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no gamers are like their idols arrogant and unforgiving go lecture somewhere else about enlightment jeez grow a pair already... #17.1.1
ffs feminist crap gaming comunity doesent give a f...k go bake a cake or something ,learn to cook or ramsey will go after you f
donkeys #17
it will all boil down to the overclocking factor for me if i can squeeze 200~300mhz out of them i will consider them as good if on the otherhand are like 290x which are poor overclockers then sorry nvidia #11
come on if xbox one was like 360 with the third parties you would agree that destiny would be halo 2.0 or give a number of your choise as for cod please gimmick after gimmick if they wont knock off bf(levolution) then will be crysis (exo-suit)next years cod will borrow ideas from far cry...and i know i sound as a hater but until mw3 it was my fav franchise dont get me start about halo which after 2 ment downhill but in fps bussines is hype and activision destroy good games. Its my view though... #8.1.1
cod is dead destiny is halo for sony,gta ftw baby #8
i dont understand feminist cr@p ,they want equality so swear back or f.off its internet gaming ffs dont mix politics,ideologies and other mk ultra cr@p in gaming f. enjoy them....go eat sh... #10
save your self the gimick and buy a pc with that kind of money or get a watercooling loop not shoes...first world problems...pfff #18
when consoles didint get the memo ;-p #32
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now the only thing i need is the lightbar on ps4 color change damn it white is so ugly bring the blue bar #6
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uc4 2015 feb heard it here first i have a friend that works in a bar nearby naughty dog hq ......naaaaaaaaaaaaaa it comes from my @ss ;-ppppppppppppppppppp #7
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sell xbox to samsung or lg and be done with it allready jeez 720p vhs player and the odasity of 100 bucks premium and delayed to my country till september without the tv program features outside us canada ...BIG FAT FAIL MS AND NO XBOX ONE SERVERS CLOUD SMLOUD YOU GOT OWNED BY SONY SERVES YOU WELL #33
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cinder was the greatest for me until i see him ill pass on wallet warrior f2p sorry excuse of a fighting game that ki became #10
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h20 or tap water if you like or generaly water..w.c. is the toilet #5.1.1
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nero means water in greek #5
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a game that has been in development since xbox first (not one or the real one anyway) has better graphics on console because god knows how many years should they develop it for pc ;-p this is just laughable comment bait for pc elitists like me :-PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP #66
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minish cap was great also you should check it out was made by capcom #10.2
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laughable at least when the cloud destruction was commencing he looked the other way so the frame rate wouldnt colapse with the cloud in it ;-p #33
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buy ps4 then #3
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sorry not native english speaker and i mean its a low score because he played on xbotone! and for a mere 4 hours....

interpreted!!! ;-p #7.1.1
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i think 2 reasons become obvius from a site like ths
1st xbox one
2nd 4 hours

ps.pc master race ftw!!!! #7
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