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I just got the X1 headset, because the adapter come with it also!

Since i work at GameStop I purchased the headset for $76.49. I'm not a gaming headset person, so i went for the best overall deal!

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I can't wait to play this on X1!

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Hell Yes... I live 30mins from that location!!!

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WTF...Beyond: Two Souls isn't a Mainstream game!!!

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Yes, it's an awesome game!

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I can't wait for this game, one of my favorite games this gen!!!

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It's fact not opinion

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60-100hrs to platinum

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I'd rather wait for the Borderlands 2 GOTY still.

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AS long as he doesn't put marvel in, I'll be happy!

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I just hope it's better than the PS3 app!

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Nope, I think the hype for a new megaman and KH3 are almost the same!

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Why does the way he talk reminds me of Christopher Walken!!!

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Actually he's not teleporting,he's just moving at a very high speed.

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It's a good thing i didn't buy UNS3, I can't wait for this game.

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I think MS will allow AW2 after seeing how Quantum Break does! But if you think about it, if AW did sell really terrible, do you think MS would be working with Remedy again?

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MS is the publisher of Quantum Break, so if it is released on PC, it's because MS allowed it!

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LMFAO, This was an awesome unboxing!!!

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This isn't really hard to believe, since they've been moving towards cellphones and handhelds for awhile now.
@Abash so Sony releasing the PS4 might not have such a big impact as you might think.

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"I just dont think many 3ds owners in the west will be interested in a game like this.. Sad smh" All the ppl I know that have a 3DS have this game! The 3DS has some of the best JRPGs, and RPG lovers know that. I can see PxZ selling good till SMT4 is releases!

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