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The only way they can redeem SFV is to release a public apology and own up to their mistake and release a new edition of it with all of the already released content included on the disc with new exclusive modes and some new characters.

Also, they can give gamers who purchased the original SFV access to additional maybe a new costume as a thanks for supporting an unfinished game. They can make it so gamers who have unlocked certain content or trophies can u...

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Not sure if he's OP or not, but he's certainly fun to play as

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If anything, we learned something about Microsoft this gen: they give up far too easily. They failed to captivate the JP audience with JRPG games, so they stopped securing exclusive JRPGs. PS4 is thriving this gen - leaving the Xbox One in the dust. Because of this, Microsoft wants to split their focus evenly between PC and their console.

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No. The game world seems expansive, but there isn't enough variety for me to justify paying $60.

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Good. Hopefully they'll add an automatic system in place soon enough.

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I think they just need to have a system in place to discourage that kind of behaviour. Count disconnecting as a loss.

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That would be awesome. There are so many ideas they can use...idk why they are making garbaged or ice cream themed Pokemon. It could be cool if Sun and Moon were sequels to Red and Blue.

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That's the point of the article. I don't really care myself, but I'm just letting you know why it's titled as such.

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Yep that's a pain. Wanna play? Play online or the boring Survival Mode. Unless you have somebody else to play with or want to train with the CPU.

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Doesn't matter how much it sells. Then announcement itself was very brief and didn't show much.

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Well, it's true. Can't get mad at a dev for not sharing info on their next system with you if you've only made games for their competitor.

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I agree. Every single American and European game on PC are free of issues </s>

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Can't wait

I love this game, but I barely play online because I'm not too competitive. Started getting into online play, but having some fun offline modes to practice in would help.

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I've only had one match with lag and I've played easily over 100 matches since release.

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Nintendo is indeed being secretive about the NX. And if they want to continue keeping it a secret till they are ready to reveal it...why give a dev kit or any info regarding the system to some no name no name studio that has never created a Nintendo game before?

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Yup. It doesn't even have VS CPU in versus.

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Can't consider it an exclusive if you can buy it on PC. I own an Xbox One and a gaming Xbox One is sadly collecting dust till something good comes out for it that I can't play on PC.

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Oh man I'm actually looking forward to watching. I'm really enjoying SFV and want to see how the pros play.

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That's a fair review. I think I'll start checking out that site

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