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"Still trying to figure out this Wii-WiiU transfer thing."


It's been completely retooled from being a Move-only game as well as being pushed to a next-gen exclusive. #1
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Part of me feels that this is just to follow on the heels of Driveclub, but at the same time I'm glad that we're pushing for more of this social connectivitiy. EA did a good job starting the trend with the Autolog stuff and now it's becoming much more integrated into the core game. #1.1
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I'm still waiting for the game where you can play as Mr. Popo #7
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Another issue no one is saying is that he has every skill point unlocked. From the streams I watched, both players that were in the beta had everything unlocked already. If it's anything like previous Ubisoft games, unlocking extra skills is probably through: A, leveling up via experience and B, doing all of the collectibles and other silly side stuff.

Also, it looks like you get different coats and there's some sort of unlockable or achievement for doing a lot of sho... #69
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My complaint isn't on the length or content of the review, but rather having a spoiler front and center. #1
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Even though I had already played this on the PS3, I still double dipped and picked this up for PS4. Every moment of the game was screenshot worthy and the increased frame rate definitely puts more emphasis on the action. #4
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I could be mistaken, but I think that the legislature already passed earlier this year and this is just Parliament saying that they're checking ID's.

Don't quote me on this. :D #1
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I completely missed that the Guild01 titles were finally starting to make their way stateside. Going to have to pick this up once the holiday gaming dies down! #1
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"Navi the fairy then bringing Link to the Great Deku Tree who was dying from a curse, Link then breaks the curse but didn’t how ever stop the tree from weakening"

Parts of this review make my brain hurt. #4
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Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Super Bomberman are conspicuously absent from this list. #1
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I'm one of the people that got convinced to pre-order the controller in the first place. Here's to hoping it's worth it! #1
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Not really a big deal, but you might want to note that the games are used.

Gamefly titles always ship with a pristine box/manual/online code but the game disc/carts themselves may be refurbished or resurfaced. #1
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Could use a little proofing. Example: "Sadly, the actual gameplay is hindered by it’s age" #1
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