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You can if other 3rd party games have bombed on the Wii U. Again, I'm not hating on the Wii U, but if several multi-million dollar 3rd party developers are avoiding the Wii U, then it's for a reason. 3rd party devs have tried releasing games on the Wii U, but, like the Wii before it, for one reason or another, the 3rd party games bomb in sales. If they didn't, we would have seen more support from these devs.

So why are these games failing? Again, I blame Nintendo... #1.2.1
Maybe they can start by implementing some core features that the Wii U lack, even by last gen standard.

Private/group messaging. Seriously....why can't I send my friends/family private messages? I remember reading that there was an app for the DS or 3DS that allowed this, but was taken down because some creep was talking to a little girl. Things like this make it obvious to tell that Nintendo really only cares about children and their safety. Which is nice, but it's... #1
No because I can actually control myself. It's also clear that most developers can control thrmselves and steer clear from making a fool of themselves in public. This guy, on the other hand, goes bananas. #3.1.3
Personally, I think the game looks pretty bad. I never really cared enough to bad mouth it, but I'm surprised how he reacted towards the negative criticism. He comes off as childish. #3

Microsoft also published Mass Effect and one of the Ninja Gaiden games. #3.1.2
She looked pretty...dumb. Can't say I'll miss her. Though after that Twitter comment he made about Americans, I don't think I'll be buying that game anyway. #2
Yeah, I've never seen combat outside of shooting asteroids. If you could post a link to one, that would be awesome. And I've never read about this game including colonization. #1.3.1
Yeah. It looks really nice and the concept seems cool, but I'm trying not to get too excited since I really don't know what you do in the game, lol. #1.2.1
This game looks beautiful, but besides exploring and shooting rocks in space, what else do you do? #1
Ehh...I'm sure people were expecting an enhanced version of FFVII, not just a port of the PC version that's been around for years or a remake on the same level as the more recent entries, lol.


"And then people would complain that they are wasting money in remakes. And they want new games instead "

Of course. The people wanting a remake aren't the same people who are going against remakes. Regardless to what anybody... #1.5
Updated as in it will be displayed in 1080p. But on the PC, the textures aren't really updated, the models are the same, and the music files are MIDI...if they can at least give us higher quality PSX music files, I would be happy. #1.1.4
I hope Nintendo lets somebody more capable make the next one. No offense to Sakurai, but the single player mode options felt very lackluster and his excuse for not including cool cut-scenes in some kind of story mode is pathetic. #2
Wow...that's pretty amazing. #1
Me either. I know the developers put a lot of work into them, but if it's not an official release, I find it hard to care for. #2.1
I don't own an Xbox One, but the Halo collection is def worth $60. Hell, with the effort the devs put into it, it's worth more than that #32
Take out Destiny and put in Dragon's Dogma and the Disgaea series and I would agree with this list. #1
I love that thumbnail image #6
Lol nice reference #2.3
I'll wait till it actually comes out before getting too excited over visuals. XIII's visuals got dumbed down pretty close to release. #14
Yessss....and I really hope we get a sequel. Hell, I hope they start a franchise. The Evil Within is a lot of fun to play and reminds me of Resident Evil more than RE5 and 6. #2
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