The modern gaming industry is a scam.


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Thank you.

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It was pretty fun when I did it. But, that was Game Crazy, and the industry was still awesome back then, too.

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They're going to cease shipments. There will still be Wii U's on shelves. They just don't expect to sell that many more before March (or after March).

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I wish we lived in a country where it was actually POSSIBLE for a 3rd candidate to win.

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I'm not a fan of Trump (at all), but it's amazing that some lines are arbitrarily okay to cross, when discriminating against someone, and some are not. This political warfare is ridiculous, and at this pace we'll have half the country refusing to do business with half the country.

"You support Trump? DEAL CANCELLED!"

"You support Clinton? DEAL CANCELLED!"

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Via Media Create, via Google Translate:

"'Persona 5' sold 33.8 million copies in the two models total"

Wow, I had no idea it would do THAT well!

lol! No clue what they were actually trying to convey there.

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Persona 5 is the only (announced) one for me.

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"Gameplay Designer" may as well be called "Action Designer" at this point, which is why I lost interest in working in the industry.

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Oh, come on. It's a typo, and an easy-to-miss one at that. Even a spell check would okay it.

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Because I'm not ready to play the same action/shooter game over and over again, or settle for shovelware, I'm too picky? F*** that.

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"I chose Easy, seeing I wanted to enjoy this game's story and atmosphere, not rage quit every time I hit a boss because I didn't grind my characters up to a high enough level."

FYI: Grinding is almost never necessary in Turn-Based RPGs anymore. Most of the time, you just need to find the correct strategy.

Also, I find your cons very...strange...and not cons at all, for the most part.

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I've been willing to give this a chance for a long time, but they need to release a complete physical edition when it's all over.

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I'm looking for much more support, honestly. Persona 5 already looks like an easy game of the generation, but I don't see a whole lot else of interest.

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#1 is a little deceiving. You should have noted that they're not linked, story-wise. So, you don't HAVE to play the previous games. I get the feeling the note was for people like me, who feel the need to play the earlier games anyway. But, like I said, there should probably be a note that it's not necessary.

As for #5, I've heard that it's actually not a prologue, but is a quest somewhere in the early game. So, It's probably just a snippet from...

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The first thing I thought was: Isn't the way he just generalized an entire group like racism?

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Enough new players to make up for the fans jumping ship? No, it will not. And, neither will FFXV for that matter. Not even close.

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What you just said is stupid, and doesn't hold any ground.

This is already a guaranteed flop. The fans want Valkyria Chronicles, and this is not it. That could not possibly be more clear. It's also a mid-tier game in a franchise that is now stumbling. That's not going to pull in a whole lot of new fans.

Fallout was successful because it went AAA. Nothing more, nothing less.

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If you understand Japanese, and are already playing it, then you sir, are a bastard. ;)

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I agree with a lot of these picks, but would have to add Elwyn Forest (my starting zone, as a human). I did really love the music in Dun Morogh and Ashenvale as well.

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Incoming game of the generation.

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