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Just because I've only ever played Tekken 3 doesn't mean I haven't played the last Tekken.

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No, because Akuma is in it

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I hope this game has an arcade mode

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I never really thought about it till now; Street Fighter V is a solid fighter, but there is very little content to make use of the cool mechanics the game offers.

The game should have been delayed till June and they should have just made a special version for the tournament. Since that's the reason they released this game so early.

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Pretty cool. There are a few of these in NYC and I'm sure around the world as well. It's nice to see one themed after Zero Escape.

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Yup. Capcom released early it because of th upcoming tournament. And it's not like the missing content is something we'll have to pay for. The low scores are indeed exaggerated. I've been having a blast with the game! People need to just wait till June for the story mode to be released rather than complain about the early release.

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Oh man I hope so! Though him posting Kojima's logo could just be his support for Kojima. Hopefully they do something together. I'd love Kojima to make a new horror franchise :)

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I think it's ignorant to think that. Let people who can wait for the extra modes play early if they want. Want to wait for Story Mode? Just wait till June. There is no need to wish Capcom would force everybody to wait just because they aren't finished with 2 modes that they will release for free anyway.

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In this universe if you've always been terrible at counting, I guess.

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If they really wanted to bring gamers together they wouldn't keep denying SE the ability to let Xbox One gamers play Final Fantasy XIV with PC and PS3 gamers. They've been wanting to release FFXIV on the Xbox One, but Microsoft won't let them unless they make servers specifically for Xbox One gamers.

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I was able to buy this game early and I really love it. But I do agree with some people here that it feels so barebones. I feel that there should have been at least a bit over 20 characters from the start and some more single player modes; arcade mode couldn't be that hard to add in...I know there isn't an arcade version, but surely they know we were expecting it to be in this game.

I was so disappointed to see Challenge Mode isn't being released till March =/ <...

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It should have officially been called Prologue instead of Story Mode since that's what it essentially is. It's already leading to a lot of confusion.

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Wind Waker and Uncharted were really amazing remasters. I know Uncharted is just 1 gen old, but it's a very early PS3 game and it got some great visual upgrades. If we're counting handhelds, I'd say Ocarina of Time should also be on that list. I also really enjoyed Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and wouls say it's one of the better remasters this gen, but it's rather silly to say it's the only remaster worth buying.

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Looks really good! I hope they localize this eventually.

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I wonder if that's for all of those Xbox One games coming to PC. Maybe achievements will be tied to the X1 just like Games for Windows.

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I don't see why. The official timeline exists, but it shouldn't be taken too seriously. I doubt Nintendo puts much thought into where the next Zelda fits into the timeline. If they reboot Zelda, what would happen? We'd get a new beginning and other sequels later on? They can just make a new timeline. Zelda games aren't focused on story enough for a reboot to make much of a difference.

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After the PSP and the Vita, I think it's obvious what Sony must do...and that's not releasing something so powerful, use cartridges that store saved data,make it affordable and continue to support it with games even if it isn't doing too great.

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Heh, well I guess I can understand that. It's still silly to judge one game based on another game by a completely different development company. A franchise that hasn't evolved much since it first launched on the PS2.

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This game is awesome. I don't get why it's getting so much hate.

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Seriously...he's the only choice for the English dub. It would be such a perfect match. I don't care for this game, but if Danny DeVito voiced Pikachu, I would be instantly hyped.

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