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Wow...all the hate. I personally enjoyed the building block DLC's, and the two story DLC's were good as well. Of course, I paid for the season pass literally a week after release, so I feel I've gotten more than my money's worth. Looking forward to Nuka-World and playing as a raider!

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I think this will breathe new life into a dying IP. RE 5 was disappointing, and RE 6 was a complete disaster. The Revelations IP is good, but it's still RE4 repackaged. Going in a new direction, imo, will bring a new feel that's very much needed.

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I simply wasn't impressed with MS's showing this year. Between Horizon and Zelda, it looked more and more like MS may be falling into 3rd place in the console market before too much longer.

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@ninsigma "Excuse me if I'd like more quality in the articles that get submitted. Though I guess quality articles isn't something you would understand."

Remember, this *is* a rumor site.
Conjecture and hyperbole are to be expected.

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I've been toying with the idea of purchasing an XB0 to offset my PS4. Seems it may pay off to wait for the Scorpio.

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Until Dawn is a lot of fun. I've played through it 3 times now, and it still keeps calling me back. Still haven't made it through with everyone alive yet, lol. I get too curious and don't make safe choices.

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I played through Far Harbor on PS4 with two characters, and still have yet to see any of these issues people are talking about. All I've experienced is some minor clipping in areas.

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I always thought the Superman Returns game had it right with Metropolis having a life bar rather than Superman. They could easily incorporate something like that.

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@MagicBeanz, the game isn't free. If you cancel your PS+ subscription, you won't be able to play the game even in single player mode. You're basically renting it.

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I wouldn't even put it in the top 10 Final Fantasy's. It was 90% CGI. Not enough game to actually play. I couldn't stand it.

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Until Dawn being 50% off is pretty good. I played that through 4 times. A very enjoyable game if you're into horror movies from the 80's.

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Bullsh*t. VII completely rewrote what the series was supposed to be. Even though I personally enjoy IX the best, I still have to tip my hat to what VII did for the series. VIII was, in my opinion, a placeholder. It had nothing to contribute to the Final Fantasy experience, and in fact I believe it detracted form the 'fantasy' side of it, and tried to steer more towards the western style RPG market. I'm sure that there are those that will disagree, but Final Fantasy VII poured a li...

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No, that honor belongs to the Wii U.

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Because they got hung up on making Castlevania more like GoW. It sucks that such a classic series has been reduced to what it is now. I always kind of envisioned Castlevania being more like Bloodborne.

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I'm still enjoying the same graphics card I've had for the last 6 years, so your comment is pretty much pointless. It's not about showing "them" anything. I'm not going to get caught up paying for "upgrades" in my console.

It's almost like EA. Buy a game, then spend another $100 on DLC that should have been included in the first place.

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Think I'm just going to go strictly PC. I invested money expecting a 7-10 year console. Now I'm going to have an inferior version unless I give them another chunk of cash.

Nope. Not happening.

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This is where my interest in No Man's Sky comes from. I'm interested in seeing just how immersive a game can be when it's a completely randomly generated experience.

Hopefully, there's enough to do to offset the lack of any real story.

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I played from TBC til Cata. I tried WoD for about 2 months. If Legion is supposed to make the game somehow "different" it needs to completely re-write the entire experience.

I know it's been said before, but WoW needs to die.

There are so many MMO's that are doing the right thing (GW2, Wildstar, Black Desert, to name a few) but as long as people continue to cling to nostalgia, we'll constantly be reminded of "how does this measure u...

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WTF! Is this end of Fable?!
Is this where MS begins to homogenize their exclusives for PC?


From a PS4 player.

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The problem with ESO was that the entire time I played it, I felt that I was either playing a half-finished MMO, or a half finished ES game. There was so much lacking in so many aspects.

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