The modern gaming industry is a scam.


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World of Warcraft: Lich King battle. I got blasted out of the building, and started floating through oblivion, dead. I thought it glitched when I died.

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For me, Persona 5 and Trails of Cold Steel 2 are all I'm really looking forward to (that hasn't released yet). I don't expect DQ11 in 2017.

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It's amazing how articles like this fail to realize that not everyone likes to play the same games. In Q1 2017, I'm getting Persona 5. THAT'S IT.

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You're talking about variety in video games, and not counting gameplay: the #1 aspect of a video game. Give me a break.

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It is unfathomable that anyone thinks the AAA industry has variety, when the only things that change are:

1) Is it first-person, or third-person view?
2) Are you using a gun, or a sword?

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I was okay with this, back then. It truly was a side-game, with the Force titles being the main branch. But, now, when the main branch doesn't even exist, and the "side-games" are all we get, I just ignore it all.

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@pretty much everyone in this thread except jessionpc:

You people are going to be singing a very different tune, when the AAA industry crashes because it's catering to only one demographic: you. The childishness here is insane.

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"Given your utter hate of everything gaming, perhaps it's time you actually leave this hobby."

"If all you are here for is finding the negatives, then it's just time for you to leave."

"No amount of complaining like a 5 year old is going to change anything"

So, basically, you're happy, and if anyone else isn't, then they're "complaining like a 5 year old", and should quit their...

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I know it's inconsequential stuff, but I wish they would have translated every single thing that people say. Right at the beginning, some people are talking, but we have no idea what they're saying.

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It may have been good from a hardware point of view (for Sony), but I never care about the games.

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It's the kind of thing you forget is even there, because you're playing the games the way you want to. But, if it wasn't there, then suddenly you wouldn't be able to play your game on your big screen TV anymore (you'd have to play it on the handheld).

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I expect this to be ONE aspect of the system. I doubt that's all there is to it.

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E3 has been bad for years and years. I can't remember the last good one. It's not a knock on E3; it's a knock on the entire industry.

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I think hybrid is just the wrong word. I expect a family of systems that can all play the same games.

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Huh. I really bashed bringing back passwords when I first heard about it. But, this actually makes sense, since there's no way for a PS4 and 3DS to communicate with each other. Of course, I won't be buying the 3DS version anyway. I want to experience every second of the game with the PS4's visuals.

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I think, if you stop thinking of it as associated with either series, you'll find a good game there. I haven't played it (obviously), but that's my impression beforehand.

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It's hard to blame people for not knowing it exists. These are basically "stealth" releases.

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It was clear, after the actual reveal of what the game was, that fans of neither series were happy with it, and simply weren't interested. I myself have moved past my initial disappointment, and have accepted this as a "sort-of Persona game, with Fire Emblem references". I even preordered the special edition. But, most fans are just going to ignore it. I think it's for that reason that Nintendo and Atlus want to distance it a bit from their respective series', to avo...

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After the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" releases and fails to sell as much as Square would like, I'll stand by my statement that, if they ever decide to remake Final Fantasy 7, it will sell AT LEAST as much as the original did.

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The game that changed everything for me. All I ever played was action games and platformers. Then, sometime around 1990 (can't remember the exact year), I stumbled on this game and have been all about turn-based ever since.

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