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socom #21
feminazis stay away youve been warned!!!! go buy tampons stfa #22
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typical fanboy listen moodys and fitch are what?there nothing to be consider about they make numbers and u suppose to be scared of them and...anywayz i hope they forecast themshelves.Anyway as i said before i play on pc.Mshaft took the lazy way and the cheap way this generation xbot i hope ur happy with your aaa+ rated company that gave you an overpriced media center and halo verse in 1080p~almost.Where are the games dude? next (current actually) has no games that are good exclusives.With 600... #14.2.1
im a pc gamer you tool and i play ryse son of rome at 1440p dont mess with the pc master race troglodyte ;-p Sony rules this gen as ms ruled previous .I know your butt hurts this gen xbot go pay ms for online play.Admit that your console is a media center and begone.!!!! #14.1.1
the game is good although i dont play racing sims ,i love graphics none the less the car model is exceptional in the build that i saw the world stage is hd grand turismo ,Its not as fancy as driveclub which i think is a shame although things change and the build # was 8**** something ,I think this crossgen development has to stop anyway good game none the less #9
well its gonna be a hell of a diference from 720p to 900p ;-p #14
i only have a 10m hdmi cable from my gaming rig to my 50 inch panasonic plasma.....problem solved!!! dlna and mkv and features a jailbroken ps3 did 5 years ago....next gen hasnt even started yet so wait a little bit longer until mid 2015 and then u can complain its to early dudes #2.12.1
The problem resides in feminism and ethics.The two dont go together,you have to be open minded and stay away from ideologies because u get narrowminded.Its better to focus on ideas instead.Also its a journalist gate dont blame the trolls,trolls give journalist a job to begin with.My advice is get your head out of the gutter and start making good games instead of taking the easy road.If you cant, go learn an other job jeez.And finally as a guy to all feminazis out there stop leaking your pms a... #12
she is not a vg critic shes s feminazi and in the end they are treated equal as men so nobody should give a fuck.I had death threats to deal with a just laughed i didnt spill pms allover the internet i dealt with it so should she. fake ,fake,fake anitia...fff anita #19
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ffs YES especially in games ok,movies depends,but games hell yes,its like putting glasses on and of but it clearly shows in the anti alaising and texture detail plus some artifacts from the upscaliing so yes the croud is informed so go back to your holes xbox marketing agents #61
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come on dude as every online game you should stay out of it a couple of days so the major probs get ironed out,as a pc gamer im used to this crap (examples bf4,diablo 3,starcraft and so on) be patient its the first day, you tube app? you can use the browser its faster than the xo one,online? ps3 ? you remember the 1 month off right? as for dlna mp3s and shit yeah tough luck its a game console go to ps3 (don matrick style) wait for update 2.8 remember the ps3 day one fw 1.00 and ps3 fw 4.50 ..... #14.4
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its 40 gigs...it suppose to take a long time ;-) except ofcource if you have a descent pc then it takes 3 hours to d/l....this time pc version is da best #2.1
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win 8 are better and faster now because you have ssd ;-p #4.3.5
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installed it games perform admirably..even bf4 #8
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you should have waited at least 4 months until the real cards come out imho #18.1
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no it doesent constant dips all over the place difference between high and ultra not that great for performance/ to eye candy ratio heheehe #7.1.1
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wait for 1080ti,titan2,390x . this game is not the big deal that the internet hype wants you to believe.If you are not tired for another assasins creed mordor edition then get it.Monolith is a good dev its a good game but it borrows so much stuff from batman and ac which i find annoying plus 40 gig plus install for an easily 360 game ;-p #5.4
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xbox one dd hehehehehehe actually a gpu peripheral would be nice more graphics and antialaising...screw fxaa that was last gen..oh and new ips halo has been going on for 3 gens now ms you bought rare use it damn!!! #26
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ffs its a lotr game made by ubisoft you need 32 gigs of vram....or wait 5 months for an official update...or maybe days for an ini tweak ;-p devs nowdays are so lame when going after a famed franchise ,lotr crysis ,etc so it can run good on consoles but pc's need vram for 4k textures dont worry we can always downsample lazy devs and marketing.a..holes #8
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think again lol #1.1.1
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