Still trying to figure out this Wii-WiiU transfer thing.


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Well, digital games were still niche in Japan for years. I don't blame them for taking so long to embrace Steam.

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I was wondering when they'd start previewing actual gunplay.

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I wonder if that rumored system where players can invest into light levels or dark levels will actually be a thing.

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And FAR better than the WiiU.

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I doubt we'd see a new GTA in the next couple of years if RDR2's going to be Rockstar's main focus. I'd be curious to see what else Take Two will do. Let's just hope it's not ANOTHER open world game!

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It better be amazing. We've only been seeing this lineup for the past two E3's lol

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I wonder if we'll see some sort of procedural generation to fill in the map or if Rare is hand crafting every island.

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Nice. I loved when teams handcraft events in games instead of cookie cutter missions.

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PSVR allows for more passive experiences, like just floating around in the sea. You couldn't get that with the Kinect. That one required too much active interaction for true immersion.

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I'm sure it's his way of saying polish.

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At the end of the day, it's all about the games. You could have an amazing platform, but if people can't find the games they want to play, what's the point? The lack of fighting game diversity is why you barely see Xbox Ones at tournaments unless they're running KI.

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Which villain is going to challenge Spidey to the obligatory racing missions? Green Goblin?

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This might be the first game I pick up a bone X for.

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And picked a better time of year to release Titanfall 2...

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Once you get that formula and engine down, building off of that experience and doing a sequel should be much more efficient. Got my fingers crossed we'll still get to play this in December.

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I don't see what justifies the price increase other than unchecking the box that says Early Access and clicking on the one that says Version 1.0

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That's certainly gotta be a morale booster for the Insomniac art team.

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I thought one of the central themes was 'check out how many naked zombies the PS4 can render at once'

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Diversity is a great thing!

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I'm curious to see what they can do in VR.

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