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Well, looks like I might be passing on this game after all
I'm playing Lost Odyssey on my 360 and refuse to get any other game for it right now because I'll be distracted. I wanted it on my PS3 so I could take a break from Cross Edge, but it looks like that won't be happening, lol. Oh well, Blazblue is right around the corner =D #4
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Japan sure is the best
But the HK PSN is a mix of American and Japanese PSN content. They have lots of PSOne classics as well. #1.3
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Are you kidding me? They get a WHOLE lot of amazing things. Lately their updates have been lacking, but they have lots of great things on the HK PSN. #1.1
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Not that I care about the Persona series
But here are my two cents: Considering that Atlus isn't an extremely high budget company and that Persona is a niche RPG series, it'll probably be a PS3 exclusive if it isn't multiplatform. Persona is a niche JRPG targeting Japan and all niche JRPG games have been PS3 exclusive so far - All Nippon Ichi games, All Gust games, All Compile Hearts games. So it's only common sense for Atlus to follow suit.

Why? Because even though the 360 has more high profile RPG games as exclusives,... #11
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Not yet
The first Fallout 3 DLC for the PS3 comes out next week. #9.2
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Microsoft: YES! We've got a Metal Gear Solid game on our precious Xbox 360. Even though Hideo Kojima isn't involved with it and even though Solid Snake isn't in it....and even though an entirely new team within Kojima Productions is developing it....and...even though it isn't an exclusive.... WE'VE GOT METAL GEAR!

Anyway, I wonder how this game will be like since it won't revolve around stealth. I'm betting it'll be similar to the Devil May Cry Series. #4
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I own both a 360 and PS3
I couldn't care less if the PS3 version left out an entire character, I'm still getting my multiplatform games on the PS3. The controller is much better, in my opinion. #10
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Lol, gotta love Jack Tretton's wording
"Playstation 3 will be the ONLY CONSOLE you can play Final Fantasy XIV on when it launches in 2010" It'll probably be released on the 360 in 2011, but in 2010, it'll only be on PC and PS3. Hopefully they'll allow PS3 and PC users to play on the same servers.


Yes, self babbling is a sad thing. You're doing it yourself. Like I said, I "hope" it allows cross platform play. You're saying that as if I said it won't, lol. Learn to fully read... #1
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Well, well, well.....
Valve: Alright, I have a great idea for the cover to our game.

Artist: Oh really? Tell me.

Valve: We want to have a hand with fingers bitten off. It really goes well with the Zombie theme. I also want to have a creepy lighting effect on the cover.

Artist: Sounds great; I'll open up Photoshop and sketch something out with my tablet.

Valve: Whoa, whoa, whoa....All you need is a camera and anesthesia. We'd rather pay you for 5 minutes instea... #2
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Well...Free Realms already does this
You play the game directly from the server and just install the EXE file to launch the game (which opens up the browser and takes you there. So no, OnLive will eventually come into fruition. #11
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Somebody actually reviewed a f***ing clock?
Wow...just...just wow. #1
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That guy is one of the best voice actors ever, in my opinion. I'm glad he's doing the voice for the Shadow Complex dude, lol. Can't wait to hear his awesomeness TWICE this Fall in Shadow Complex and Uncharted 2. #16
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*Holds Ctrl and presses "F"*
Alright, let me make sure I spell this right....T...R...O..P...H....Y .......FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUU UUUUUUUUUUU KONAMI!!!! #3
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So basically...
Anything Team Ninja does involving Sony = Angry Itagaki
Anything Team Ninja does involving anybody else = Happy Itagaki?

Lol #6
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I love Gears of War....but...
Since when did Gears of War include a chick with magic and sword abilities? Lol. Just because they use a similar art style, does not mean it'll be similar in the end. #4
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Ahhh, I love me some fanboy tears.
With a crapload of PSOne games, PSN, Uncharted 2, and Demon's Souls, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Ratchet and Clank, Afrika and Bioshock 2 coming out, I'm glad nothing else too big is coming out. Plus I own a 360 and I can't even imagine making time for it with that strong line up, lol.

Also, God of War III, Heavy Rain and Gran Turismo never had a solid release date. White Knight Chronicles was the only game to get pushed back, but that's because Level 5 are adding a town building featur... #12
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Well duh
I'm not sure why there were any doubts to begin with, lol. #21
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I'm REALLY looking forward to this!
Can't wait to see what they're working on and I hope it comes out soon after Bioshock 2 =D #1
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The same reason why exclusives are exclusive...
Either because money was thrown at the developer, or the developer just felt like it. #4
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As much as I love RPG games.....
I'm not at all looking forward to this title. The first one was horrible, in my opinion. Just give us sequels to Valkyria Chronicles and Lost Odyssey to keep us gamers happy. Not sequels to last gen's trash (no offense to those why enjoyed it). #4
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