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Ram is probably the cheapest component you can buy, I would expect most pc gamers to have 8gb+ now, not sure why everyone is so shocked to be honest.

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Apart from the red ring of death right?

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You completely missed my point, I do agree but my point is PC has been around for ages, has been around through multiple console cycles and will continue to be around through this gen, next gen, the gen after etc.

It's not irrelevant it just depends what you want from a system, if you want something you can buy from a store that' s cheap and easy, bring home and pay top end prices for the games and pay if you want online services you chose a console.


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PC's cost more to purchase, but once you have one in the long run it works out cheaper, no online fees, cheap games such as the steam sale, better multi-platform games and as far as PC not having exclusives that is a complete myth, there are an astronomical amount of exclusives from indie titles all the way up to AAA and if you get a good PC you are guaranteed 60 fps in insanely high resolutions.

Not trying to flame here, I am going to pick up a PS4 also but I think as fa...

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I think the difference was already proven when they were showing the unreal tech engine, framerate was subpar compared to pc performance, texturing was much lower res, I am not PC fanboy but claiming a console with significantly lower specs to a $4500 PC will be equal is just a bare faced lie.

However I will still be getting the PS4 for the exclusives.

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Define High end PC please...

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"I'm pretty sure both Nvidia and AMD are working on next gen graphics cards which exceed the capabilities that of the xbox one and PS4."

Most of the high end cards on pc from both companies already do that by a significant margin.

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I created the video, and I am of the opinion the game is a complete letdown also, I suppose the one thing you can hope for is that modders will save it to some extent, but the reality is nothing will fix how terrible this game is from top to bottom.

Either way I hope you guys enjoyed the video somewhat as I think with the mods its a glimpse as to what this game could have been with a little bit of effort.

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Just to let you guys know, some of the demo and final footage is wrongly labelled in the video, basically anything that looks better is the demo and not the final.

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Hells highway was a good game, my point is however comparing to the initial demos the final game was, at least graphically, inferior.

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Its not an excuse Zelda, the fact is anybody who says this game is good obviously has very low expectations or is trying to justify their purchase, but I respect your opinion and everyone is entitled to enjoy what they want to enjoy.

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Did the same thing for brothers in arms hells highway, and the same for many other games, I love borderlands I must admit but this FALSE advertising in their other games is beyond disgusting.

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Honestly I have been waiting for this game ever since I first heard about it and I am a die hard alien fan, the cold hard facts is after playing this I cannot think of one reason why I would recommend it to anybody.

The game is awful, buggy, full of glitches, poor graphics, poor gameplay, bad story, terrible animations, bad atmosphere honestly I could be here all day.

Anybody defending this mess of a game must be trying to find a reason to justify spending mo...

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"Already the hyper-realism that games like Crysis 3 are afforded on high-spec PCs actually has me looking forward to the console version more. Not necessarily because I prefer the controls or anything like that – it is a simple reality that to my eyes, games already look good enough that I really do not need that extra jump in visual fidelity to emotionally connect with the material."

That is where I stopped reading, I apologise for being blunt about what I am going...

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Second I knew this game was being made the first thing that popped into my head was "cash in trash scam running off the success of a popular mod" but even if that IS the case at least make it decent for the people who buy it.

Hope anyone who purchased it from steam under the falsely advertised features get their money back.

Big rig developer, need we say anymore?

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Kinect 2.0 lol

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Both games are subpar in my opinion, people act like Halo broke the mold with fps titles which it clearly didn't, maybe for consoles (although that's debatable considering games such as goldeneye before it) and it certainly did not break the mold with multiplayer gaming (ask the many games before it on pc that were innovating more) and call of duty originally was a fantastic franchise, everything after WAW was poor (I enjoyed black ops 2 however just because it tried something differe...

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I went into the game having played telltale's other games, some of which were good like back to the future some of which were utterly disappointing like Jurassic park.

Truth is telltale's games were always fun but lacked in my opinion that added element that stopped them from being a great game as opposed to just a good game.

The walking dead I can honestly say is one of the best experiences I have ever had with a game, telltale's engine sure has ...

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I agree also, super Mario 64 was by far one of nintendo's best games, also what about Diddy Kong racing!

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Goldeneye, the game that set standards in the fps genre and was one of the highest selling Nintendo games of all time at 79?

It would not bother me if there was not 20 or 30 games ahead of it that do not deserve to be.

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