Still trying to figure out this Wii-WiiU transfer thing.


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Don't give up on couch co-op either!

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I can't wait. This will be my main game for Evo and I'll be training on the Pro.

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PhysX was a neat concept but I didn't like having a separate card dedicated to it.

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Let's hope we get some great co-op footage!

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I hope that investment includes, well, diversity of titles. Sea of Thieves is about the only major first party title that isn't an open world city, shooter, or racing game. That is, if Phantom Dust doesn't make it to market.

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Well, I'm glad they're putting in unique playthrough trophies that aren't just changing the difficulty slider.

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I wonder if they can increase graphical fidelity at 1080p60 (or uncapped frame rate) on the Scorpio instead of focusing on 4k30

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Finally, a new CoD that doesn't feature jetpacks. That's all I've been waiting for.

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I thought it was mostly the marketing's fault. The advertising was hyping up this whole Locke vs Chief dynamic that never happened.

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I hope it's less anime than, say, Freedom Wars. That was a cool concept that leaned a little too heavily on its anime roots.

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What does 'core neutral' even mean when it comes to game engines? Is that some new buzzword Stardock came up with?

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While it's bad news for modders, that could be a good sign for consumers if it means R* is actually doing something with the original RDR (E3 remaster announcement?)

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Hah, the eyes gave it away.
Four played story co-op

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VR needs a lot of work to be anything like The Lawnmower Man, but the biggest hurdle is with the player themselves. Until developers can come up with a way to create movement and motion without the player feeling disconnected and sick (or players' brains evolve) we're going to be stuck with stationary experiences or games that teleport the player from point to point. RIGS and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood were both great concepts for the infancy of PSVR but I wonder how long it will be be...

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I guess they already forgot about publishing that John Wick VR game a couple months ago.

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Same here, although I'll always cherish the Vita for being my portable indie powerhouse.

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It's fascinating how going to a new form of media can just explode with popularity. I never would have known about the Witcher books if it weren't for the game, likewise with A Song of Fire and Ice with the TV series.

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I'm glad they're adjusting the aim balance with ADS bonuses. It felt really weird to just run around hip firing a blaster and getting pin point accuracy as a stormtrooper

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Perfect timing! I was thinking about finally starting Horizon this weekend.

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The Wii had magic because it was instantly accessible with Wii Sports. 1-2-Switch is the closest thing to recapturing that charm but it's definitely not a system selling experience like Wii Bowling was.

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