Final Fantasy is now nothing but spectacle, with mindless combat, and nonsensical convoluted stories


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NeoGAF was always a microcosm of everything wrong with the modern world.

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Jasmine Henry is racist. Why? Because I said so. Obviously, that's all that matters.

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Would be an improvement.

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I like the "Take Your Heart" shirt, but wish that was on the front.

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The first game for the system, of interest to me, is the mainline Fire Emblem game, next year.

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Exactly. With how "saturated" the market is, there's still not much of interest to me. Maybe people should stop throwing shovelware out there, and also stop making games in the same few genres.

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These guys seem to be misunderstanding things. It's not that the mid-tier budgets have skyrocketed; it's that the mid-tier games are actually being made again. They had vanished, for a while there. They're still not very numerous. They were just referring to their low-budget games as mid-tier, even though that's not what they were.

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My votes would go to (in no particular order):

The Runelords
Wheel of Time
Stormlight Archive
Kingkiller Chronicles

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The only thing they'll do is refer to some completely new mechanic as ATB. That's what Square does. They lie. They bastardize terms that people find familiar, and say, "See? It's the same!"

I'm not that stupid.

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If Turn-Based is outdated, then action is outdated. Action came before Turn-Based.

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I know it would be really hard to program two different combat systems, but they REALLY need to have an option for ATB in FF7R. Otherwise, it's just not FF7, and I want nothing to do with it.

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Continuing on the path to utter destruction...

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The problem is not Nazis. The problem is pretending that half of the American population are Nazis.

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I wish Nomura would have turned it down as well...

Though, let's be honest, the problem is Square as a whole.

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That's a remake. Even if the design stays the same, they're still rebuilding it from the ground up.

Even if someone refers to a remake as a "remaster" (even if it's Sony themselves), it's incorrect.

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This is common sense. A remaster is touching up the graphics. That does not require building anything from the ground up. A remake is a literal term. You are rebuilding it all from the ground up. Now, if you change the genre in a remake, it is still, technically, a remake. But, "reimagining" is a more accurate description.

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1) This is not gaming news.
2) Google should be boycotted until they obey their own motto: "Don't be evil".

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Exactly. People act like it's a one-way street, and then are pissed off that we ignore the street altogether.

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My PC is already connected to my TV.

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lol! Had to specify "cry-tissues"!

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