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"The modern gaming industry thrives on deception, and mental manipulation."


'“The key is offering new experiences,” he advises. “A lot of the success of Japanese games in the 1990s was because they offered something very new or least different in terms of story, character development and gameplay for most Western players. Nowadays, we are seeing Japanese gamers enjoying the likes of Call of Duty and GTA for the same reason.

“People who love games will give the benefit of the doubt to a well–made game, even if it seems like it wouldn’t be somethin... #6
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I'm not saying the other two are better. They're not. I'll get excited when the (at least) mid-tier turn-based RPGs start rolling in.

By the way, that number is definitely not "growing exponentially". That would be insane. In fact, the sales are leveling off. That's why Sony is now reporting shipped numbers, instead of sold through numbers. It's also why they cut the price. #1.1.2
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"While Final Fantasy 7 is still a fantastic game, and was an absolute masterpiece at the time of its release, it may be difficult to recommend the original to a modern JRPG fan. The combat system is really outdated"

I don't think you know what you're talking about. The chances are very high that a modern JRPG fan will prefer the combat of the original to the (very likely) ARPG of the remake.

Also, it is factually incorrect to call the comb... #4
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"Final Fantasy 7 - a game that is often considered to be one of the greatest of all time - is making a return in the form of a Remake for the XBOX One and PS4."

It MAY be released for XONE at some point, but it definitely has not been announced for it yet. #3
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Pass on all 30. #1
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I can already play PS2 games for free. Why would I pay to play games that I already own? #4
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Mine came with a 60gb hard drive, and I filled 50gb of it just by installing my two games. Good thing the only thing I'll ever need the last 10gb for is saves. ;) #2.3.1
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No. I'll only buy a console if it has at least 3 games that I want.

Edit: Well, technically I just bought an X360 just for Lost Odyssey. But, I also picked up Blue Dragon since it was only $10. And, I got the console for $70. That was the plan all along (to wait for it to be extra cheap since I only really wanted 1 game). #3
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That's fair. But, I think a lot of people have simply fallen into the trap, and don't even realize that they're kind of "going through the motions" instead of simply enjoying the games. I've heard some people mention that they just kind of snapped out of it one day, and realized it, then turned them off and started having much more fun again. #2.4.1
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Grandia 4

*ugh* The "not gonna happen" hurts so bad... #2.2
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Can't read this article, sorry.

I just bought a $70 X360 with this game and Blue Dragon. I'm FINALLY going to play Lost Odyssey very soon. Need to spoiler dodge. ;) #2
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I do it so I'll have more fun. I find that achievements take the fun out of simply experiencing the games. #2.2.1
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PS2 games can already be played using a PS2. #14.1
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Doesn't matter, as long as I'm not aware of them. I turn off the notifications so I can completely ignore them. #2.1.1
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I don't think anyone's suggesting that. I think they just want him to be in charge of the orchestrated arrangements. Not a big deal to me, since whoever does it is still going to be basing it on the original. I just don't want someone injecting their new stuff in place of the originals. I DEFINITELY don't want to hear any Takeharu Ishimoto. Holy crap...that guy is terrible... #2.1.2
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"I admit that if I was a lot younger, and hadn't played videogames until today, it might be harder to forgive things like dated graphics, and traditional combat,"

The only reason the combat would be "hard to forgive" is that the genre has been absent the entire time they grew up. It's different and unfamiliar. But you know what? That was also true of a massive amount of people who played the first version of FF7, and a ton of them ended up being... #3
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For the worse. First thing I do when I get a new console, is turn them off. #2
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So, they don't ever want new fans? #6
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The problem is not nostalgia; the problem is PERCEIVED nostalgia that isn't actually there. The industry sees that people are buying tons of older games, and immediately jump to the conclusion that it's "a bunch of nostalgia-blinded old-timers". In reality, it's a bunch of people who are sick of the one or two genres that the AAA industry still makes, and want to play other genres.

Take Final Fantasy 7 as an example. Square probably thinks that the pe... #2
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It did what now? It's one thing to say you love it (since that's 100% opinion). But saying it dominated when it sold less than it's two competitors is just factually incorrect. #4
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