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"If the gaming industry were a person, I would violently shake him while screaming, "WAKE...UP...!""


It's very depressing to look at what Sega has become. But, really, that's true of pretty much an company that made RPGs in the 90's. #3
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I was SLIGHTLY interested when I thought they'd be looking at some of their older IPs...but...a retrospective of 2014...? No, thanks. #2
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"I think there is a place for RPG's to come back through digital on today's consoles. With digital release only, there's no expectation of high end graphics, CG scenes or anything AAA that the bigger franchises like FF always do."

I don't think that would be an improvement. We need mid-tier, with physical releases. #5.1
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Sony, A friendly warning:

If you try to go "always online", prepare to be "XBONED". #14
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"As the company is not bankrupt I think their is still hope is seeing a Shadow Hearts 3."

4*. We already have 3. I played the first one, but only thought it was ok. The end boss (no spoilers here) almost made me quit before finishing the game. I found it ridiculous.

I did eventually beat it. It was a great moment, not because of the game, but because of HOW I beat it. I had used every means of healing myself, and only had one character alive.... #1
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I'd gladly pay $100 for a game if it meant:

1) No DLC. The game is complete.
2) I could get a AAA turn-based RPG. #2
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So, everyone should want the same thing out of the games they play? Different people are different. Deal with it. #5.2.8
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"Please can you give a reference to your statistics?"

Don't be ridiculous.

"Final Fantasy is not turn based."

Yes it is.

"That's the point of the whole series, every new entry is something new."

Within the turn-based RPG genre. Now, it's a completely different series. It no longer has anything to do with Final Fantasy. It's just a... #5.2.6
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Despite everything he says, he just sounds like another "get rich quick" guy. #1
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That doesn't make any sense. Different people like different types of games. Final Fantasy is turn-based. Now we have a new series with Final Fantasy's name.

And, yes, it gained new fans. But, I guarantee the new fans do not outnumber the old fans that left. Most action fans disregard JRPGs. #5.2.4
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"Being more actiony instead of the old ATB turn based combat is a manner of going with the current trends."

That's the problem. That's not FF. That's why I don't care about 15. That's why so many older fans have jumped ship. #5.2.2
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That sounds like a sure way to turn off most of it's fans. That's the one thing they could do that would make the remake a FAILURE. #5.2
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Definitely Baten Kaitos. But, it will never happen. #8
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I like all of them, but it's hard to get excited about ports. #1.1
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"Yes, Final Fantasy VII is regarded by many as one of the greatest games of all time. Yes, it would be super cool to see updated visuals, but those would take a lot of time to develop. Why don’t we, you know, let Square make new games and new experiences to fall in love with."

Because their new games are crap. #4
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Bravely Default and Tears to Tiara 2 were the best this year, IMO. #1
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There are just some fantastic games that I've played, that I want to experience again. And, as a fan of turn-based RPGs, the games of the past are orders of magnitude better than most modern games. So, I get much more enjoyment out of replaying older games, than I would from playing a new game. #1
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Sorry, but this just comes off as trying to dismiss the opinions of others. It's popular because it's a fantastic game. #1
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Yeah, how did I go from being one of their biggest fans, to wanting to kick them while they're down...? #5.1
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Oh, I just realized this is really just a side game to the Vita game for next year. I'll hold my judgement on the Vita game, for now. #3
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