
This is real nice. The customization is great and the site has a very nice modern feel to it without sacrificing the easy to navigate menu of the old site. #51
Yes please. The only main FF game not even rumored to be getting a modern release. #5.1
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