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EPIC is happy with the 360fanbase, both GeoW 1&2 both sold over 5 million+, not to mention that GeoW2 only cost 15mil to make, so it was very profitable, and EPIC did try to make a good multi-plat for the PS3, it just didn't turn out well, some bad reviews and low sells even with both systems 360/PS3.

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Why do we need 3D for gaming anyway.

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Same video from the GoW3 E3 demo. Sweet a black dude working on GoW3= EPIC.

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Epic SHAME on SEGAs part for such a horrible port, PG should have just kept the game exclusive to the 360 like they were going too.

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Triple A, all the way.

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Most of the exclusives on your list right, but of you take away the 360/PC games that list will be alot shorter.

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you go to that website too.:o

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I agree KI should have been released, and RARE doesn't have the rep like they was to, but you can't say their not hard at work, Natal games, NXE, and Remakes.

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RAREs not dead, they have been supporting the 360 since day one, and they are still behind the NXE. The only bad game people bring up is PDZ on the 360, all the other 360 games they make are great.

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Every game that they have released for the 360 has been good, great reviews, just low sells. Theirs not a RARE game that i don't like.

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I had a dream, i was a Sackboy running around collecting netbooks. LBP is AWESOME.

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A nice piece of Hardware from MS.

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It doesn't matter, I'm buying both anyway. Its good to hear they are polishing SC:C, its the best looking 360 game along with A.Wake.

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GOW3-1080p = Epic Fail.

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You forget about R&C AciT running at 720p with 60FPS.

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No game is full 1080p on the PS3, the only game that i can think of thats probably full 1080p is MGS4.

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I have BR Movies, they like awesome in 1080p, just wise they would make a PS3 game in 1080p. The PS3 doesn't have a upscaler built in so how are they going to upscale GOW3 to 1080p

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I wanted my first 1080p game, guess i have to wait for GT5, whenever thats coming out. So much for having a 1080p TV.

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I love all of Tri-Aces games, their battle systems are always good.

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That's all, that's nothing.

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