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Sony did not buy Ericsson, why does everyone think they did?
They bought Ericsson out of their joint venture in mobile phones, which is a totally different thing. Also, aquisitions cost a company cash, but isn't posted as a loss. An aquisition is merely a transaction where cash (from a company's reserves in most cases) is exchanged for the ownership of assets etc. From the other company.

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Your whole comment is useless, since consoles don't use x86 cores, but PPC architecture. Get your facts straigt before you go on to create a whole stupid theory based on it.

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you are pathetic for not understanding his sarcasm

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Because being a MS employee doesn't have anything to do with Aaron's dancing skills.

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Don't you guys get that Office and Win7 alone are the cause of about 80% of the profit MS is making? They are putting their attention to that first, like any company would. I know it is't what most people here would like to see but it's the truth

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Over the last fiscal year Microsofts E&D division made mor than 600 million $$. Last quarter alone, the KIN fiasco cost them $240 million, and all the R&D for Windows Phone 7 is costing them a lot. After that launch I think we're going to see a lot better performance from Microsoft Entertainment and devices division.

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Zune HD is using the first gen Tegra @650 MHz. nVidea is currently selling the second gen @ 1GHz, and perhaps before the end of the year, an even more powerful version, which would be about twice as powerful as the Zune HD. Why should Sony ignore this great tech, just because to be different? That's mad xD

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The only GPGPU out there is the Tegra (if i'm right). I think the tech is still too young to catch up, certainly in desktop computing. It won't become mainstream within the time you are thinking it will.

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Experiments can fail, so what?

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Where did you get that info from, because last thing I heard is that Sony entertainment and Sony as a whole were losing millions...

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but no drop dead gorgeous graphics. To many jaggies and the paint / light reflections of the cars aren't really that great. Car modelss though are awesome, love the detailed Spyker C8 Lavoilette LM85, which I drive all the time :).

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MS will likely launch new HDD's for the slim, because they know there will be plenty of people to buy them over the coming months after the launch of the new arcade.

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Sure, just like KZ2. with the difference that KZ2 sold more but also was more expensive. KZ3 isn't carrying the cost of the engine and probably will turn a profit, and it could happen with AW2 too.

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Remedy was barely 3 dozens big when they started working on AW, Now it's around 40 - 45 people.

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The voltage isn't high enough to supply enough power to Kinect, probably 2 or 3 usb ports could've been used, but that would just be stupid :P.

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They could easily use a Philips BD. What happens to the Blu Ray royalties, no one knows. Surely Sony will benefit of more BD's sold but your comment is way off.

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fashion clothes ZOMG 1337!!!!

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Red Eye of Salvation...

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Actually, this is better for the industry than MS buying those devs. These devs won't be forced to do anything they rather won't and iPhone support won't drop.

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You people really don't understand business. making apps for the iPhone, you pretty much are sure to make profits. MS wants to give Apple a run for their money, for that, they need apps. But for a dev, making apps for an unreleased platform isn't really attractive. MS just gives them a compensation for the risk they are taking for supporting a brand new platform. I actually encourage what MS is doing here.

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