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Seriously perverts. This your first time seeing boobs? Whats the big de....*catches a glimpse and shuts up*

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Thanks a lot. My buddy told me that there were people on this site that would debate if a game looked better one Xbox or ps3. I didn't believe him. Lol. This is sad. And how about the guys who say "it looks better on a computer!" Lol. Wow.

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I saw "11 upcoming games that will blow you..." and I was instantly hooked! Darn false advertising.

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"my aiming skills were less than stellar". Hmmmmmmmmm. What game is he talking about exactly?

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Foreverflame is laughing at you guys. Ha. He is my favorite fanboy of all time! Quit replying to him. The N4G forums is the closest he can get to home so he will be here until you guys just ignore him.

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They gave away too much. Anyways I have this really dumb girl that is part of a group email I have to send and whenever I am using sarcasm I have to put 2 period at the end of the sentence to let her know I am joking.

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Wow, now I know why nobody has looked at this. What a dumb article. Are you trying to grind an axe with the Christian community or actually making a good article? Ha.

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Should Qore subscribers have already received an invite? Thanks!

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Hey guys I bought a Qore subscription a LONG time ago, should I have received a Home invite by now???

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they both suck big soccer balls. Fifa's controlls are bogus and PES fans there are a lot of games that are hard but thats not because they are better or more hardcore its because they suck and are your game.

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First off this game or art or whatever SUCKS! Talk about absolute lack of re-playability. But it is cheap and is the easiest trophies you will ever see. However "into the pink" sounds like it has great re-playability. Actually I could probably only replay it about once a night, I am weak.

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