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I wish I could agree. But I'm most definitely looking forward to Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Halo, and the new Gears of War. #31
Please oh please! A Hideo Kojima game without the Konami restriction? AND the possibility of Guillermo del Toro being involved? Man oh man! #3
I wish SE would do an HD physical release for all of their older FF and DQ games. The Anniversary Edition of I and II in HD. The Steam version of III, the PSP version of IV and the sequel, please not the mobile versions of V and VI..those are so damn ugly. A light remake of VIII and IX - HD textures and maybe a few slightly upgraded character models. #10
In Japan #5
MGSV is going to be absolutely amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on it and I'm looking forward to see what Kojima creates next. He's one of the few devs I will support till the very end. #41
I'm certain Capcom will remake it. RE2 is a fan favorite and will likely sell well enough to get Capcom wanting to remake RE3. #2
I just want Dragon Quest VII on the 3DS in English. #4
That trailer just seemed like something they put out for the sake of putting up a trailer. #1
I'm not expecting this any sooner than Spring 2017. Almost a full 11 years after it was announced, lol. #23
I get why he said that, but there is absolutely no good reason to throw in your criticism when offering condolences. Sure there is no need to hide the truth, but there is also no need to throw in criticism when it isn't being asked and at such an inappropriate time. That's like somebody dying and I say to their friend "I never liked the way he dressed, but you have my condolences" #25
If Nintendo had announced it alongside a proper Metroid game, it would have not gotten so much backlash.The fact that it's been so long since we got a proper Metroid game, that game feel like an insult to fans. Hell, even if Nintendo said "we're working on a Metroid game, but aren't ready to show it off. However, we have a team working on releasing a spin-off of the Metroid series" then went to show the trailer, that would have been good, too.

So maybe... #12
Just give us a proper Sonic game. Sonic Generations was a really nice step forward. #4
Even though I know it isn't the case, I can't help but imagine him saying "Oh did I say 10,000? No, I meant to say TENS OF THOUSANDS!" #8
Yes. They totally messed up the materia system and I can't believe the battle system is exactly like tetris! #1
Please understand #2
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Kojima still wins because of that damn Metal Gear Touch hype for iOS...I'm still recovering from that troll. #6.2
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PC is getting so much love this year from JP devs. Guess they realize what a gold mine it can be. #4
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Holy crap. Wow #1
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A world as big as Skyrim with even more to explore and do would be excellent #6
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Common sense says it will come out for the PS4. #43
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