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I love being a 360 owner. I wonder what it is.

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I think the day GT5 has an official release date, will be even GREATER.

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Kratos's story/part/series or whatever is finished, but they can still do alot of other stuff in the GoW world.

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I agree Gow3 loses alot of fun factor after awhile, might buy Bayonetta instead.

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A real honor would be finally playing GT5 or the Halo:Reach Beta, because GoW3 is not at the top of my list.

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I knew it was a 1/10.

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You can only have one masterpiece which is it GoW3 or UC2.

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Kratos dies for good, no more escaping Hell, GoW3 ending.

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GoW3 same as GoW2 Which is worst than GoW1, GoW is very repetitive, is it fun yes, is it revolutionary no.

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I try to buy all the RPGs that come out for the 360, trying counts right.

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Aside from DA:O, all those are just ACTION games. ME is becoming more of a TPS more than anything else, with less customization and exploration, Fable doesn't know what the hell it whats to be, and the other two FO3, and Oblivion get boring faster than any JRPG, DS is the sh1t, and VC is the sh1t

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I put in 80+ hours in any JRPGs, not willing to do the same for any WRPG, WRPGs are more like shooters than anything else.

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I see NOTHING special about GoW, and this DI some what.

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Dude i agree, Sh1t even WKCs has towns and player created ones for online, plus its very open-world, SE better not F'up FFXIII Versus.

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8/10 in my books, great game already beat it , and about to finish NG+.

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They didn't add enough stuff to this game for it to still be $60, i brought WKC instead, and if i want this game, i can buy it for the 360 now for $30 or less.

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Good Point.

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The FBI Agent has some Kickass Tech.

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Love this games, it plays like a MMO, can't wait to try the online part.

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I have control over my movies, i can pause, play, fast forward, and Rewind.

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