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Maybe he meant Superiority as in how easy it is to program for the 360, and not superiority as in the 360 is better then the PS3.

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One thing i do know is LO is better than the bad FFXIII port, so i'm not going to put that port next to LO, and buy the superior FFXIII for my PS3

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I'm okay with DF, because i read up on both of the systems hardware, and some of the stuff they say is actually true.

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My PS3 is in the background of my Pic.

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No it won't be hard, just say its very repetitive, and adds nothing revolutionary to the genre.

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It will get boring after awhile, just like the GoW collection.

@below: I own all systems.

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This game can wait, FFXIII and Pokemon SS first.

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Replace GeoW3 with 8Days for the PS3.

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This is great news.

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Sorry KZ2 already made me buy the PS3.

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Man i wish i had a gaming PC to play Brink, RAGE, Metro 2033, L4D, and truly experience TF2, and the HL series.

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I'm going to take your word for it, because you know your sh1t. Personally i like AMD more.

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Yep, LO looks and plays better than FFXIII

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don't waste your time on this man.

@frankymv: You are a dumb a$$, EVERY game IG has made this Gen, has been acclaimed in one way or another, more then i can say for alot of other Studios.

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Wats Up, don't worry when has IG ever made a bad game, they always bring their a game to a project, graphics aside, the gameplay they come up with is very addictive.

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Dude Shut the hell up about graphics, all of IG games are awesome.

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Yep, WoW is a killer too.

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Nothing new, happens everyday, I'm still waiting to here about a Halo addict running out the house with a rifle, shooting little kids while calling them Grunts.

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lol, like at my pic, my PS3 is in the background, along with my 360 and collection of both PS3 and 360 games.

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big breasted robot girl gaiden will go great with Natal, only if your able to keep both hands on the game.

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