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This guy
is on a f***ing roll, isn't he? I think somebody has him tied up and has a gun pointed to his head, forcing him to spit out random analyst BS. #2
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Here's the ONLY reason I won't play it....
This game was supposed to be part of a trilogy. The game did bad sales-wise and Ninja Theory practically washed their hands of it and never looked back. Sony owns the IP so they can still make a sequel. However, I just don't want to play it, know there's supposed to be more and want it badly, but never end up getting it. #14
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The fact still remains
Even if there is a Wii HD coming, the Wii's demographic won't care for it. Developers would still be a bit worried to develop a hardcore Wii title, lol. #5
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I hope this doesn't succeed, lol
If it does, then I expect consoles to try and do the same in a few years. Like another poster stated, I hate not owning physical media. Buying things through digital distribution makes me feel like whatever I'm buying isn't mines 100%..... #6
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Wtf is this? Is this footage of the game running on the PS2 or something? O_O #2
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Well, it's a feature most games don't include...
I don't see the need to report a story like this. Something surprising would be a game that DOES support it. Anyway, online play is all the rage nowadays so it won't be a problem - well, for me, anyway. #6
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That means we get a longer game. I REALLY can't wait for this game to come out. Dammit! This wait is going to kill me =( #40
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Dead Space is amazing and one of the best games this gen...but..
The Wii's demographic is an entirely different one from that of the Playstation 3's and Xbox 360's crowd. Dead Space sold bad on the hardcore systems and it won't sell better on the Wii, unfortunately. #4
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Lol, of course. We're all entitled to our opinion. This world would suck if we all agreed on the same thing all the time, lol. I can't say one console is superior to another since I enjoy games from both consoles equally. #18.2
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Oh, well duh
As to which console has the better games, it's entirely opinionated. But when it comes to hardware, it's pretty obvious that the PS3 is the strongest. Fanboys can't say squat since this comes from a multi-platform developer with hands on experience. If you're butt hurt, disagree =D #18
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By default, yes
But tweaking the brightness and contrast settings on your TV can fix that...though you'll have to tweak them when playing any other game =X #2.1
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Good idea, except that...
Shutting off the power to a console all of a sudden while its on can completely destroy it if it's trying to access the hard drive (saving the game, updating, scanning DLC, etc). #10
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Remember, guys
NIS didn't develop Cross Edge. They only let their characters get used in the game. #5.4
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I'm glad somebody sees my point
I'm not saying everybody must use the features I've listed - hell, I don't use most of them myself. Also, it doesn't matter if you have other means to access those features - Your personal preference is really irrelevant since I'm just stating facts and not my own personal opinion, lol.

Like I said before: The 360 is a great hardware. The 360 has MUCH to offer in terms of gaming and online community - it even throws in some multimedia use like Netflix, udio playback and whatnot.... #8.5
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I'll play with you since I'm bored, lol
PSN has over 9000 movies and shows plus the thousands you can stream online. Streamthechannel.com FTW!

You can listen to practically any song on Youtube using the browser or just import it from your PC into the PS3.

Facebook ,Twitter, and ANY social site can be accessed through the browser. These integrations are just poor excuses for not releasing a full working browser on the 360.

I've never heard of Sky, nor am I aware of what it does, lol.
... #15.3
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And nothing of value was lost
I still feel a bit ripped off for paying $50 for it when it came out for the PS3 =/ #1
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Of course the PS3 wins in this area, not to be a fanboy or anything like that
The 360 is an amazing hardware, but can't be considered an entertainment center like the PS3 can.

-Blu ray and DVD playback
-Free online access
-Vidzone support
-iPod support...you can download uncopyrighted music from an iPod into a PS3
-Web browser (check email, chat with friends using AIM, Yahoo, etc, watch shows, movies, clips, etc)
-Ability to import movie and audio files from a computer and store it into the HDD (suppo... #8
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It's good for people who aren't really on PSN and would most likely miss it's release. #1
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This is the best PS3 bundle I've seen. I wish this was around when I first bought mines, lol. #4
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I hope so
However, if you can't, then we'll unfortunately see more DLC like this... #2.1
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