Still trying to figure out this Wii-WiiU transfer thing.


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I'll get my dosh ready.

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Investors might not see it the same way. If the NX still aims for a March 2017 release, that's only a short window to maximize launch sales and title attachment before the fiscal year ends. If Nintendo doesn't hit the mark on either, that's going to be another angry board room meeting. Sustained sales throughout FY17 aren't going to be noticed by shareholders as sad as that sounds.

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Sony is claiming that it's running on native PS4 hardware and NOT a Neo devkit.

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Zelda had the most dedicated fans on the E3 show floor as well. I couldn't imagine waiting in line for three-plus hours just to play it.

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It's good to see Rare finally get to make something that isn't a Kinect experience.

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And the winner of Most Misleading Trailer of E3 goes to..

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It feels like a misstep to have such cool looking randomized content then not add in new enemy types.

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Agreed. Battlefront was definitely smoother than the launch for 4. DICE is getting better at anticipating that day-one hype.

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I agree. It does feel like they're playing it somewhat safe with the protagonist having a shaved head like so many other white protagonists before him though.

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An on-rails experience like Festival of Blood is a good fit for VR but it almost feels like they're gambling to see if the audiences for VR and horror overlap. Not like I'm calling their next game horror though.

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I'm glad they're doubling down on the multiplayer features. The 'invasions' were one of my favorite parts of the first game.

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When I think of slimming down console components, moving the AC internally doesn't come to mind.

I can't wait to see what ReCore actually turns out to be though!

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This certainly looks like a good breath of fresh air. It was getting a little stuffy with so much time spent in Stilwater.

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I'm occasionally guilty of this, but that's usually because I've already beaten the game once or twice and am hunting down the last few trophies.

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Hopefully more devs can put this tech to good use. It certainly showed its potential with DOOM.

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I'm fairly certain anything dark brotherhood related is a hit with fans.

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People made it work with the Kinect. I understand the 'wait and see' approach but I worry that we'll see companies rush to get sub-par products to market if the PlayStation VR gains steam.

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I certainly agree with Andrea here. :D

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Dying Light already proved that fans are already warm to the idea of first person parkour games. Plus a new ME means new catchy trance tunes.

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I'm interested in seeing how the dark zone changes will work.

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