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That's the typical mobile "gamer" for you. Most games are under $5 because there isn't much of a hassle for a nobody to release an app so the app store is flooded with em. However, when a multi million/billion dollar company decides to release a quality game on a mobile platform for an affordable price, some mobile fans lose their minds. If they expect SE to release this game for $5, then they're fools. #1.1
JP only, I bet. That's seems to be the only region that the Vita is doing well. I'd love to see some good SE games on the Vita in the US/EU :) #14
If they offered new tracks and fun new modes, I would buy it. #1
I can't agree with most of these. #3
Hmm..I suppose my top 5 would be:

1. A new Fire Emblem game
2. Side scrolling Metroid game
3. Release Fatal Frame games in the West
4. Donkey Kong game similar to Donkey Kong 64
5. Kid Icarus Uprising sequel #5
Actually, you might be right lol. He kind of does look Asian and it's to be expected given that Zelda is a franchise started by an Asian developer. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Though my comment was really just making fun of the article. #6.3.1
Why can't Link be Asian, Russian, or Hispanic? Why black? #6
A long time ago. I think Atlus and Level 5 have been making better JRPGs. SE seem to focus more on giving people a cinematic experience rather than a meaningful JRPG. #1
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"Brand new experiences" are an interesting choice of words. It kind of makes me think they're working on two remasters. Perhaps Uncharted trilogy for the PS4 and a remake of an older game? idk. #2
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You get to save money on a memory card and space on your current memory card. #6.1.2
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Except you're still assuming you know how I played the game. By exploring I meant entering each house and looting them, talking to every NPC I could, and searching every nook and cranny in each zone. I was going for 100% in each zone before moving on...which I couldn't due to bugged quests, lol.

I'm sure lacking content is why console versions were delayed for so many months. Hopefully when they get released, console gamers won't be as bored as I was with ES... #6.1.3
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Or I spent a lot of time exploring and I don't have as much time as other gamers to pour into ESO. Don't assume my play-style based on nothing, :p #6.1.1
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It's a great MMO, but there is just something about it that feels off. I played it for about 3 weeks and made it to around level 23. The experience I had getting there was great, but I could never play for too long without wanting to log out. I usually get sucked into MMOs and in 3 weeks time I should have made it to at least level 40 with the amount of time I had to spare. Idk, but hopefully hey add more content outside of just battle content. #6
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After teasing 2.25 as being a major PvP patch (yoshida's exact words), I'm having my doubts. Hopefully I'm wrong though. #6
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I'll just wait for the PC version. Can't go wrong with mods, 60 fps, and 1080p. #16
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Taken from the comment section in Youtube:

Bickity Banks1 hour ago (edited)

Shaq is asking for $450,000 to crowdfund this game--a measly sum to a wealthy man. He could certainly foot that bill himself. And the fact he doesn't tells me that he doesn't believe in the game.
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Shaq Fu 1 hour ago

Actually, Big Deez, the production team formed by Shaq, IS putting in a considerable sum. We're c... #12.2
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You clearly don't know how to read scores, lol. #1.1
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I just beat this game today and it's really amazing. Interesting story with great characters, fun gameplay, interesting plot twists, and it really has you at the edge of your seat, per se. Can't wait for the sequel this Fall! #1
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It was actually announced for localization. Comes out this Fall. #4.1
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FFXIV is an MMO. It uses up a lot more resources than other kinds of games. So no. #1.6
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