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It's there to get developers to release their games on the Xbox One first, then on the PS4 so they can brag about how indie developers choose them first.

Though I have to say that it isn't much of a loss since indie games aren't that great anyway.

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The game looks awesome, but I like the old build better.

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With so many of these coming out, I tried Rebirth for the hell of it. It's pretty good. The fan service is too much for me, but the gameplay is good enough to make me want to try out another game in the series.

624d ago 3 agree0 disagreeView comment's the main reason I purchased an Xbox One. No regrets. That game is absolutely amazing and I hope it gets a sequel.

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Absolutely amazing

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Yeah. The Vita has some pretty amazing games, but they release so few in-between and some of them don't even get localized.

Though the title was probably just created to bait people into going to their website.

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Haha....whenever I see this game's title on this website, I feel like I'm about to read the words "coming to US/EU" or "localization confirmed".

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Yeah, I played it at launch and with so many issues plaguing it, I stopped playing it. I've read that the big issues have been resolved and lots of smaller issues were as well. I think I'll wait till the console release to play it again. If they delayed the console version to try and perfect the game, I could only imagine that the console release will be what the game really should have been like at launch, plus a ton of new content.

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Heh, you're right. Well regardless, I certainly can't wait to play this game. It looks pretty good! Happy holidays :D

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"He also promised that the team will make an effort in 2015 as well to meet everyone’s expectations."

That's a pretty bold thing to state, lol.

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I guess if somebody somewhere in the world faces some sort of connection issue and posts about it somewhere online, Lizard Squad takes credit for taking down PSN.

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Nice sales. Too bad I refuse to use Origin.

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Give me this and God Eater 2 and I'll be happy with my Vita for all of 2015.

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They pretty much already confirmed it a few months ago:

After how well it did, there is no doubt we're getting a new one.

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I would.

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I enjoyed the trilogy. And for people complaining...they may get another developer to release the remastered version due to lack of developers available within their own company, so it wouldn't delay any games.

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You can if other 3rd party games have bombed on the Wii U. Again, I'm not hating on the Wii U, but if several multi-million dollar 3rd party developers are avoiding the Wii U, then it's for a reason. 3rd party devs have tried releasing games on the Wii U, but, like the Wii before it, for one reason or another, the 3rd party games bomb in sales. If they didn't, we would have seen more support from these devs.

So why are these games failing? Again, I blame Nintendo ...

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Maybe they can start by implementing some core features that the Wii U lack, even by last gen standard.

Private/group messaging. Seriously....why can't I send my friends/family private messages? I remember reading that there was an app for the DS or 3DS that allowed this, but was taken down because some creep was talking to a little girl. Things like this make it obvious to tell that Nintendo really only cares about children and their safety. Which is nice, but it's ...

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No because I can actually control myself. It's also clear that most developers can control thrmselves and steer clear from making a fool of themselves in public. This guy, on the other hand, goes bananas.

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Personally, I think the game looks pretty bad. I never really cared enough to bad mouth it, but I'm surprised how he reacted towards the negative criticism. He comes off as childish.

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