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"Hating SEGA, and SquareEnix for killing my two favorite franchises(Shining Force, and Final Fantasy)"


Absolutely. Lost Odyssey is the only game I'd want for X360. But one game isn't enough to justify buying a console. I really want to play it...but can't... #1.1.7
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A few good ones in there.

For me: Add CPU vs CPU back into offline franchise mode, and I'll at least CONSIDER buying it for the first time since '12.

I'd also like to see XP progression get scrapped (or at least add another option for progression).

Finally, it's pathetic that a modern sports game does not have custom soundtracks. Sure, you can blame Sony for that one, but has Madden EVER had it? Maybe it did a long time ago; I... #1
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I wonder if I'd be allowed to record video/take pictures if I got in. #2
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This is exactly what I was thinking. It also plays a part in the average age. #2
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Of course it will only work if a large chunk of people are on board. That's the whole point. If everyone votes with their wallet, it will work. Trying is better than just going with the flow, even though you hate where it's going. #1
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Apparently, it's still coming to PS3 (at least in Japan). #7.1
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Who the hell is disagreeing with this? Do we have terrorists on N4G? #3.2.1
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I don't know. I really like Suikoden 2, as well. It might be the "Trinity Sight System" that I really enjoyed. It's similar to Shining Force 3's scenario system. I like being able to play from each individual point of view. #5.1.1
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lol! I mean, is there more than one person using your account, are you just referring to you and your significant other, or do you have multiple personalities?

;) #12.2
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I agree with the problems with modern JRPGs you mentioned. The biggest one, in my opinion, is the reliance on crutches like the "cardboard cutout" story scenes. That completely rips me out of the world. Bravely Default is guilty of it, as well, but at least they render the full character models in front of the static background. I really wish Japanese devs would get back to fully rendering the whole game...

Off-topic: Someone needs to proofread this article... #1
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"So, i can't wait to get my hands on Ar Nosurge, Tales of Hearts R, Tales of Zestiria, Persona Q, Persona 5, Bravely Second, Oreshika, Legend of Heroes: TitS 2nd chapter, Lost Dimension, Disgaea 5 (i know it's coming), new Ys, and Project Phoenix."

I love JRPGs, and Bravely Second is the only game I'm even slightly interested in (and even that's just a handheld game). Japanese companies are just making it too hard to care, these days.
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Borders on AAA!? What? Last time I saw it, it looked like a PS1 game...And not a great one... #15.1.1
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Out of curiosity, who's the "we" you always refer to? Joint account? #12.1
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I change my mind, every time I replay an old game, but mine are something like:

10) Chrono Cross
9) Suikoden 3
8) Chrono Trigger
7) Shining Force 1
6) Final Fantasy 9
5) Final Fantasy 8
4) Final Fantasy 6
3) Final Fantasy 7
2) Final Fantasy 10
1) Shining Force 3 #5
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Baseball does not need a top five list for best modern games. All 5 spots belong to MLB: The Show. #1
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I get that, but what I'm worried about is that it's not simply inspired by it, but that they're going too far out of their way to "bend" the game towards that market. In the end, that leaves you with a mess. #2.1.1
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Exactly. Sure, the Japanese lifestyle moves them towards mobile...BUT, I believe the larger impact has been Japanese developers making the vast majority of major franchises for mobile.

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I was immediately put off while watching the opening, because of the blatant ripoff of the blue-haired Fire Emblem character. It made me worry that the game was a cheap ripoff, just trying to ride on it's coattails.

I'm still not sure what to make of it... #2
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You almost scared me away by mentioning western-action influences in the game. It sounds like it's pure turn-based, but there is free-roaming positioning withing each grid.

*deep breath* *relief*

Okay. That's fine. Still considering this game. #1
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While I don't care much about your specific examples, I still feel your pain. My personal casualties:

Shining Force going action
Final Fantasy going action
Grandia, Suikoden, Vandal Hearts, Arc the Lad, Skies of Arcadia, 99% of JRPG franchises ceasing to exist. #9.1
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