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There's a lot of great uses for it. If you've ever thought about making a Let's Play, video tutorial/walkthrough, or video review it can be extremely useful. It's also handy for streaming gameplay of casual play and tournaments, as well as speedruns or other tests of mastery.

If you've ever been interested in generating any content related to games, gaming, or even PC applications, then this can be an extremely handy device.

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999 was superior to VLR in terms of storyline, but inferior to it in terms of gameplay, with the exception being the final puzzles. 999's final puzzles were unique compared to the rest of the game, while VLR rehashed its own puzzles for the final room. I feel this was a poor decision... they could have done better.

I think the choices the developer made for the overall gameplay were superb, but I feel that the story (which is what the primary purpose of these games are) ...

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