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I think there's still the issue of 360 getting the better version of multiplatform games. If you own both consoles, then you buy them on 360 because of that and thus you are gaming more on it than the ps3 since multiplatform makes up most of our gaming.

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IMO this is agood move. However, stringer as CEO could be troubling.

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IMO, SONY should really just be balls to wall in their focus on ps4. I think that should be their focus of 2012. SONY should remind people why they used to be on top.

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Doubt it.

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I personaly believe PS4 is going to be well positioned when it comes out, but only if it's priced correctly. Sony has the first party for a killer launch lineup. MS pretty much broke all ties with first party.

Even if PS4 comes out a year behind again, it might not be a big deal if they can price correctly and make it worth it,

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Anyone saying they know when any of these consoles are releasing is just talking out of their ass.

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I'm sorry, but one bad gen isn't enough for a company to leave the business. Does 5 billion lost hurt? Yup, but SONYs is big enough where that will not cripple them. There will be a ps4 and more likely ps5. People seriously seem to underestimate how large a company Sony is.

BTW: lol at using neogaf as part of a serious argument.

And also, Disney was smart enough to know tha you can't just keep making cartoons. That's why they buy up different...

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I don't think apples gonna come in and kick someone out. If they do, it'll more likely be that Nintendo gets pushed out rather than Sony or MS.

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Personaly, I've grown tired of waiting to see if ps3 outsells 360. Instead, I merely enjoy the two for what they are rather than what they could be.

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Good for them. We need more responses like this towards cry babies.

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Um, I don't get it. What are they actualy giving us other than new ToS?

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And I really hate to break it to you guys, but the concept of ownership IS dying out.

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I know this isn't a popular view, but it's still there product.

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Eh, can't blame them. MS's stupid thing about games that are on Psn first they don't want and games that are on their platform first need to be timed exclusive is Rage worthy, but even that not a biggie.

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Actually, silent hill HD is ps3 exclusive. Just sayin.

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Lol, there reasoning is fucking clownshoes.

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There's still too few games where bluray matters for it to matter

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I really gotta winder if the hack is causing people not to buy ps3s.

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I already own a 360 in addition to a ps3, so I've just been playing gears beta and bulletstorm

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It's times like these that we know who the quality sites are. Hint: the ones fearongerung and posting shut like this are NOT the quality ones

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