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Master system had fantastic games. Wonderboy in monster land, Castle of Illusion, Moonwalker and afterburner all bring back wonderful feelings of nostalgia for me.

But it also suffered from having the worst console controller ever made in my opinion. #7
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KOTOR 1& 2, Republic commando, battlefront 1 & 2 and rouge squadron.

everything else can GTFO in my humble opinion. #3
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I would like to see them go a couple of generations into the future 30 - 50 years.
new characters, new weapons, new enemies, new stories. Same great gears universe.

hell. It could be another war on an entirely different planet, as long as the fundamental Gears of War elements are in place you can do nearly anything. #1.2
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I doubt Nintendo will announce a new console. But I would not be at all surprized to see them stealing the show at E3.

they are Nintendo after all. #4
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They don't need to focus on kinect, it comes included in the system.
Microsoft don't need to convince anyone to buy one and everyone whose watching or reading about E3 knows what kinect is and what it does. There's simply no point in focusing on it.
Microsoft will be trying to sell the xbox one to gamers at E3 by focusing on games. #16
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Xbox one doesn't need to catch up with PS4.
Sony have released a quality product and consumers are supporting it. Microsoft have also released a great console. People are buying it (perhaps not at the same level as PS4s), but the console is selling.
Microsoft and third party developers/publishers will continue to support the xbox one, as a gamer that's all I can ask really.

that the platform is supported with great games. #1.5
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KOTOR 1&2 remastered would be great. But only if they fix The Sith Lords. The game that shipped was great but unfortunately unfinished.

On topic. Like others here I see this as a bit of a cash grab by E.A and Bioware. It's a bit of a shame really. #5.2
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Wonder Boy in Monster Land was a favorite of mine as a young fellow.
also enjoyed Space Harrier with the 3D glasses on th original Master System even though I sucked at it. #11
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First thing. Rare gets a creative free pass forever.
Lionhead are to look at other IP and Fable is to go into a slower development cycle.
Turn 10 stays as is
twisted pixel stays as is as well
343 industries are to release a Halo game only once or twice a generation. A new Halo release should be as important to the industry a new GTA or Elder Scrolls.
Pay big money to ensure Titanfall and all future sequels remain Xbox exclusive.
Continue deal wi... #14
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I'm going 100% digital as well should this be the case. #10.4
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Banjo Kazooie!
That is all. #17
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not at launch.

I'll wait a couple of years. Still have heaps of games to play on the 360.

The 360 is still a thing right? #7
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Good to hear that the 360 will still be supported. I don't see myself buying the XB1 until at least a couple of years after it's release.
hopefully by then some of these anti consumer tactics Microsoft are currently adopting will be kicked in to touch, or at the very least ironed out to the point that they are not such a bitter pill to swallow.

The 360 is still a perfectly viable gaming option for the next couple of years in my opinion. #14
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Same KOTOR & The Sith Lords.

Lost count how many times I replayed those games. #10.1
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Dooooooooom! #2
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This /\ #9.1
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Master Chief/Cortana (Halo)
Jolee Bindo (KOTOR 2)
Henpecked Hou & Black Wirlwind (Jade empire)
Urdnot Wrex (Mass Effect)
Sean Devlin (The Saboteur) #47
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@ DragonKnight.

I'm not going to argue with that. Selling a product over three platforms should gain more sales than being exclusive to one or two.

However. If Microsoft and EA have come to some sort of partnership then there is nothing any of us can do about it. If the Xbox gains exclusive or timed exclusive games & content that's just the way it is.

For all we know EA approached Microsoft with this deal, instead of the other way... #14.2.3
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The Old Republic is not doing to well for EA.

Perhaps bringing it to the next Xbox as an exclusive MMORPG could help recoup some of those losses?

@ DragonKnight. That's true. But Microsoft could have covered the cost to port it to the 720 or something. There are many ways they could have made it an attractive deal for EA. TOR has been a bit of failure for EA, the game could get a second chance on Xbox Live. #14.2
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I would assume that games will be tied to the user profile instead of the console itself. That would eliminate the hardware issues you have outlined.

I would be interested to see Microsoft's solution play out. If developers create exclusive games/content for a system that blocks used game sales?, If game prices for that system come down quicker due to such a policy?.

I think Microsoft might just have the balls to pull this off. And make it work? #15.1
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