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"The modern gaming industry thrives on deception, and mental manipulation."


Hard to describe them without writing an essay, but the battle systems of:

The Last Remnant (a polished version in a sequel would be EPIC)
Shining Force #3
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You're putting WAY too much weight on nostalgia. Stop trying to dismiss people's opinions. People like the games that they like.

Personally, I never cared for platformers. But, I do find myself in a position where the entire industry has stopped making games that I like. I keep sitting here, thinking, "the trend has to reverse, at some point, right? ...Right...?" #2
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"Are Action RPGs a new thing?"

People who don't like turn-based like to pretend action-RPGs are a new thing. It makes it easier to use the logical fallacy, "turn-based RPGs are outdated; they don't HAVE to be turn-based anymore". #10.1.1
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Where's the logic in that? If they make the kind of game I like, I won't like it? #1.1.8
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"Current gen has no limitations that previous gens had and turn-based is boring and unnecessary now."

You're simply trying to portray turn-based as "illegitimate", as proven by the fact that turn-based and action have both existed since the 70's. Turn-based has NEVER been a result of technical limitations, but has ALWAYS been a design decision.

Get over it. #1.3.1
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Gambit = AI. Give ME the control. #1.1.6
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Fitting that I was listening to Final Fantasy 6: Mystic Awakening (piano album), when I stumbled on this. #2
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I got a copy from Ebay a few years back. It was pretty expensive. #5.2
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"Directly controlling the character, you always have that line between you and them to keep the immersion going;.. you feel like you're always in control"

But I don't feel like I'm in control. Sure, I'm in control of one character. But, I want FULL control of ALL actions of ALL characters. Turn-based is the only way to accomplish that. That's why I loved Final Fantasy (note, past-tense). #1
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"I'd like to see a crowd funded game for an Intelligent Cube game released on PS4/X1/PC also. I thought that was a great puzzle game for the time"


I used to annoy my friend my constantly yelling that while playing. lol #5.1
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I find your lack of JRPGs disturbing. ;) #7
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REAL Dragon Quest would be nice... #1
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But that logic is so...illogical (on SE's part). There's no way in hell I'm buying a DQ action game. Yet, I'd buy a turn-based DQ on day 1. #2.2
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I wouldn't go THAT far, but I do rate it very highly. It's in my top 20. #1
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If I thought the new game was worth playing, I'd agree...

I don't have any desire to play a DQ in action form. #6.1.1
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The whole industry is doing this crap, and it's extremely irritating. They tried with DQ9, but thankfully, their fans revolted. Hopefully, the same thing happens when they inevitably try it again.

Edit: Nobody's playing 10. It's the lowest selling DQ ever. #1.3.2
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Completely agree. I do play some handheld games, but for publishers, they're nothing but a convenient excuse to make "lesser" games. #4.1.1
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"Dragon Quest isn't going to be a thing in the west. It'll sell to JRPG fans and that's about it. If you try to change it, you wont get any new customers and you'll piss off the old ones."

Well said. It astounds me how oblivious publishers are to this sort of thing. #3.1
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"Trying to turn Dragon Quest into anything else other than an active battle system"

Wait, what? That's exactly what I'm AFRAID of. #1.3
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FF7 doesn't make sense as a thumbnail to an article like this. Very easy and cheap to find. And, I'm talking about physical copies. That's what happens when you sell 10 million copies of a game. #1
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