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The game itself is amazing and you'll enjoy it if you want a classic RPG, but the visuals used in this "remake" are very lazy indeed. I'm very surprised people are actually trying to defend this. #1.3
They should have just sent him C&D letter. Though the guy should have known better than to charge for something like this. #5
I had a feeling this game was too good to be true. I felt that they might either take the money and run or give us a drastically underwhelming game. #3
I would say it's solely Sony's fault. They made an overly powerful handheld for a high selling price and required customers to buy exclusive and expensive memory cards. Not to mention those weird ass advertisements. #13
Wow that's so creative! I didn't know missing the epilogue was a reference to the famous Moby Dick. I'm even more excited now to miss out on a proper ending! #2
XIII may not have been amazing to most (I enjoyed it), but they did improve on it with both sequels. XIV is an amazing game and based on the demo and information we've gotten about XV, that game seems amazing too. I think SE is back on track. #10
I love FFV, but this was such a poor remake on mobile. I wish they at least updated some of the bigger issues before bringing it to Steam. I guess we can expect the same kind of port from VI. For those wondering, some of the issues were:

- You can see the tile outlines quite often and it tends to break immersion for me.
- No remastered music
- The character sprites had minimal effort put into them. It makes it even more obvious when you look at the character... #6
Whatever they decide work on, I'm sure it'll be great. #8
The demo was a hell of a lot of fun. Can't wait! #3
Yeah because Xbox is so far behind #6
Comes out November 3rd of this year. Hopefully that means they're waiting for SE to formally announce XII HD so they can start selling it! XII was pretty awesome and when an HD version gets announced, I'm guessing that means we're getting the international version, which I never got to play. #3
That's nice. #1
This can't be a Super Mario Maker stage. It has slopes #3
Lost Odyssey and Tales of Vesperia. I never beat those games and would really love to since I'm not planning to buy an Xbox 360. #2
I don't have a house #25
"Catch rate is 5% with a regular Pokeball. Would you like to use a Great Ball for just $1? How about an Ultra Ball for $2? Master Ball for $5?"

"Celebi event in Tokyo between December 1st - 19th"

Pokemon Go will be an expensive game to play. #1
Yep and with the more recent surge in Japanese games making their way to PC, I only see more and more gamers getting into PC gaming. #29.1.1
I don't care how good it is. With how bad they are treating Kojima, I wouldn't buy it. #18
It can be as big as it wants to be, I just hope it's not big just to be big and we get some content and a reason to explore in that open world. #5
I wish I could agree. But I'm most definitely looking forward to Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Halo, and the new Gears of War. #31
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