Still trying to figure out this Wii-WiiU transfer thing.


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This is one of those games where I'm fine with the narrative taking a backseat as long as the world and gameplay hold up.

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It already came out on PC...

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Yeah, and I will definitely be buying this day one once it comes out to the States. I would just like to try out the demo beforehand to see how it compares to the first.

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From what I've seen, this remaster feels so... average. There haven't been many remasters this generation that blew me away like Metro Redux.

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Looks like I'll have to reactivate my Japanese plus account.

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I can't say much because I still run 768p on a Laptop lol

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The gameplay videos haven't failed to impress me yet.

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I agree. Give them time to expand on the multiplayer aspect and see how that could adapt to what they had in mind for Class4

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Should I be concerned the PC version might not have HDR support?

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Time for me to look for something higher rez than my 1080p BenQ.

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Here's a thought: talk about DLC plans after your game goes Gold.

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I agree.

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Being able to break away from the mold of FPS must be a refreshing move for them.

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Since I won't be upgrading to a 4K display for a while, HDR's going to be a big upgrade for me.

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It's still quite impressive running on a machine that costs less than just a solid GPU.

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The HDR lighting is already looking great!

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Oh cool, hopefully we'll get Evil Within 2 officially revealed.

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This is definitely one I'm looking forward to on PSVR!

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The real test will be when they open up to the public. Hopefully there will be some beta testing weekends to stress test their game.

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Still hoping for a Mirrors Edge PSVR announcement!

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