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Circuit City was an amazing store
I really hope somebody revives it and keeps all the company policies....if the site alone re-opens I'll be happy, but if stores start opening up again then nothing but happiness will surge through my veins =D #3
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Lol, this guy is a joke
If you've seen his show, then you'd know. I think the only reason he has a show is strictly for ratings. #10
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How are they going to compete?
They haven't even had a successful portable player on the market, they can't just miraculously pull one out of their asses. Plus the iPod has thousands of supporters....Microsoft can't compete with that, especially since they hate giving things away for free and a lot of iPod devs like putting out their things for free. #13
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Thanks Square Enix!
For screwing over your American and European fans by forgetting about them. These bastards refuse to release anything on PSN outside of Japan >_> #1
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I'm sure Microsoft has something up it's sleeve
Look at 2008....a lot of great things happened at E3 for Microsoft and Sony. The thing with Microsoft, they did everything in one day last year at E3 - announcement wise. Sony, on the other hand, likes to announce things as soon as possible, which is something I prefer. I'm sure Microsoft or a developer for Microsoft will announce SOMETHING that'll amaze us. The one thing I HOPE doesn't get announced is the next Xbox....I feel that the 360 still has a lot of unlocked potential. Also, with all... #2.3
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Lol, same here
HHG tries to be a good journalist, but writing at a kindergarten level doesn't really help his cause. #1.2
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Outshined? Lol....doubt it
When people talk about God of War 3 being outshined, I can't help but assume it has to do more with graphics than gameplay since God of War 3 demonstrated how far graphics can go on consoles. If it DOES get outshined by something, then awesome! I own both consoles and I'm looking forward for God of War 3 a whole lot. If God of War 3 somehow gets outshined by something presented by Microsoft, then that's an achievement on it's own and something I'd look forward to seeing. #2
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Watch this not come out of Japan
Since it looks like a good game, but it's a 3rd party game....most good 3rd party Wii games don't dare to leave Japan. #1
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They should just stick to remakes and sequels
Since they aren't good anymore, might as well re-release what made them good in the past. #4
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Cute video. Maybe now Apple will try to compete with Nintendo and start developing applications specifically for kids, lol. #9
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Lol, I actually like this guy
I think the reason most people won't take him seriously is because of that whole "gangsta" attitude. I'm sure if he changed that, and threw in a green screen for some added coolness (just for the hell of it), it will eliminate most of the haters. #41
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Wow really?
I never knew a game we know little to nothing about can be garbage. I guess you're just trying to rely on your imagination, lol. #36.1
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I'm a fellow PS3 fanboy
But GOD this guy needs to STFU already. If you're a journalist then act like one, not like some snotty fanboy trying to get his 15 seconds of fame through the internet. #1
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It'll probably be a game for the next gen Zune or something
Microsoft failed to take over the digital market with that thing, I doubt they'd try something as foolish and try to make a handheld device to compete with Sony and Nintendo. #14
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Seeing Tri-Ace's track record this gen
I'm getting this game will be plagued with some sort of issue. However, SEGA has been doing amazing things this gen so this might not be a bad game after all! I just hope SEGA has more "say" in the development than Tri-Ace does. #6
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Yeah, in all fairness, Microsoft was sued for charging
Plus the chances of a PS3 dying on you is much smaller than a 360 doing so. #37
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And then when it comes out (most likely in the fall)
All we'll hear is "lol, been there done that. we played this game last year!!". The thing about a fanboy is that they change their arguments when things get altered. For instance #24
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It looks like it takes full advantage of the Wii hardware and it seems polished. However, it falls drastically short when compared to 360 and PS3 games of the same genre....so no. Plus the year isn't even half way done. More games will come and most GOTY contenders aren't even out till at least October. #10
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It isn't doing bad?
If it can't be released in two regions and is doing poorly in sales in the US....how is that doing good? Lol. I mean, yeah, sales don't matter to gamers, but they matter to developers. Poor sales for hardcore games = more mini games for the Wii. #3.4
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Honestly, the Wii is targeted towards casuals. Look at how Dead Rising and Mad World sold on the Wii.....horribly. Fatal Frame IV would sell like crap as well, so you can't really blame Nintendo for not bringing it over. Still....I can't help but to feel that slight twitch of disappointment. I know the Wii is selling like hot cakes, but when I think about Nintendo's console now, I can't help but think "Oh, how the mighty have fallen".

Nintendo: Yeah! We're family frien... #3.2
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