Final Fantasy is now nothing but spectacle, with mindless combat, and nonsensical convoluted stories


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I hate that nonsensical argument. If we wanted to play the original, we wouldn't have been asking for a remake all this time.

Reimagining it as an ARPG is just confirmation that we'll never get a true FF7 remake.

They're not widening the audience; they're shrinking it. They're losing more fans than they're gaining. The target audience they're going after aren't interested in this sort of thing. It's an effort in fut...

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I vaguely remember hearing that the voice actor died, but don't know if it was the American or Japanese one.

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I wish you were right, but we know it's an ARPG. Just because they put some of the same options in a menu doesn't mean it's still Turn-Based. I'm sure it's going to be like Kingdom Hearts, unfortunately.

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Ridiculous logical fallacy.

"It's not 100% of the existing fan base, so you're wrong!"


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Oh, tweaks/rebalancing are something that I think everyone would be okay with. Remove random battles and have everything take place on the same screen. Hell, go ahead and add some new spells/abilities.

As long as the core of the battle system remains in place, people would be happy. But, instead, they're going ARPG.

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"After all the reason you do these kinds of remakes is to bring the old fans back into the fold and in turn have them evangelize to a younger generation about the original games.

If I am honest, I still don’t get why the core functionality of Final Fantasy VII had to be changed at all, as it is still the best-selling console game in the series. Messing with how the game fundamentally plays seems like a wholly unnecessary risk to take."

Yeah, str...

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I honestly don't know much about the alt-right, but I very much doubt they're the hateful bigots they're made out to be. As I said, that's a liberal tactic used to discredit a person or group.

"Don't pay any attention to them, because they're racist/sexist/everythingphobic . Why? Because I said they are, which means it's true. So, don't listen to anything they say. Just listen to me."

^ Most modern liberals, ...

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Most "liberals" that I see don't know what liberalism is, and are actually the most closed-minded and hateful people on Earth.

Of course, there are some who are truly liberal.

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You know the people destroying things and physically assaulting people? The ones who call people names like "fascist", "Nazi", "hateful", etc without any actual reason for calling them those names other than to discredit them? The ones who don't actually know what fascism is, and don't realize that their actions that they believe are fighting AGAINST fascism actually ARE fascism?

That's the alt-left.

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What about combating the alt-left?

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If there's anything "cancerous" here, it's you, refusing to accept other opinions. Go way, troll.

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I expect this to end up being my favorite game in the series, but the songs that I've heard so far have left me kind of disappointed in the soundtrack. The main theme is awesome, though.

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I hope they can use this engine to pump out a Persona 6 within a couple years (and don't announce it until it's close to release). I think the very long wait has harmed the overall hype (even though mine's still through the roof).

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"It’s sometimes just about wanting to play something that simply doesn’t exist anymore"

Exactly. People who constantly go to the "nostalgia" excuse are just insecure, and can't understand how people don't like the same genres as them.

I'm right there with you on Turn-Based RPGs, and I'm playing Arc the Lad 2 at the moment (Turn-Based Strategy, but those are also few and far between ATM).

The things ...

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The game in the thumbnail releases on April 4th.

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That would be great. But, not even close.

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Not every non-AAA game is indie, either. Mid-tier games are few and far between, but IMO, those are the ones currently worth playing.

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We don't need more FF games to be bastardized.

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