Final Fantasy is now nothing but spectacle, with mindless combat, and nonsensical convoluted stories


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Take away the shovelware (which isn't worth playing), and Turn-Based is almost extinct.

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Every time someone mentions this game and says that it broke a sales record, think of one of those ridiculous baseball stats like: "He has the best average against left-handed pitchers, when it's raining during a night game, and he's batting out of the leadoff spot".

That's what's happening here. And people are gobbling it up.

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What numbers? We still don't have numbers. People like you refuse to put any actual thought into what meaning any of this actually has, because you just want to be able to say "I win".

When we have actual worldwide sales, and you can no longer deny what is right in your face, remember this, and learn a life lesson from it. I was once like you.

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That's the PR BS I'm talking about. Don't take a company's PR statements at face value. PR is glorified lying, to make your company look good. They twist the numbers in ways that make them look good, but are only true in the very strictest sense imaginable.

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This is complete BS. Why do people keep falling for this s***? Actual sales numbers will paint a very different picture than the BS PR spin coming out of SquareEnix, where they twist every single number to shine their product in the best light possible. I trust vgchartz a hell of a lot more than I trust them.

The sales of this franchise are still declining.

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Not really. I just watched the trailer for the remake of Gaiden afterwards. Don't care about Warriors or the mobile game, and they didn't show any of the Switch game yet.

While I'm not thrilled with the remake being on 3DS, I have also already preordered it. Free-roaming. Awesome. I also played the original with a fan translation. I'm going to love the remastered soundtrack. Gaiden (IMO) had the best soundtrack in the series up until Radiant Dawn.

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But not mechanics...

We're getting nowhere. lol.

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If the rules are broken, that's either a bug or an exploit.

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Awakening + Fates = ~250 hours. Get cracking. ;)

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When you say mechanics, that means gameplay mechanics. It means "the rules of the how the game is played".

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Disappointed that it's for 3DS, but I'll buy it anyway. Free-roaming is something that the series desperately needs, and I hope that this is just a stepping stone to really fleshing out that area for future games.

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Then that's not mechanics; that's bugs.

Like it or not, video games are a subjective medium. Yes, there are a small amount of objective areas (bugs being the only one I can think of), but they're 99% subjective.

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Game mechanics are not objective. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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It's a replacement for both Wii U and 3DS, no matter how much Nintendo denies it for PR reasons.

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Agreed. Give me genres other than action/shooter. Just make them at least mid-tier instead of ultra low-budget, and I'll be happy.

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Give me a proper Fire Emblem game on Switch, otherwise I don't care.

Edit: I'd also go for a new #FE game (hopefully less bizarre than the first).

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I'm not really pulled in by much, other than the main theme, unfortunately. That being said, I still expect this to end up being my favorite game in the series. It looks fantastic (soundtrack aside).

Edit: "Blooming Villain" is pretty good, too.

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I expect it to be just Warriors and the mobile game, so I'm not even going to bother watching. If I'm surprised by something interesting in the newsfeed afterwards, great.

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"Games aren't a subjective medium" this sarcasm...?

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Release games that look (graphically) like they belong on a console, and that will go a long way in convincing people. That doesn't mean they have to look EXACTLY as good as PS4 games. It just means that releasing games that look like they could be on 3DS isn't going to do you any favors.

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