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"The modern gaming industry thrives on deception, and mental manipulation."


The last one I bought is Madden '12. The new ones are still too restrictive. #1
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Will you call it a "great number" if XV continues the decline and only sells ~4 million? At what point do you stop and notice that each game is selling less and less? #2.2.5
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I really liked their Final Fantasy retrospective that they did a few years ago. That guy had a good "documentary voice". Someone should snap him up quick. #13
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As I said, "if they take it too far". I was basically saying they need to tread carefully.

Also, if customers lose interest in buying Intel products as they're designed, THEY go bankrupt. #1.3.1
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I'm currently playing a turn-based game that features characters shooting themselves in the head to unleash their powers...I must only not want to kill myself because it's turn-based. ROFL! ;)

I fail to see how anything related to action games would make someone suicidal. At least when these studies were claiming that they made people generally violent, you could see that the games themselves were violent. But, here, how many action games even feature any sort of... #9
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Those days are over. SquareEnix matters less and less every day. #8
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Except, what you mean by "narrow", is really "different than yours", no matter how much you deny it. #9.1.1
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"FFXII wasn't turn based either and it's one of the highest rated and best selling entries in the franchise."

Uh...the game that shows a clear drop off in sales for the franchise? Yeah...

"Final Fantast completely revamping its battle system with every numbered installment is why it's grown to be an even globally bigger franchise than Dragon Quest."

If that were true, sales would be growing, not dropping off a... #2.2.3
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I don't see why motherboard manufacturers would be under any obligation to comply. And, frankly, if Intel goes too far with this, they'll be in lawsuit territory. #1
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The genre of the Final Fantasy franchise is turn-based RPG. Final Fantasy XV's genre is action-RPG.

To say that turn-based RPGs and action-RPGs are the same genre is asinine. #2.2.1
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"Sony's biggest IPs now are all Western focus and not to mentioned those heavy FPS marketing deals."

And it's not just Sony, and that's exactly why console sales in Japan plummeted. #5.1
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I had never heard someone say something bad about A Link to the Past before this video. #6
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"so yes if you're a hoarder/collector who likes/needs a shelf full of 1-10+ year old games that you may play,as well as 1-5+ different consoles keep doing what you're doing."


"I'll buy games as i wish, sell them when am bored an play them again cheaper when i want down the line."

Okay. #4.2
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Actually, I think he's advertising. The article reads like it was paid for by Sony. #5.1
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"while the Xbox 360 was the last-generation king"

? That would be the Wii. Even if you want to discount the Wii, PS3 outsold 360. 360 came in last. #13
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That word, when used in reference to gaming, sends me running away screaming... #3
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Reinventing it's battle system? Yes.

Changing genres? No.

When you change genres, people jump ship. #2.1
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While I agree that a single gender party is not the end of the world. X-2 was a terrible game that sold on brand recognition. The brand recognition for Final Fantasy at this point in time, is a negative thing. #1.1
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Final Fantasy. Square needs to remember what made the franchise successful in the first place, and it was NOT selling to the same group of people that were buying stuff like Metal Gear, Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, etc. Those people are NEVER going to be interested in Final Fantasy, regardless of what it presents itself as!

Final Fantasy created an entirely new demographic of gamers. It's a demographic that almost no one is currently taking advantage of. There's an... #1
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Only quality (at LEAST mid-tier) turn-based RPGs will make me jump. And, I don't buy a system until I want at least 3 games for it.

Edit: Sports games MAY have an impact on me as well, but I need MLB: The Show to fully implement Sounds of the Show on PS4 (NO SPOTIFY), and NHL to also implement custom soundtracks like they had on PS3. I need Madden to re-implement CPU vs CPU in offline franchise mode, and implement custom soundtracks. <-- I expect exactly NONE of tho... #9
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