Still trying to figure out this Wii-WiiU transfer thing.


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I'd certainly like to see Epic continuing to produce experimental projects like Fortnite in the future.

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I'm still deliberating on picking this one up when I have free time, so I'll wait to see how this patch works out.

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Dynamic online games are exactly that, dynamic. Ubisoft is learning a lot about the play styles of players given the frequency of these exploits and even just players blowing through the new content.

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There's a certain market for GoW at a couple of the college campus I've visited. Good on MS for trying to do their own thing.

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I'm all for exploring different time periods if it means keeping things from getting stale in the genre.

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I'm all for the occasional 'immersive experience' but I agree, having the software support is what's going to keep me interested in the platform.

Final Fantasy XIV will be on my radar for sure.

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So true. I've paid my dues with certain MMO's and I've learned my lesson. Console RPG's with a ton of padding tend to go straight into my backlog if they get played at all.

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It's disheartening to hear that this is still occurring this late into the console cycle.

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It's been perpetually on my backlog and I really need to actually hop in and play with my coworkers while it's still hot.

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Do you think that's more in part because of this being a high profile game, or more so to help instill faith that Remedy can and still do make games worth playing, despite errant bugs here and there.

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Agreed, especially when there's little to no overlap between the projects being developed at the two studios.

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It still kind of is to some degree. I mean, look at Evony/Tynon.

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Given how much Microsoft pushed this one for advertising, I'm not too surprised.

Will people even be able to watch the tie-in show on anything other than an Xbox One?

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It's never good to hear about studio closures but I wish these guys the best. Driveclub was one of my favorite racing games so far this console generation.

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They ran into a similar issue with the PS4 launch and a shortage of cameras. Sony already has quite a number of the SKUs out in the wild and with recent sales seeing the camera at $40, I wouldn't be surprised to see the additional equipment being available for much cheaper than the ~$100+ it would cost to get the equipment at MSRP.

Also, second hand stores are surely still littered with the Move equipment. It might be good to start investing in the motion controllers early.

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That's what I'm hoping for too!

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I'm all for taking a year off from the formula. Last year felt one-note with Mad Max, Batman, and AC: Syndicate all sharing that same style of combat.

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It's been completely retooled from being a Move-only game as well as being pushed to a next-gen exclusive.

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Part of me feels that this is just to follow on the heels of Driveclub, but at the same time I'm glad that we're pushing for more of this social connectivitiy. EA did a good job starting the trend with the Autolog stuff and now it's becoming much more integrated into the core game.

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I'm still waiting for the game where you can play as Mr. Popo

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