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Lol @ "Head and Feet Meet and Greet", never heard that one #1
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This is one long poop joke under the guise of a video game podcast. Which is the best kind of video game podcast #2
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This is Keith from Twinfinite. Let’s remember that Reddit “allows you to post personal content within reason”, and doesn’t give specific rules. We made a good faith effort in the past to post external articles as well as articles from our site- every time we found that one of our writers was posting more Twinfinite content than external content, we would tell them to stop. That’s about all we can do, but to Reddit, we’re all treated as a spamming hivemind.

Our articles regula... #7
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Exactly. If it hurts their bottom line, it's spam. I even bought $100 worth of advertising for two days to advertise a giveaway for charity, and it was WORTHLESS. Negligible return, akin to tossing the money down a well. The same post, instead put on subreddits, performed far better than the ad. Advertising doesn't work for sites that don't sell a product, anyway, which is why small publications shouldn't be directed to "buy an ad" for popular articles. #4.1
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Gun-shooting person? Most popular African Americans in our generation? He doesn't talk about guns anywhere.
Race isn't even a factor; literally all he did was put Lulu next to fitty cent, who had cornrows: http://mrldavis.com/wp-cont...

Seriously, what the hell are you talking about? #13.4
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Fitty cent with cornrows:

http://mrldavis.com/wp-cont... #1.1.8
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Thanks fellas and felines I feel the great same way about yes too #3
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I embedded it, but frankly now no one will be brought to the site that originated the content, just N4G and Youtube. It's unethical of N4G to require that sort of editing. #1
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It's a collection of the opinions of different staff members, not the same guy. #4.1
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I agree, but it's the publisher's fault. We talked to Telltale and they say that they submit the episodes on a monthly basis, but have no control over the actual release day :( #2.1
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They're not saying size is more important than performance. They're saying that a small hit in performance is worth a huge improvement in scale and detail. It's one of few games that can actually provide a legitimate feeling of exploration. #1.5
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I absolutely agree. I have argued for compromise all along, and I have to admit, I feel a bit of shadenfreude towards pirates. However, the issue with SOPA is that it
has drastic implications for the internet as a whole, not just pirates. Content-sharing sites, search sites, content aggregators, forums, all of the above could be destroyed because of the preposterous punishments provided for by SOPA. #6.1
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If everybody pirated, companies would make exactly zero revenue.

If a person pirates a game when they would have otherwise bought it (please don't claim that this situation never happens), what, in your opinion, is the primary difference between theft and piracy, and why should it legally be treated any differently?

The quote by Gates was made 14 years ago, when the levels of digital piracy was entirely different. And he doesn't admit that piracy has... #3.2
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"Also if all piracy stopped today, digital revenue would not increase but only decrease. I've Pirated stuff i wasn't sure about the quality of and if i liked it i bought it and told my friends to buy it.

Most people will not be willing to just buy an unknown game without a test run and most companies still do not offer up Demos so therefore pirating fills that void."

- You have absolutely no evidence of either of these claims. Most games th... #2.1
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Yeah, like a book series you read over the course of your lifetime :) #1.1.1
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