Still trying to figure out this Wii-WiiU transfer thing.


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It'll be a long time before cross-play is the standard, not the exception.

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That's a good way to market your games, assuming the movie doesn't bomb to critical reviews.

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They're definitely showing off more of The Collective. That stuff wasn't at E3.

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When in doubt, throw more power at it.

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After taking a year off from not playing Black Ops 3, I'm looking forward to this campaign.

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Here's to hoping there's enough content to incentivize multiple playthroughs.

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If Neo is rumoured for an October release, wouldn't Battlefield 1 have to support a Neo version at launch?

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Considering how ambitious his track record is, I'm not surprised to see him give so much praise to Dreams.

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Sony doesn't have the pleasure of being the first headset out of the game, and after mixed reception to the Oculus, it's understandable that developers' interest would be a bit skewed.

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I'm shocked they didn't scrub the Document Serial Number from the slides. That's just going to turn out badly for whoever distributed the file.

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I'll be following Deaths Stranding if only to figure out what the hell it even is.

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What does this mean for Hololens support in upcoming titles?

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I'm onboard to give the campaign a go.

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Good. Have a strong launch lineup.

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I thought the setting and world building for the first Dishonored was superb. If only I was more into stealth games..

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It doesn't feel like they have much else to showcase, unless they're planning on doing a surprise launch of the Neo at PGW and announcing that it will be available that same day.

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I don't imagine that this VR headset would last the whole life of the console. The resolution could use a signifying boost and perhaps a second iteration of the PSVR could extend that by another 6-8 months.

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Japan really has some technical prowess they need to explore more. Final Fantasy XV is absolutely a technical marvel.

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Valentine's Day is going to be a day I've gotta figure out how to make the wallet and the GF happy.

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I'll get my dosh ready.

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