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The game is ok. nothing spectacular.

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lol yea this game looks sweet for real. I know almost every ps fans wants this. wouldn' be surpise if they petition for it even though some claim the game is boring.

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Long story short, some games would benefit from it. So achieving 60fps for certain games is a plus.

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Specs are only half the story.. Hence look at the Wii success.

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lol..i checked your comments and they are not really praising xbox one either. Just praising the ps4..

Yea you're not a ps4 fanboy/troll.. AT ALL.

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Of course it may be xbox one. No one is denying that.

Although xbox one may beat ps4 in a few years because of the tv intergration.

Time will tell.

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@CGI-Quality Are you seriously saying driveclub is better than forza 5?

You do know driveclub is delayed because it was not too good right? they need time to get it up to par dude.

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"if the xbox one launched in 32 countries, it will still not sell like the PS4 "

very close minded I see. thank god it is just your opinion.
you have no proof to back that statement of yours.

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Sony was trying to step on MS by announcing preorder numbers to impress public..but i am pretty sure xbox one were right there with them consideration xbox one is only in 13 countries.

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I wish the ps4 UI was as dull.. it's not so bad I guess.

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if this is true big win for MS.

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eh i'm pretty sure there will be better visuals soon.

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nah sorry bro.. Wii u is last gen to me

The real battle will be between xbox one and ps4

with xbox one selling more units overtime because of tv intergration in the end.

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“Get the Facts” advertising is a good move.

Alot of people are misinformed through this day.

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trolling is too obvious.

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Sorry but nothing about this game interest me.. this game looks more of the same..

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Good to know..especially if consoles start freezing and overheating..

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As long it's not down for a month for real.

We know xbox live is better than that.

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