The modern gaming industry is a scam.


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I've got my sights locked on Persona 5 to lead the way. Atlus has clearly surpassed Square, at this point.

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I just hope they don't still LOOK like handheld games, but at least aim for mid-tier.

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I'm looking for another Fire Emblem (and I expect it to finally get a bigger budget), a new #FE (that, hopefully, tones down the bizarre themes of the first game), and something else along the lines of a Golden Sun or Shining FORCE (SRPG). There need to be 3 games that I want, before I'll buy it.

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I think they're waiting for VR tech to improve.

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This is obviously the successor to both the Wii U and the 3DS. They consolidated their software development for exactly that reason. They're not going to release a handheld to compete with Switch, which can be used as a handheld. That wouldn't make any sense.

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I'll give you Trails of Cold Steel, but WoFF is insulting trash.

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I think it's an effort in futility, and I think he knows that now. Microsoft and Japanese games are just a bad combination, that ends badly for everyone involved.

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Because it wasn't enough.

"Why would I go to the 'dudebro FPS machine' when I have no reason to believe that the PS3 won't have TONS of the Japanese games that I want?"

^ That was the reasoning for fans of Japanese games (both in Japan and outside of it) when we were coming out of the PS1 and PS2 eras where Playstation DOMINATED in that arena. None of us saw last gen coming, the way that it did. It BLINDSIDED us.

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Well, they DID try it, on X360. It failed. Essentially, they had to prove to people that XBOX was the place for them, instead of Playstation. And, in order to do that, you're going to have to have a MASSIVE amount of Japanese exclusives, and it just isn't worth it. That's the lesson Microsoft learned last gen, and it's also the lessen that Japanese PUBLISHERS learned last gen. That's a massive part of the puzzle for what happened to Japanese games last gen.

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Honestly, I'm not seeing much of it there either, anymore. But, I do see slight improvements there. I just hope it continues to improve.

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That's been gone over a million times. Coming from the PS1 and PS2 eras, no one had any reason to believe that a fan of those types of games should be anywhere but PS3. It's a massively uphill battle to convince people that the "dudebro FPS machine" is for them.

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And that's pathetic. It's one of the top selling titles, because there's not much else for them. Why do you think the console ITSELF has sold so slowly? Look at the number of copies sold for the #1 game. It's not much.

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This is what I'm talking about:


'The Complete Collection “will contain the first four chapters on disc, plus the ability to download the remaining content for free when available.”'

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*shakes fist at The_Infected*

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I read something about the last chapter not actually being on the disc. Is this a complete physical edition, or not? That's what I'm waiting on.

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Water is wet.

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They have zero chance of pulling in more fans than they're losing.

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Mobile mini games that net you things in the actual game.

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The combat was terrible. It was a turn-based RPG where you controlled one character, removing the greatest advantage that turn-based has over action. It also tried so hard to "look cool" by having numbers fly all over the screen, that it made those numbers meaningless.

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I want to see a boom of mid-tier games. We finally have a few here and there. But, I want to see an industry where mid-tier is the norm, and AAA is reserved for the biggest franchises out there. Ideally, I'd want every single game to be AAA, but that's obviously impossible. I'd be more than happy to settle for a slew of mid-tier games, if that meant we could finally have a variety of genres again.

Persona 5 should not be the extremely rare game that it is. ...

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