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These aren't clickbait articles. These are writers who are conveying to you, the reader, an idiotic statement made by a game designer.

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It can be used as more than two buttons; two buttons is just the configuration we see it used most as.

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This certainly spells bad news for Mr. Charles Martinet, who has been gainfully employed by Nintendo as the voice of Mario since 1995.

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Did you read the article? All those concerns are addressed.

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Is your opposing argument solely rooted in one extreme and overbroad example? Clearly I didn't mean going out and running a Swiffer sweeper over the ruins of the Commonwealth. But many objects, even through regular use, would be cleaner through that use than the textures provided in Fallout 4.

I know we're dealing with a lot of theoretical situations here, but do you really think it's reasonable that no one in a post-apocalyptic future would ever stop to clean s...

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You make some good points, Cobra. I'd never thought about weather in games like that.

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I guess you missed these parts: "As a stylistic choice, muted tones and limited color palettes make sense. It fits the mold." || "Though it may certainly seem this way, this isn't an argument against themes that favor a monochromatic visual style."

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Agreed. Though I do feel saddened in those times when developers go all-in on a new idea and it doesn't work out.

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I would definitely like to see some real facts on it. Retro Video Game Systems said they'd have a Kickstarter up by now, but it seems (from a recent update) that maybe they're skipping the crowdfunding route altogether. I suppose we'll find out eventually.

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I think they're aiming to go further back than most of the Nintendo and Sega games people remember.

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I found far fewer bugs in Fallout 4 than in New Vegas. Actually, New Vegas was unplayable for me, and I bought it months after release (for PS3).

Which version of the game did you buy, sweendog? PC? Mine seemed fine on PS4.

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Considering that it took months for WB to give up on Arkham Knight, maybe. I mean, I can only afford to grab games I know I'll love on day one. I'm lucky in that I haven't had the displeasure of paying full price for a busted game, but I can imagine the plight of those that have.

I don't think a few weeks is asking much for most titles. Generally they see a discount in that time anyway, and if developers are still getting their money (meaning none of that sec...

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Both Arkham Knight and MKX were inevitably pulled from PC within a few months of their launch dates. Consumers wound up buying a product that the developers themselves eventually saw unfit for release.

These days, it's just good sense to give a game a few weeks (or months) after launch before deciding to buy.

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I can't agree with the author on this bit: " [...] the final boss, who naturally has a gigantic difficulty spike and moves around randomly while spamming near-unavoidable attacks." The final boss, like the others, has a clear pattern of attack that is easily avoided once you spot it.

I also feel like the author missed some of the point of the game. This is a retro throwback, and thus wouldn't have (nor would try to have) the types of complicated enemy attack...

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Even though everything I've seen in The Division has been done elsewhere, the combination of elements was pretty satisfying overall.

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@nitus10: The PS4 does have a game directory. It's "Library" at the far right end of the XMB.

@UnHoly_One: I'm not sure why you seem to think turning the PS4 off is awkward. When you press and hold the Home button, you can select between either "Rest mode" or "Power off." The two options are literally right next to one another.

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IX really was the golden child of the series. I'm not going to say it's the best, but that's the kind of world I want those games to occupy.

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Damn, this game has a pretty crazy soundtrack.

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@NeoGamer232 Your comment is so overbroad that I'm not sure what it is you're trying to say.

It sounds like you're saying that the "core gamer crowd," which you put at 15 million gamers, only accounted for 15 of some 270 million consoles sold. By my interpretation, you're saying that the "casual crowd" bought the other 255 million or so.

The problem with speaking in such rough numbers and without any kind of anecdotal evide...

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The "casual crowd," as you put it, has little influence on the sales of video game consoles. You may as well mention the influence of consumers keen on beauty products to the sales figures of off-road recreational vehicles.

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