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"I'm gaming, what else?!"


I like it. Kinda retro. #2
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Clementine is what sold the second season. I can only hope we see her as the main character in the 3rd season. #5.1
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So I take it Jason Vorhees and the Predator are DLC? #12
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The heists were entertaining until everyone figured out how to play their role correctly. Now, it's almost faceroll (figuratively speaking).
They need to keep rolling out additional heists if this is going to be the big deal in GTAO. #3
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I think in the long run episodic games are going to hurt the industry. For now, it's $5 purchases for a total of about $25 bucks a game, but when larger companies figure out they can make more money off a AAA episodic title, along with DLC, expect the price to go up. #3
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DX12 will grant some improvements, but it's not going to boost the X1 past the PS4 in terms of graphic capabilities. High end PC?

Psh...that's just ignorance. #1.7.1
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I'd never heard of Xenoblade until a few months back, and it's got me excited to play it. On Zelda, I'm actually glad the delay is taking place. I was afraid they were rushing it out the door. #3.3.7
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This is the online age.
Like it or not, multiplayer has been firmly cemented into the heads of most developers.

I knew this was the way of the future when I first saw ESO advertised.
If Elder Scrolls was going the way of multiplayer, then everyone will. #16
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Ok. I'll own up.
I had never heard of this Lara video, so I looked it up.
It was......disturbing. Enough so, that I couldn't finish watching.

This is the sort of thing that scares me. For some reason, I get the feeling that this will become the norm for video games, the further we go with ultra-realistic graphics.

I don't really....I just don't know what else to say to this. #2
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Star Citizen looks good, but I'm still about No Man's Sky. #10
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Wow, just wow.

I'll really have to keep an eye out for this one.

King's Quest more or less set the standard by which all other adventure games are measured. #5
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Clementine #1!!!

Couldn't have picked that one better! #5
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This entire subject has been run into the ground.
Art is offensive.
Art is dangerous.
Art is subjective.

It's not right that a few of these women have had threats leveled against them, but that shouldn't affect the art. #8
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"As of right now, you can only use the Gamecube controller to play Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on Nintendo current-gen console."

You can't use the Wii U Pro pad or tablet controller to play this? #4
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Holy sh!t.

This is going to set a new standard in creative evisceration. #4
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I still have my 360. I have waaaay too much money invested into the games, both hardcopy and DL.

I have Tomb Raider already, but I never played the new Bioshock, so I'll be getting that as soon as it pops. #12.2
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You have to ask yourself though...with all that you mentioned, why is it that Disney hasn't just created their own console? Seems like all the pieces are in place, so why not? #5.3.1
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Disney's about to ruin Star Wars, no sense in them ruining Nintendo as well. #5.1
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It really depends on the market as a whole. When you have both Sony and Microsoft churning out exclusives that the public wants to play, then it becomes a lot harder to sell people on Nintendo exclusives. Let's be honest, though Nintendo's first party exclusives are great games, the public by and large consider them to be "lower end" games due to the inferior hardware of the Wii U when compared to the other two systems.

I went with a Wii U as my first consol... #6
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Xbone. #6.1
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