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Is that why the 360 is only getting 3 worthwhile exclusives this year and the PS3 is getting around 9 or 10?

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But the resolution these pictures are shown it really sucks. It's hard to tell the difference.

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What other game coming out in 2009 has better graphics? I agree that Halo ODST doesn't look great at all though, lol. Street Fighter IV should've taken it's place, or maybe even Blazblue. Or maybe even Ratchet and Clank ACiT

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You know, with a strong enough PC, you can play Wii games in 720p and possibly 1080p =D

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Two totally different games
We know barely anything about Splinter Cell
We know a lot about Uncharted 2
Graphic wise, Uncharted 2 blows Splinter Cell out of the water
Gameplay wise...nobody knows yet
Audio wise....Again, nobody knows

A real pointless comparison >_>

Edit: @cyguration

Yeah, I've seen some gameplay, but not as much as I've seen of Uncharted 2. I'm sure there are gameplay mechanics that weren't revealed to u...

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Who complained about Monster Hunter being canned for the PS3 that they had a surprise for PS3 owners. It's probably news that the PS3 version wasn't canceled and still in production. *crosses fingers*

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But people still enjoy it and the repairs are free. Even though It's not my favorite current gen console, I can't stand these flamebait articles =( should consider filtering articles like these out.

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War of the Gods
God of Violence


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They're supposed to be cheaper since retail stores aren't getting a cut, no shipping cost, no manufacturing cost...WTF >_<

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I know sales numbers get reported weekly and monthly, but it seems that towards the end of August, sales have been reported every single day.

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So what if the game looks downgraded from what's been shown to us in a playable form before it was announced for the 360 >_>

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If you're a Halo fan, then any retail Halo game would be worth $60. Just like every new Madden game is worth the full retail price every year. Personally, I think it should cost $40, but then again...I'm not a Halo fan, lol.

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Doesn't the PS3 sell the best in Europe? Europe should really be getting the best updates....well, at least up to par with the Japanese, Asian, and American updates.

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I just hope they'll be able to bring more remastered PS2 classics to the PS3. I'd rather have remastered games opposed to backward compatibility since the resolution on typical PS2 games aren't exactly wonderful to look at on my screen.

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This is pretty cool. Awkward, but cool nonetheless.

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I guess that gap will close before long, this Fall.

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I doubt next gen will consist of the sort of graphical leap we saw between last gen and the current gen. PS3.5 will probably have a new OS and some new features. The hardware will probably just be slightly upgraded so that some effects can be rendered more efficiently and textures can be much sharper. Hopefully Sony will make it easy to develop for, rather than create their own language, which I'm assuming is to keep hackers away from it. Maybe they'll figure out some better security measures...

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So yeah...all of those other times were the fans just speculating.

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Maybe his mom grounded him or something...=O

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I sort of always saw this to be true, lol. Wii users are in the Tween to Teen range and 360 users are Teens to late Teens. That's on average, of course.

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