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difference is on juggies and texture resolution (blurry/clear) thats the 2 major factors to distinguish resolution ,theres a third which includes pixel counting but thats for the pros

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ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhah aha xbots excuse is laughable......exclusives ahahahahahahahaha

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xbox live is a scam to begin with

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whell pc's nowdays have 4096 stream processors, 512 bit memory controller and 4 gigs of gddr 5 ram (as for those who say my console has 8 gb of ram yes but memory is needed for the cpu also so its like 50/50 cant be 100/0)

you want longevity buy a pc next year and its gonna blow the pesky consoles out of the water plus its gonna be arround the same money ;-)

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yet still outputs on 720p.....(360x2)!!!

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the author is tripping again

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dolphin emulator has happened since wii ;-p

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well if she wasnt such an attention (who) dummie she could write the death threats and everybody that "harrases" her in the hair of her bubonic area..anywayz im just stating that some people need to grow a pair !!!

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its called dolphin emulator enjoy zelda at 2560x1440p

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at last!!!! Time to make money hehehehehehehe
happy new year cramsoft yes xbox one jungleflasher hehehehehe
take it big arrogant companies pc master race ftw!!!

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take it xbots....6-8 month delay like lara that is ;-p

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these are games that diserve to be pirated just for f. sake

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actually it started with far cry 3 e3 video to retail reallity blunder

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buy ps4

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how many hd renditions will this game have!!!???? They should just gave it to the community from the begeening

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hahahahaha i know the feeling dude i remember the old days of cod 4 on 360 before party chat ruined everything for me.Nice to see the cod spirit never dies hehehehehe its all about rage mf hehehe

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for the sake of the argument lets just all picture last of us 4k 144 hz gsync 120+ fps with dx11 features 8x aa 16x af and physx (i can easyly go 12k with 4 titan blacks but its overkill).That goes to the writer and not all of you guys just to say that there is another side of the coin.Who ever played mario galaxy on a dolphin emulator at 2k resolution or zelda skyward sword would understand what i want to picture good night and stay away from click baits

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feminazis stay away youve been warned!!!! go buy tampons stfa

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typical fanboy listen moodys and fitch are what?there nothing to be consider about they make numbers and u suppose to be scared of them and...anywayz i hope they forecast themshelves.Anyway as i said before i play on pc.Mshaft took the lazy way and the cheap way this generation xbot i hope ur happy with your aaa+ rated company that gave you an overpriced media center and halo verse in 1080p~almost.Where are the games dude? next (current actually) has no games that are good exclusives.With 600...

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