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it includes ONLY ocarina of timr ;-p

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the only way sony or any other company to destroy nx is make a better zelda game or clone

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too bad they didnt do a comparison to the tech demos too so people can see the "japanese ubishoft effect" .

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dx12 will only make a difference in cpu bound games so yeah thats strategy moba and other 360 on par graphically capable games sorry to ruin your secret sause but gpu bound games will allways and as allways play better on ps4 i mean 90% off the time not incluiding ms backed and ubishaft titles so there is your answer.

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about time

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probably p.r. bull sh*t it supposed to be out by october and dont tell me it wasnt ready somehow it needs more polish and other bull come on they were just anchored by msoft for a later date that suits much in the way ,fallout ,cod and other stuff.My patience is over with this gen the delay gen back to emulators and bf4 then

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u mean amiibos ;-p

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wheres dx12? where all the hype went? ;-p windows 10 went to dashboard update ms is just laughable

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i played it at 4k with dolphin emu looked 4000 times better than the trailer guys sorry...(had the gamecube version back then it just seems hd upscaled with 4x aa or whatever and anisotropic filtering....well didnt see it ;-p) I think we all just need a brand new zelda asap like april time would be nice tired of waiting.

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red dead redemption.....your comment was just nullified hope you agree ;-p

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to go from 720p to 900p !!!
ps4 has better graphics xbox one has better online pick your poison

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the problem sides to shipping broken games to begin with...after that all hell breaks loose on the internet everybody knows that.Its typical human nature dont get offended by that deal with it.
p.s. sorry for my bad english everyone. cheers!

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well fk now there goes havok!!!

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i ll have a torrent to give them as a gift then!!!

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scrap 50/50 make it happen ive been waiting too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

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IM so glad that the pc patch brought only improvements....sorry console owners maybe a quick fix will be adressed next week for ya patience
p.s. At last i can run again on witcher 3 ;-p

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i want to change the lightbar on the ps4 console

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i think they look great!!!

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kb/mouse>x360>ds4>xbo ne

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i noticed it from a you tube video are you kidding me just look 4 juggies and you will understand ps4>pc>xbone thats for arkham knight so defeated!!!!

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