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Well, my Wii has been dead for some time and I haven't gotten the urge to get it fixed or get a new one. I've had it since the midnight launch and it died on me three months ago. The games, in my opinion, suck. Plus I have a PS3 so I'm in no rush to obtain a new one or get it fixed.

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This would give me a reason to actually get a Wii....

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Keep in mind that Dragon Quest is an old series. People know what to expect and it already had a HUGE fanbase before it was even released.

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Seriously, that's such a HUGE gap.

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That's why the Wii outsells the 360 like what? 5:1?

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I see somebody has failed their English class quite a few times.

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F***ing ass****s. I can't believe people killed an innocent man just to get a their filthy hands on something.

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Sony has the best ad ever made. Any ad that can make people crap in their pants is amazing in my book.

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I'll check out the demo before getting it. Resident Evil 4 was too much of a transformation for the series to me. It seemed like a game with the RE name slapped onto it. I really wish RE would return to it's roots.....

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Since when did FFXIII get an online feature?

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What are you talking about? FFXIII is PS3 exclusive in Japan. It's only going to the 360 in the US and EU. AU still has it as a PS3 exclusive as well.

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sniper4534 seems to be a bit jealous, lol.

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Campaign, sure, but multiplayer? hell no

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Lol, yeah, Raoh is right. When games are exclusive, developers have time to make them amazing and truly a groundbreaking experience. Being multi-platform means less time for programming with a due date, an inferior version, delays, and bad quality games in most cases. After FFXII and Last Remnant....screw Square-Enix. All they're good for are remakes and sequels (rarely) oh and lets not forget crappy spin-offs.

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You can't prove him wrong with some fanboy rant. It's his opinion, so deal with it. Heh, I personally think trophies blow achievements out the water, but that's because there are way more games on the PS3, than on the 360 that appeal to me in any way.

Again, this is entirely my opinion. Fanboys seem to fail at understanding the meaning of that word, so check out to have things cleared up for you.

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Games don't get canceled in the middle of a blooming beta and the company making this game is a 1st party studio. So no Killzone 2 for you =P

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Nope, because Microsoft wants to act like they're #1. Involving the Wii would mean they have to settle for #2.

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Sony doesn't really seem to be worrying about competition and neither are Nintendo. You don't see Nintendo or Sony buying exclusives or timed exclusives - they just come naturally. Microsoft is the only one worrying about competition at the moment and praising themselves for being in 2nd place. I wish Microsoft's game division acted like a game division rather than a bunch of spoiled brats.

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Haha, winning my ass. The Wii is putting them to shame and the PS3 is outselling them in Japan and EU. 360 has been out a year before the PS3 so the difference between the two isn't too great for Microsoft, but good for Sony since they're catching up pretty quickly.

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