CRank: 5Score: 0 give it a year and then decide the console isnt even out yet!!!!

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Vaporware confirmed

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far cry 1 was the best but it wasent made by ubishaft

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its a bios setting:easy

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ds4 is perfect size

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sta @@ mas

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102d ago 4 agree0 disagreeView comment or who ever else wishes to change the development of games should be permabaned and stay away from games in general.Let the dev do what he/she want dont bust the balls dont limit them just that.The sad truth is that no gamer gives a sh*t about genders and sj and what not all we wanna do is play the game 4k/144 fps so go put your effort in that ffs

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change weapons mods and strategy and you will see they have prety low health ;-)

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i liked skyward sword sure it has its probs but it wasnt as bad as some of you make it to be,In 2 months when i play botw in 4k ill let you know about it seems like a different experience, graphics take a hit but gameplay rules as does in all zelda series.Zelda hype exist just like it exist for games like halo,gears,uncharted,last of us and so on.....Truthfully i played 2 minutes in a store hated the graphics but in the end im a zelda fanboy.Sure would like a zelda with horizons z. d . engin...

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2018 announcement 2019 ps5 with last of us 2 4k/60 remaster

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i think horizon and killzone should co exist also imagine what they will give us after the moral boost horizon 0 dawn made for ready for a true kz2 successor!!!

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its called last of us...;-p (what too soon? )

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bottom line is microsoft has shafted xbone owners this gen if not they wouldnt release a new system every year (xone(4years i know) one s 2016, scorpio (xbox 2) 2017) if ms wasent in trouble sales wise.For me i need ms to be strong and the competition to be fearce because its good for the consumers (us!!!) and this will make sony put out ps5 a year earlier probably late 18 to early 19 better graphics for all.The one thing xbone lacks its exclusives the x360 kind.Anyway For me its all about th...

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you can use a usb extention cable then...!

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xbox owners payed for boost mode on xbox one s (slight oc plus hdr )we got it for free short off

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killzone 2 was the best ps3 first person shooter period,,,!

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generic af boring sameold game from the past

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well i hate achievements /trophies gaming existed before will exist after ,Its purely cosmetic or made for bragging rights epen etc. i would choose a metroid prime by retro on the switch than useless achievemt implementation.

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