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"Hating SEGA, and SquareEnix for killing my two favorite franchises(Shining Force, and Final Fantasy)"


"The battle system is slow and at points tedious, however it is worth noting that the Tales series of games, known for a very fast pace of action based combat, had yet to truly come into its own."

It may have been a little slow, but I'll take it over almost any action-RPG. And, what does the status of the Tales series have to do with anything? #3
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Translation of article:

"People who have different opinions, and I want to belittle them."

That's also the new way to use the term "hipster". #2
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"The one hope that I have comes from what the company recently experienced with Bravely Default, where Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda admitted the company lost focus, especially in not seeing its potential in markets outside of Japan."

The fact that DQ7 still hasn't been localized, tells me that this was utter BS, and SE hasn't learned a thing. #1
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God, I hope so. That would be fantastic. #1
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Definitely Final Fantasy. And, I'd add Shining Force. Shining Force did what Final Fantasy is now doing; but they did it way back in the PS2 days. There's no surer sign that a series is dead, than when it changes genres. Every time I see that, I'm jumping ship. #4
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This game is great! I wish the series would come back. I give a big "meh" to the tiny, downloadable 3rd game; but 1 and 2 were FANTASTIC! #1
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Stop messing with phone games, and localize DQ7! #4
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I heard that whites are now kind of a pee yellow...I didn't notice in the video. Is that true? #1
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But that's what people mean when they say "no games". It's just like people omitting "in my opinion" when they're stating their opinion. Just because they omit it, doesn't mean they're claiming it's fact. #1.6.3
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Some people don't like those games. "No games" really means "no games that I like". #1.6.1
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The only thing they have going is Bravely Second, and I can't get TOO excited about a handheld game... #3.1
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Skies of Arcadia 2, if handled right, would be a huge success. As for the other ideas...meh... #2
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How many genres exist in the AAA space? There's your answer. #1
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"It’s always exciting when major developers and publishers file trademarks for software titles."

Not so true with Japanese devs, anymore. Now we just assume it's a mobile F2P game, and move on. #1
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Now that I think about it, it's not quite the same thing with Final Fantasy.

I just want a game that plays like 6-10, but looks like 15. #1.1.1
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Don't remind me...

I've been avoiding giving SEGA money at all costs, since the Shining Force 3 YouTube debacle. I bought this game, and then remembered that Atlus is now owned by SEGA...DAMNIT!

Even if I remembered before I bought it...I probably still would have. If we want more games like this, we have to support the better ones. #2.1.1
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I haven't. I've never been interested in the series, as it has always looked to be of low quality. Ar Nosurge looks like it picked up the quality quite a bit, but I looked into it, and it just doesn't seem to be for me. #3.2
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That's because the "gaming community" is made up of a lot of different people, with a lot of different opinions. Somehow, the industry fails to see that. #1
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The things you say are not important, are important to a lot of other people. And not everything you think is important is important to other people.

You're doing nothing here, but trying to belittle the opinions of others, as evidenced by your labelling them as the "vocal minority" when you have no idea if they really are (because you CAN'T know that without doing quite a bit of research). #1
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"The thing is that maybe developers should start to learn from these old, classic games and make games the way they were made rather than simply aping their styles or releasing shadows of a series former glory."

Take note, every indie developer that's making "retro games". We don't want old games; we want new games that are like the old games. Ditch the SNES/web browser graphics.

Also, *cough* Final Fantasy *cough*. #1
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