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"Hating SEGA, and SquareEnix for killing my two favorite franchises(Shining Force, and Final Fantasy)"


This may be a sign that they don't plan to localize it. Not that I care...It's an MMO. But, this doesn't bode well for their attitude, as a whole. #3
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Don't be fooled. 15 is a "bait and switch". They've been slowly moving towards action for a decade. Turning Versus 13 into 15 is a convenient excuse they can use to keep old fans on board. This IS an entirely new franchise. 16 WILL be an action-RPG. #1.1.3
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I love that they're looking at consoles. But, I hope they branch out from Persona/SMT more (new IPs). #1
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There's no way it'll sell less than 13-3. It'll sell millions. BUT, it probably won't sell a whole lot more than 13-2, and WILL be a financial failure. They've pissed on their fans one too many times, and this is the nail in the coffin. #20
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Final Fantasy changed genres, too. It is no longer a turn-based RPG, which in my mind, makes it not Final Fantasy. #1.1.1
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Completely disagree. I've been gaming since '86. I think the vast majority of indies are shovelware. I get irritated just by seeing news articles about the vast majority of modern AAA games. I spend my time retro gaming, because those games are 8000 times better than any modern AAA or indie games. #34.1
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"I'm guessing you're the type of person that just plays CoD year in year out and nothing else."

ROFL! That line's becoming cliche. You only said that because you disagree with me.

I hate shooters with a passion. I hate what modern AAA games have become. That being said, indies are not even close to the savior that everyone makes them out to be.

I understand the monetary side of things here. I know why indies d... #7.1
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I don't think you know what "shovelware" means. Shovelware is just throwing a cheap piece of crap out there, and hoping dumb people buy it. If you've made a game in 2014, that looks like it belongs on Super Nintendo, it's shovelware. #1.4.1
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The vast majority of indie games are shovelware. And, even the few that aren't are in genres that don't interest me. Then there's the fact that they don't release physical copies, and I have no reason to pay any attention to them. #1
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Now THAT's something I could get excited about! #14.1
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I was born in '83, and I've been playing games since '86. This list is terrible. For the vast majority of the list, I'm either indifferent, or I'm glad it's gone.

I still think modern gaming is terrible, but not because of any of these reasons... #1
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Ok. I'll agree with the visuals, animation, and AI. The problem is the "more accessible" part. What that really means is, every game made for the lowest common denominator.

When I'd much rather spend all of my gaming time playing games from at least two generations ago, something has gone TERRIBLY wrong. #1.1.1
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I agree. It's my GOAT. #1
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"games are evolving while gamers themselves are de-evolving."

I'd argue that games are de-evolving, and have been for years. #1
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I've played a lot too. My avatar is from one (Shining Force 3). I just like "normal" difficulties. I very rarely choose anything else (easier or harder). #1.4.1
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Didn't know it had multiple difficulties, and hadn't heard about a physical release until now. I'll look into it more. #1.3.1
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I don't play games to make me want to smash my controller through the TV. I play games to relax and have fun. I don't like games to be too easy, either. I usually play on normal. #1.1.2
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I considered this game, until it started going for the "extreme difficulty" crowd. Complete turn off, for me. It may not have mattered anyway, since I haven't heard of a physical release for the game. #1
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Speak for yourself. #1
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They'll undoubtedly achieve this by putting less content in the games, making people want them even less than they already do. #5
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