Still trying to figure out this Wii-WiiU transfer thing.


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I've been waiting for this for a long time, but I would've been happy waiting another few months to get a more stable frame rate. Even if it's closer to 15-20 on the X.

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Agreed. I'd always take that if it meant stable frame rates.

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Not having to pay and create your own game engine certainly helps, I'm sure.

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That's a fine price for FFXV, especially with the Comrades multiplayer stuff that just dropped.

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Hey, there's a few platforms they haven't ported FF1 onto yet, like my smart fridge.

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The premise is cool, but I really hope it delivers on the promise of unique stories. I already got burned once with Heavy Rain's killer.

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I'd be worried about the FPS parity if they're putting S and X players on the same server. That's a pretty big advantage

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Marvel Heroes was alright (after the relaunch) but now that's gone away.

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This could be seen as massive change for good for the industry, depending on how the legal system sees lootboxes. I personally would be fine with paying $69.99 if it meant getting rid of lootboxes and season passes all together.

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Well, that's one way to boost bright engram sales.

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How is the console frame rate? Targeting 60?

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What a well deserved win for the studio!

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Yeah, once shareholders get in there, their sole focus is to make the game into a profitable business. No thoughts to how the gamer will enjoy it or the artistic design.

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Bummer you have to use MasterCard to get the most of it, but even $110+ off ain't too bad.

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Good. The last thing I want to see are more shareholders intervening in the more creative titles like UbiArt.

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If Far Cry can do it, Killzone certainly can too!

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Just my two cents, but EA should drop the price on heroes significantly and compensate by raising the cost of cosmetics and accessories. Anything that affects regular gameplay needs to be easier to obtain.

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They've definitely opened Pandora's Box, no pun intended.

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If EA can keep Titanfall 3 (or whatever they decide to do next) a pure $60 experience without paid maps or extraneous bullshit, it could be a good contrast against the $100+ Battlefield titles that force players to purchase the map packs in order to have the full experience.

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I know! I really just want to play Lost Odyssey again but there's no time!

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