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HALO GEARS UNCHARTED MARIO....YEAH NICE i want new franchises ffsake although i played both gears and uncharted i dont get excited by remastered games should at least get remastered after a 2 console cycles 4 me a resolution bump and an extra light and texture here and there not my cup of tea games and innovation thats what e3 was all for my fanboy side of view sony 4 the win !!!

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so much for performance increases ;-pppppppppppp nvidia. YeaH we get it we need 980tis for witcher yeah keep dreaming...ill just oc my 780 a tad more

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if its is a fan remake than fine with me i hope capcom doesent go the nintendo way with mario unreal

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res 4 many times now....where gaming goes to troubles me

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overclock your gpus and hairworks aint something special to begin with nor is it gamebreaking without as physx in batman series anywayz i expect 4 fps gain in driver update my 780 oc to 1300mhz 60fps hw off and works still like a charm

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unstable oc

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just for the heck i installed win 10 and put gears 1 on it to tease a fan boy friend of mine and please gears pc in 4k is way better than this black and white you tube video please change the title is misleading

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my internet is 3.3 down 150 kb upload....wannna fight?

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it has the same protection but guess what...they did it because we need mods so deal with it

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amygdala=almonds in greek those devs need to check the meaning before putting a nice word they hear as a monster name lolz

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how the flak can they mess up anisotropic filtering....its effortless for the gpu at x16 value....a flaking decade ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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difference is on juggies and texture resolution (blurry/clear) thats the 2 major factors to distinguish resolution ,theres a third which includes pixel counting but thats for the pros

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ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhah aha xbots excuse is laughable......exclusives ahahahahahahahaha

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xbox live is a scam to begin with

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whell pc's nowdays have 4096 stream processors, 512 bit memory controller and 4 gigs of gddr 5 ram (as for those who say my console has 8 gb of ram yes but memory is needed for the cpu also so its like 50/50 cant be 100/0)

you want longevity buy a pc next year and its gonna blow the pesky consoles out of the water plus its gonna be arround the same money ;-)

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yet still outputs on 720p.....(360x2)!!!

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the author is tripping again

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dolphin emulator has happened since wii ;-p

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well if she wasnt such an attention (who) dummie she could write the death threats and everybody that "harrases" her in the hair of her bubonic area..anywayz im just stating that some people need to grow a pair !!!

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