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bottom line is microsoft has shafted xbone owners this gen if not they wouldnt release a new system every year (xone(4years i know) one s 2016, scorpio (xbox 2) 2017) if ms wasent in trouble sales wise.For me i need ms to be strong and the competition to be fearce because its good for the consumers (us!!!) and this will make sony put out ps5 a year earlier probably late 18 to early 19 better graphics for all.The one thing xbone lacks its exclusives the x360 kind.Anyway For me its all about th...

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you can use a usb extention cable then...!

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xbox owners payed for boost mode on xbox one s (slight oc plus hdr )we got it for free short off

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killzone 2 was the best ps3 first person shooter period,,,!

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generic af boring sameold game from the past

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well i hate achievements /trophies gaming existed before will exist after ,Its purely cosmetic or made for bragging rights epen etc. i would choose a metroid prime by retro on the switch than useless achievemt implementation.

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dont worry switch will sell cause of zelda (whitch im bying) and mario and if they announce a new metroid game from retro at e3 then all is good for nintendo im worried the most about scorpio all specs and nothing to show for as of now tbh

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maybe she needs to wash dishes instead

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i just cant....

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just check how teraflops are measured on amd side and youll figure out why scorpio wont do native 4k rx480 5.5tf vs 970...anyway its all just marketing sure scorpio is better equipped but you wont expect 980tis performance cause everything is shared with the cpu and so on....anyway it remains to be a year or so

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there is always doplphin emulator ;-p

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there is no such things as 4k/60 and single graphics cards yet even on pc so the article is pointless.....pc master race ftw

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ubi shut your mouth very politely speaking

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10tflp lol ;-p depends the 5.5tflop from amd gets destroyed by the 970....its all numbers in the cloud as for console native 4k its gonna be a long time comming maybe ps6 xbox 3x360180 23

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chloe ftw!!!

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looks meh....pjcars and asseto are better

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i guess he has never played legacy of kain

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it includes ONLY ocarina of timr ;-p

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