Still trying to figure out this Wii-WiiU transfer thing.


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If those collectibles include more alternative takes on music, I'll hunt down everyone. The polka rendition of House of the Rising Sun was my favorite track in the last game's OST

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I think it makes sense for a game with blunderbusses and cannons. Just point in the enemy's general direction and hope for the best.

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Really don't see how Bluehole can get out of this without a proper apology..

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I hope there isn't a Le Mans 24 Hours in the campaign lol

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It's proven there's definitely a mainstream market for Battle royale games. Even if not just the PUBG line, Bluehole could easily Branch out and diversify that new genre.

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Or just more efficient design..

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I'd love to see Obsidian branch out and help with storyboarding and narratives for other publishers instead of just one major company. Chris Avellone could do some amazing work for Pirahnabytes, for example.

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That sure as hell beats time dilation!

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Right? I don't recall transformation being in their skill set.

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What an extreme case of censorship.. hope PQube doesn't have to deal with Valve's lost revenue while Steam is blocked.

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People don't remember lead UI designers or multiplayer map designers yet they contribute to some of the most memorable parts of your favorite games.

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What a cool little underappreciated detail.

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Well, a season only lasts a year right? 😂

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No mention of raids though. Pretty sure there's one launching in a week or so.

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Yeah, I love it when a console open world can get a 60fps mode.

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Yeah, I hope that the full implementation won't be limited to just the Win10 store games.

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The smartphone model is great for single player games, but when you have to accommodate for multiplayer games across multiple revisions, something is bound to get outdated. Especially if companies move onto faster HDD speeds.

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User retention will be the big deciding factor. I hope to still see a strong base when the game officially comes out.

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No PTR for the raid content is a smart move. I enjoy trying to learn the content without people having guides ready to go on day one.

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Shenmue has a lot of work to go if they want to compete with the Yakuza series.

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