Still trying to figure out this Wii-WiiU transfer thing.


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Yeah, I would love to see the new online multiplayer integration will work out with those classics.

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I thought Phantom Dust was scrapped back in 2015?

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This is definitely a step forward. Some of the UWP practices felt anti-consumer.

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I'm hoping REVII is enough to change some peoples' minds.

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If 'something new' means 'no more gamebryo' I'm onboard. That engine is past its prime and we've been looking into its cracks for far too long.

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Wait, you really can't disable them? I only played about an hour and was still getting them but I figured EVENTUALLY they'd go away..

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I'm surprised one of the Overwatch heroines didn't dethrone Lara.

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Somehow I doubt Shadow Warrior was anywhere close to being the first title to support HDR (unless they just mean titles they developed). Half-Life 2: Lost Coast should have that honor.

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Haha yeah. It'll be another year or two before I upgrade from my 1080p monitor.

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This. The bounty hunter premise sounded promising and there's no reason Bethesda can't have two futuristic shooters.

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Doom was a great surprise for me this year. :)

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QB wasn't a W10 exclusive?

Edit: oh right, there was a DX10 version that released later on

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I'm surprised it came together like it did. I guess they just filed off a lot of the edges until things just stuck together, one way or another.

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Sure hope you like climbing towers to fill in your map!

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Samsung and Google could really use some killer apps for Gear/Daydream if they wanna boost those overall VR numbers.

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It's a little under 2.5GB. Guess that means no HDR got slipped in.

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Guess that's a nice little clue to their upcoming Cyberpunk adventure.

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It doesnt help that Atlus and Namco both have heavy hitters launching that same day!

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That's gotta be frustrating if you don't want to upgrade your TV AGAIN!

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