Final Fantasy is now nothing but spectacle, with mindless combat, and nonsensical convoluted stories


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Every time this question is asked, the answer is the same:

It will never be done. Why? Because the gaming industry will never again be able to match the quality level of genre-variety of the past. In the PS2-era, you had a TON of mid-tier games, across a MASSIVE variety of genres. And, at the time, mid-tier was not very far below AAA. Nowadays, you have shoestring-budget indies, and AAA, with VERY little in-between. And, all AAA games are the same couple of genres (ac...

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ROFL! You think God wants people to worship other non-existent gods? No, that is specifically mentioned in the Bible as "idolatry", and it is a sin. In fact, it is pretty much the worst sin you can commit.

That does not mean I'm going to treat people of other religions poorly. We do still all have to live together. But, their "realities" as you referred to them are not reality.

And, yes, we'll pretty much have to agree to ...

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"There have been more gods"

Nope. Only one.

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When I was growing up, I had to talk to my parents about my role in RPGs. I'd tell them that it was my job to stop the bad guys. And it was true. Especially back then, JRPGs (what I mostly play) had you trying to defeat some kind of demons. But, then, somewhere along the road, they changed it to where you had to defeat "a god" (which was clearly not really a god, or you wouldn't be able to harm it in any way). We still see that trope today.

I think, a...

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You make it sound like there have never been atrocities committed by Atheists. Though, to me, Atheism is still religion. Most just try to go with the classification of "ideology" instead, just so their beliefs can receive special treatment.

This is exactly why I say that there has never been, nor will there ever be, a separation of church and state. The only reason anyone thinks otherwise, is because they think, "my beliefs don't count".

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I kind of feel like what you just said is similar to, "If you're going to be a thief, you're already a bad person, so you might as well be a murderer."

We don't claim to be perfect. Yes, we break the rules set forth in the Bible. Why? Because we're fallible human beings just like everyone else.

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In this climate, no matter what you say, you lose. No matter what political statement you make, the chances are extremely high that you're insulting a vast majority of your own user-base.

Edit: It would probably be more accurate to say the vast majority of your own user-base will FEEL insulted, whether the insult is actually there or not.

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If this is legal in Japan, then I am sorely disappointed in the country...

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I would love it if a PR rep for a company that has to deal with this BS would just respond with something like, "Go f*** yourself". That would be fantastic.

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Why was this article written by a racist?

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Japanese games are almost all I play, and that list of 29 games has nothing I'm interested in.

There are also some western things in that list, for some reason.

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That's because XBOX gamers simply don't care. When Japanese games are released on their system, they just ignore them. They're irrelevant to them.

But, for someone who is actually a fan of those games, we remember the first time Microsoft tried it, which led to the DEATH of mid to high budget Japanese games.

I see no problem with putting multiplatform games on XBOX, but Japanese exclusives on a Microsoft console is nonsensical, and a guarant...

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It sounds to me like he wants Japanese companies to stop making their games so Japanese, which is not going to improve sales at all. I don't know if it could possibly get worse, but if it could, that's how you'd do it.

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"Those two big titles are probably The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus."

They definitely are not. The two games he is referring to are games developed specifically by Bethesda Game Studios.

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That's why they have a separate morality score. They can score the game simply as a game, but put that extra info in a separate score.

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I'm a little surprised. I thought this comment section would be filled with complaints about the "Morality Score", and stuff like, "How dare you say that's immoral!"

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FF6-10 are some of my favorite games of all time. But, as it stands now, I no longer care about the series. So, yeah, Dragon Quest has leapfrogged it for me. Never thought that would happen.

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"This is for good reason – after all, the series only made the international jump in its eighth main installment in 2005."


The only mainline games that we didn't get are the original versions of 5 and 6, and 10. Edit: Ah, it seems you're talking about Europe.

"The original Dragon Quest – known as Dragon Warrior in Japan"

Dragon Quest has always been called Dragon Quest in Japan. It was ...

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To those who disagreed:

The name "Middle-Earth" in Lord of the Rings literally comes from the massive central continent in the early days of the Earth. It takes place in Earth's distant past. Harry Potter, obviously, takes place in England. Star Wars is our universe, "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away". Terminator, obviously, is Earth.

It's all the real universe.

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You know what's hilarious? EVERY single franchise you mentioned takes place in the real universe!

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